If you own a furniture store or have been into the furniture business, then you must know about the advanced tools which help you to give you the best of work in less time.

Painting on furniture is one of the most crucial and last parts. Many people are not aware of the available advanced tools to paint out the furniture quickly. When it comes to painting different types of furniture, HVLP Spray Guns are highly recommended tools.

Spray Guns are indeed handy to paint different types of furniture in less time. HVLP spray gun is a High Volume Low-Pressure Spray Gun which is similar to another conventional spray gun. However, this HVLP Spray Gun uses Compressor to supply air. In the HVLP Spray Guns, a higher volume of air is used to paint at lower air pressure.

Many people used to hook up with the HVLP Spray Gun when it comes to painting their Furniture, and most of them do recommend others to start using the HVLP Spray Guns as they are very faster and cost-effective. You will be amazed to see how HVLP Spray Gun paints out the Furniture quickly with best of quality work.

How to Set up HVLP Spray Gun?

There are different types of Systems involved to set up the HVLP Spray Gun.

  • We recommend you to make use of gravity feed system in your Spray Gun. It works with the gravity, and for that reason, the entire gun will run down till the gun, and you will be able to use every single drop of the paint within the gun when you use Gravity Feed system.

On the other hand, you need to set proper Pressure on the Compressor when you decide to use your Spray gun. By placing adequate air pressure, you can Paint a variety of furniture. To ensure the long life of your system, make sure to use an appropriate cover, this will keep your system cleaned, and it will offer long life to your entire order.

  • To fill up the Air Tank, you need to maintain the Motors associated with the system. Make sure to keep an eye on the Motors regularly; you also need to check the oil in the motor so it can run properly. Oil keeps your engines run smoothly hence the entire system. So you need to spend some time checking on the oil and air pressure and everything before start using the HVLP Spray Gun for painting furniture.

HVLP Spray Guns come in different sizes for different types of people and their demands. It is highly recommended first holding the gun and seeing if it is suitable in your hands. If it doesn’t, make sure to change it otherwise you will not work comfortably with the gun which is not ideal in your hands.

If you are looking for excellent quality paintings, then HVLP Spray Gun gets you the best coverage. With the help of Air Compressor, you can manage and achieve any pressure you desire to paint a variety of furniture with ease.

HVLP Spray Guns are more expensive than the conventional spray guns. However, HVLP Spray Guns offer best of quality spray paintings for your Furniture Business.

So, folks, this was all about the new generation of HVLP Spray Guns. You should know everything about the parts and the working functionality of its components before using the HVLP Spray Gun. If you are looking for beautiful painting and quality work, HVLP Spray Guns are best and highly recommended by the professionals.

HVLP Spray Gun – How Different Parts of HVLP Spray Gun Work

Parts of HVLP Spray GunIf you are not aware of this Spray Gun, we would recommend you to will small without investing much in it. If you satisfy entirely with its functionality and the way of using it, only then you need to continue with it.

Before start using this HVLP Spray Gun, you need to know a lot of things as the working functionality of this Spray Gun involve a lot of pre-tasks to be done. So you need to know everything about using this Spray Gun if you are concerned about buying one shortly. So for your initial period, you should go with the Small Air Tank.

When you choose a small air tank, to keep the container filled with the Air, your motor needs to work faster and this way the Air Pressures can be maintained. Make sure you buy an expensive little hose for Spraying for preserving quality painting. Otherwise, you need to replace them again and again. So we recommend you to go with a quality hose on your HVLP Spray Guns.

This is the base of any Spray Gun. HVLP Gun is entirely separate, and it can also be purchased separately. So you can make use of multiple Spray Guns on the single Air Tank based compressor. An HVLP Spray Gun comes with a little pot where the color is stored. The gun also features a small air filter which filters the air from the Air Compressor of the gun.

Additionally, an HVLP Gun has pressure settings which let you set the Air Pressure for different types of painting works on a variety of furniture. Make sure to experiment with various components and their working functionality of the gun until you get familiar with your new Spray Gun.

How to Choose Paint for HVLP Spray Gun?

Choose Paint for HVLP Spray GunWhen it comes to choosing Paint, Spray Guns require thin paints. There are a variety of Paint thinners available in the market. Make sure to maintain the proper thickness of the Paint which you are going to use the Spray Gun. The paint should be stickled to the furniture without running the paint drops. You can add a small amount of water until you get the required thickness of the color to start using it on the HVLP Spray Gun.

Additionally, you need to use Paint Stainer to avoid the Clogs in the Paint. Paints come with a very thick layer which sometimes forms in the Paint Clogs. You can use Stainer to fix Paint Clogs when you are going to use it in the Spray Gun. Paint Strainer is very cheap, and you can easily purchase it from any nearby paint store.