Most of the painters expect to buy the best plasti dip spray gun for perfect coverage. That is true. Recently, the Plasti Dip is on the way to become the most common alternative to traditional painting.

After searching for some information about this topic, we found that it is indeed a challenging task. People know about its popularity but what they should be looking for is a high quality product that suits their personal work. Then, we made this article.

We will share with you what the Plastic Dip is and how to choose the best products on the market. Now, enjoy your reading.

Top 5 Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun Reviews 2023:

Bestseller No. 2
Plasti Dip Spray Gunmetal Gray
Plasti Dip Spray Gunmetal Gray
The product is 11OZ GRY Rubb Coating; Elegant design and Smooth finish; The product is manufactured in United States
SaleBestseller No. 3
Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool Aerosol Spray
Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool Aerosol Spray
World's first full grip e-z pull trigger; 2X Leverage advantage; Arthritis-friendly design
SaleBestseller No. 5
Plasti Dip Spray Glossy Black Rim Kit, 11 oz Aerosol, Pack of 4 cans with Bonus Cangun Tool - Combines Both Color Coat and Gloss Finish
Plasti Dip Spray Glossy Black Rim Kit, 11 oz Aerosol, Pack of 4 cans with Bonus Cangun Tool - Combines Both Color Coat and Gloss Finish
Black Glossy Finish; No Need for Separate Gloss Top Coat; Flexible, Won't Crack, Chip or become Brittle

In-depth Reviews of Top 5 Best Plasti Dip Spray Guns

Among thousands of Plasti Dip spray guns available on the market, I know that it’s very difficult to give the last decision. Thus, you can refer to my recommendations below:

DipSprayer Spray Gun Replacement

1. DipSprayer Spray Gun Replacement

No matter which kind of task you perform, this unit can result in a great outcome.
First of all, it’s pretty convenient to use because the air is sucked through the straw present in the container.

You shouldn’t skip other features as follows:

  • It comes with a 32-oz cup of paint, matching well with the DYC quick connect hose.
  • The use of the DipTip needle provides a better atomization and evener finish.
  • This application is also well-matched with the DYC DipSprayer quick connect hose.


  • Perfect replacement for dipsprayer kit, it’s fine to use for both base color and top coat, perfect size, great and fast delivery


  • Doesn’t include a base unit, shouldn’t spray regular auto paint, requires a special turbine to connect with a compressor

Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray

2. Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray

You have a lot of cans which results in looking for one suiting all of them.

Can-Gun1 2012 will give you what you expect.

It is considered as a reusable product that allows you to use with other cans from time to time.

Thanks to the first full grip trigger, it’s very easy to spray. It fits people who are expecting convenience and simplification. Furthermore, the support of two times leverage action helps you complete your task quickly and simply.

Besides, you may be interested in the following features:

  • This unit contains 77.3% recycled plastic.
  • No matter which kind of hand size you use, it fits all.
  • It’s made in the USA where it is reliable and famous for many high-quality products.
  • All Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray products are attached to a lifetime warranty.
  • This design is known as a friendly-arthritis product that protects you away from stiffness.
  • It is beneficial through 2 times leverage along with two cans.
  • Its leading full grip e-z pull trigger is the top of the world.


  • Hold it by hands easily and conveniently, clip on easily, not get paint on your fingers, effortless, strong, cheap


  • Sometimes it rotates, causing the nozzle to be off center of the opening, results in a less ideal coverage, difficult to remove the can top

Plasti Dip Rim Kit

3. Plasti Dip Rim Kit

You are looking for a kit to complete all your tasks as well as possible.

This is a kit including 4 black spray cans, a Cangun, 2 aerosol cans glossifier, and a trigger spray tool.

I also would like to highly recommend you the feature of Plasti Dip Rim Kit as follows:

  • This unit that is coated with the synthetic rubber helps you deal with all types of projects and applications very well.
  • It works well on coating wheels and automotive detailing.
  • It’s very easy to apply the matte rubber finish with an aerosol.
  • It can fight extreme and unsafe weather such as moisture and acids without cracking.
  • This device is anti-skid and anti-slip that means you are kept away from any electrical shock.
  • The flexible and stretchy Plasti Dip Rim kit is unaffected by any cut and scratch.


