Top 20+ Painting Tools List For Redecorating Your House

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Before discussing our following painting tools list, it’s true that no matter how excellent you are at painting or just an amateur , it is without a doubt that you need to buy the right painting tools for any painting project.

So why is preparing all necessary tools before painting such a crucial part that it can’t be ignored? Undeniably, the preparation process not only makes your painting work easier, safer, more productive, less time- consuming, but creates a professional painting environment as well!

Painting may look so easy to some people, but picking suitable tools is undoubtedly a challenging task, isn’t it? That’s why we are here, and we have designed a painting tools list for you guys. Go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this article!

Indispensable Painting Tools List You Must Have

On our painting tools list, we will divide the tools into three categories so that it’s more straightforward for you guys to follow:

Preparation Step

Tape Measure

Tape measureThe tape measure is especially necessary for all scales of painting works. It is used to measure the area you need for your painting and estimate the amount of paint needed. Thus, you can save a significant amount of time and money and get the most out of your work.

Blue Painter’s Tape

You are not a dab hand with paint brushes? You are afraid that you may stain other parts of your wall? So blue painter’s tape is your best friend! Use it to cover any parts or things you don’t want to get painted on because this will save you from accidentally smearing the paint where you should not.

Paint can Opener

Paint can openerA paint can opener is a very first necessity for all painters, making the work finish more effectively. It’s designed to help you easily open the paint cans. Purchasing and keeping ones by your side means that you don’t have to waste time finding odds and ends tools around your house whenever you need paints. This tool can be found in any paint store at a reasonable price!

Paint Mixer

If you want to have a perfect color that meets your demand and interests, you’ll need a paint mixer. Have you ever tried mixing a five-gallon bucket of paint by hand? Whether or not, you will soon feel thankful for this awesome tool!

Stir Sticks

It’s a common mistake of beginners that they don’t stir their paint before using it. Consequently, they end up using a disappointing color.

For this reason, let’s spare some money for some stir sticks!

Paint Buckets

Paint bucketsPaint buckets are essential as they are convenient! Depending on the amount of paint needed, you can buy different types of buckets. Here, we advise you to buy small- sized paint buckets for painting high places, and five-gallon buckets for larger areas.

6 in 1 Tool

This little tool will be one of your best “sidekicks”! The 6 in 1 tool is super awesome and useful! It helps you scrape paints, peel off wallpapers, open paint buckets, clean roller naps, and the list keeps going on forever. So why not purchase ones for your painting task?


Primer is not a required step, but if your work needs one, you certainly don’t want to miss out on it!

Primer is produced in neutral color: solid and white, so after applying primer on your wall and waiting until it dries, you can freely use any other color you want and avoid color bleeding!

Furthermore, you need a primer to enhance the uniformity of your drawings, hide unneeded scratches or lines, and reduce layers. Very handy, isn’t it?

Sandpapers/ Sanding Blocks

Sanding blocksIf you want to make your surface smoother after priming, then you don’t want to miss out on these tools. In this article, we highly recommend you the sanding blocks, as they will perfectly fit your hand and can be used time after time. Depend on the surface and the scale of your work and choose the most suitable ones!

Paint Boots and Gloves

Your hands are not steady, and you risk hurting yourself? To avoid any unnecessary accidents, don’t forget to wear boots and gloves. Besides, these protective clothes can also help you get rid of cleaning paints in your hands or toes.

More importantly, if you want to work in a professional environment, then you have to look professional, too!

Get the Ball Rolling- Painting!


BrushesWhat else is more critical than brushes during painting? You need the best brush to get your work finished perfectly. We introduce you to some following types of brushes so that you can decide which one is suitable for your paintings:

  • Short brush: This little guy is convenient in painting small spaces like corners, tiny molding, etc., as it provides greater precision.
  • Trim brush: It is used to cut in large walls, and deemed to be the number one brush for ladies with its super skinny and easy-to-use handle!
  • Large wall brush: While a large number of painters are into rollers, others may prefer this one more. Both of them have the same function, so decide which one is your favorite.


RollersPaint rollers are super versatile! They are portable, handy, and can cover larger spaces than other paint brushes. If you want to find some tools for painting your wall, this is the answer. There are a wide range of rollers that you can look through:

  • 9″ roller handle: it’s a multi-function household decorative tool, and has received many positive responses from painters. Its high quality, revolutionary frame are just a few reasons why you should not miss out on it.
  • 9″ roller nap 3/ 8: This guy is best suitable when you paint any smooth surface, as it leaves no linty mess, making your paintings perfect. Clean it after use, and it will last for years!