  • Doesn’t affect OEM finish of your car, affordable, paint doesn’t get stuck in the can, perfect for beginners and staters


  • May coat your painting graphics, lacks of professional feel because of the lightweight and flexible feel, sometimes paint is blotchy

DYC DipSprayer System

4. DYC DipSprayer System

Why should you choose the DYC DipSprayer System?

This model can create a smooth finish in most cases. If you love blending, just need to attach it to a domestic drill.

This design is under 5 pounds so it is pretty lightweight and compact. It’s very easy for you to hold it in your hands and move while working.

You may be surprised by the following features of DYC DipSprayer System:

  • Compared with CFM, you find 50% more PSI and more significant over the 3500 turbines to offer an even surface and enhanced atomization.
  • The needle with the particular size and shape allows you to improve atomization as desired.
  • DYC Quick Connect Hose supports your gun rotation 360 degrees.
  • The gun can lock in place to prevent hose cracking out.
  • Moreover, it has a 48-oz cup to hold paint, as well as other accessories including a replacement air filter, a needle removal tool, two additional needle seals, a spare gasket, and 16.5 feet long DYC quick, connect hose.
  • The highly-durable smooth bore decreases the air temperature.


  • Easy-to-clean, well made, simple design, effective


  • A bit flimsy, needs to be warmed up to spray, small bottle

Wagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer

5. Wagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer

You want a sprayer which can create a thin layer of surface finish.

So, Wagner 0529031 paint sprayer is what you need. Its protective coatings are created from the combination of cup attachment and iSpray nozzle.

It doesn’t require any equipment to coat automobiles especially it works well on truck paint sprayer and MotoCoat complete car.

You can’t skip its outstanding features as follows:

  • Thanks to 39-feet of high-flex hose, you can maneuver it around your car quickly and easily.
  • When separating its spray attachments, it’s very quick to perform clean-up and color changes.
  • As I mentioned, the nozzle and cup attachment can spray thin paint layers for providing a smooth finish.
  • Its portable power allows you to paint everywhere.
  • The X-Boost turbine gives you a special experience of exceptional atomization.


  • Affordable, works with many different materials, long and flexible hose, 3 times as powerful, simple adjustable controls, a better handle design


  • Requires clean regularly because it lacks a self-cleaning mechanism, Small container, The airflow again doesn’t stop on trigger release

What is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip paint is derived from Latex and is developed 100% in the US. The features of this paint are similar to car decal which allows you to completely peel off without harming the car paint layer.

The special things are:

  • The car’s connections and joints don’t get paint on the surface.
  • The surface of paint is smooth without leaving textures which may be caused by the uneven coating.


  • Some areas may be rough.
  • The color can be different a bit to the pictures as advertised.

What Paint Spray Gun can be Used for Plasti Dip?

What is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip has been popular for a long time. However, do you know which spray gun is the best to use for Plasti Dip?

Electric (HVLP) sprayers


HVLP is recommended widely. Even when surfing on the Internet, this seems to be the only choice for Plasti Dip of everyone.

In fact:

It is popular because this model is a cheap alternative without requiring a compressor.

Air Spray Guns

Some examples such as Binks, Devilbiss, and Krautzberger are the professional air spray guns, therefore, they can provide the best coating results.

It’s possible to use both gravity and pressure feed spray guns.

For instance:

You can consider some cost-effective alternatives like Devilbiss GFG-670 and Devilbiss FLG-4.

Generally, all primer guns are great options except for siphon or suction type.
When it comes to nozzle size, you should follow from small to big 1.2mm – 1.4-1.8mm (pressure feed – gravity feed).

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Before using your money for any Plasti dip spray gun, make sure to keep in mind my important considerations. You have to know what you want, the features of spray guns, you can find out the best model:

Pressure control

The majority of high-quality Plasti dip spray guns and kits have an adjustable pressure control. Changing the pressure allows you to paint as desired and the whole surface area is covered.