Extension Pole

Having your roller attached to an extension pole will help you paint hard- to – reach places, especially where the ladder is not convenient to use. It also does wonders for shorties, saving them from much ladder work. Or else, all up and down when painting can be a killer.

Roller Tray

Roller trayIt’s one of the most simple tools but proves to be very useful. You need a roller tray when pouring the paint so that you can load your roller with it. Rollers come in varied types, sizes, and materials. If you are a frequent painter, a metal tray will be a worthwhile investment. Remember to wash it carefully after use, and it is your best friend for many painting projects to come!

Tray Liners

Although tray liners are not a necessity for all paintings, their functions are priceless. They are designed to help load your roller with a perfect amount of paint. For starters, they make cleaning up process much more comfortable. Pour the excess paint back into the cans, throw the liners, and finish cleaning up without having to spend a considerable amount of time washing your trays. It’s crucial because unclear trays with mixed paints may ruin your painting.

Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayerYou are given a large- scale painting project? Or you have any intention of redecorating the outdoor walls of your house? Painting such large spaces is an uphill struggle for you if you just use paint brushes or rollers? Don’t worry! Here is your salvage! With a paint sprayer, your work, which may take such a long time to do conventionally, can be done in just a few minutes! Use brushes and rollers altogether so that your painting has greater control of paint application.

Marker Pen

To some people, marker pen is not needed; however, to us, it is such a wonderful painting tool! It’s hard to have precise rough guesses regarding the measurements of painting spaces. Use a marker pen to produce some marks, and you can’t go wrong with these. It’s advisable that you use markers that don’t last permanently, and neon carpenter’s pencil is highly recommended for you guys.

Step Ladders

Step laddersSome of you may wonder why we need step ladders? So let’s try to paint your ceiling without one, and you’ll know the answer right away. Other people may also think that why we need to climb ladders while we have extension pole rollers? Well, remember that it’s hard to put long rollers under control where space has tiny corners and needs your twisting, bending, and contorting to finish. In these cases, step ladders are of great assistance!

Wet/ Dry Vacuum

When it comes to dust, debris like paint chips, vacuums are indispensable. It’s a wonderful cleaning tool! In case you accidentally spill the paint onto the floor, don’t worry or bemoan because this little superhero will also help you a lot!

Clean- Up

Drop Cloths

Drop clothsDrop cloths are of great use for your indoor painting work. Afraid that you may let the paint fall onto the floor and you will have to spend extra time cleaning these marks? So why not purchase drop cloths and cover the floor before painting? They will save you from headaches for the time being!

Also, drop cloths are of reasonable price and hardly run out of stocks. We suggest you buying plastic drop cloths, as they are disposable and can be used from time to time.

Mineral Spirits/ Paint Thinner

Mineral spirits are a must with anyone using oil-based paints because you will need one to clean your brushes and spray equipment. If you wonder whether mineral spirits or paint thinner will be more suited to your painting tools, don’t hesitate to pick out one of them because they are interchangeable products! Both have the same functions and efficiency. They only differ from each other in terms of components.

Paint Removal Strippers

Paint removal strippersMake sure that you never start your work without a paint remover. Otherwise, you will feel a sense of regret later on! Paint stripper is designed to remove finishes, coatings while still cleaning the underlying surface.

It’s a fact that everyone makes mistakes, and so do you. No matter how skillful at painting you are, you can’t avoid making unnecessary spills. Therefore, keep them by yourself, quickly clean your mess and make the painting look as if there were nothing out of sorts there!

Brush Comb

Brush combAfter finishing your masterpiece, one of the most crucial steps you need to do is to clean out your brushes neatly to have them used for such a long time. Washing them by hand and water maybe not productive as paints can’t be cleared out completely sometimes. That’s why a brush comb is designed! All you have to do is to spin your brushes into water and then comb the roller out. It’s too easy to use and handy to be missed! So what are you waiting for?

Brush or Roller Case

You have worked hard for hours on end but still not finished yet? You want to hit the day and continue painting a second coat the next day? In this case, brush and roller cases are lifesavers! Put your tools into these cases and then into the freezer. Magically, your brushes remain wet and ready to use the next day! So cool, isn’t it? Why not have a go?

Final Thought

Painting is regarded as a common hobby, is passion, and even lifelong pursuit to some people. A satisfyingly beautiful picture brings about a sense of achievement and a moment of joy, doesn’t it? Therefore, remember to choose the right tools so that you can finish your work most perfectly!

Let’s have a look at our painting tools list above, make your own choice, and don’t hesitate to become a real painter by yourself!

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