Container size

This feature relates to how much time you will spend on this task. If you use a big-sized container, you will save more time filling it up with paint.

The best spray gun has a large container or volume which leads to you getting more valuable time for other work.


A portable and easy-to-use Plasti dip spray gun is always appreciated. Whether you paint your car or somewhere outside, it’s essential to move your spray gun regularly to reach the smallest areas, and cracks of your model.

9 Important Tips for Spraying Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip has the best result when you spray it properly. Let me show you how to do:

#1: Don’t point, let’s sweep

In place of pointing the can and pressing spray nozzle, you should sweep your can horizontally past the model to spray an even coat of Plasti Dip. For instance:

If you move from left to right, just start spraying to the left then to the right as soon as passing the edge of the model to release the nozzle. Before starting the next step, make sure that you don’t spray excessive Plasti Dip at the end and beginning of each stroke.

Before you press the spray nozzle and keep stroke, let you move the aerosol can. You overlap each spray pass by 50% to make sure an even amount of paint on the surface. If you want to do it properly, let you aim the spray can as long as the tip points at the previous spray pass’ edge.

#2: Use a big dropcloth

Taping together newspapers is a time waste because it may fall apart when painting. Using a big plastic or cloth will offer you more backdrop to move the spray.

#3: Set up spraying area

Think about this question: Will you paint your item on a stand, putting on a workbench or any platform. It can be anything but floor due to being hunched.

Moreover, it doesn’t have easy and consistent access to move the spray can past the painted item. That can lead to spraying an angle too steep.

#4: Use a handle

Handle helps you control better by your bare hand. I highly recommend the CanGun 1.

#5: Rotate small items

If possible, try to put the item on a platform such as a scrap piece of plywood, or a piece of cardboard. At this time, you can rotate the item when painting without needing to touch it.

In case the item which you paint has a lot of small parts, set up them on a turntable like a Lazy Susan to spray from different angles.

#6: Test spray

Do a test by spraying onto a piece of metal, plastic, or glass to determine the spray pattern that it may produce.

Don’t worry about anything because you can easily remove Plasti Dip away from these materials. The different spray patterns require you use the different techniques, you hold the can further or closer from the target.

#7: Experiment with a wet coating

First of all:

You spray a light coat over the item then move back and apply more paint before it dries completely as long as it is wet with paint fully. If everything is ok, you will have a smooth and flawless coating.

Remember that a very light first coat is enough for the solvent in Plasti Dip to evaporate fast and not damage the original paint. After drying, it gives a better grip to spray the next coat.

#8: Begin a smooth coat and end a smooth coat as well

A smooth coating can reflect light making the item’s surface flaws obvious.


Before painting, sand it smooth and go over with primer. In case your item has good original paint, it’s not essential to use a primer. Apply at least 4 coats to easily remove Plasti Dip from a non-porous surface. It’s better to paint the first very light coat.

#9: Protect your health and keep safety

You should prepare fully for the protective gears such as a suitable respirator in place of a dust mask. Why?

Plasti Dip will become nontoxic after the solvent evaporates. What’s more, you also need to ensure suitable ventilation in your working place.


Here are some questions about Plasti Dip you may want to know.

Q1: Can you spray Plasti Dip with a spray gun?

Of course, yes. I bet that you already know this answer before reading my post. But, you should learn it in detail. No matter your choice is a Plasti dip sprayer or Plasti dip gun, there are several units which can help you fulfill your task. It is required to be thinned in advance. I strongly recommend you to use toluene, xylene or naphtha with a mix in a 1:1 ratio.

Q2: How long can Plasti Dip last?

If you use Plasti Dip for the first time properly, you can last its lifespan at least 3 years without retouching. Although Plasti Dip is very durable without losing its bond, there are 2 things which help you determine how long it can last.

First of all: This is the distance from the surface you spray to the gun which you are holding.

Next: How many layers of coats do you spray on the surface?

Q3: How well does Plasti Dip hold up to the outside elements such as salt, snow, rain, and sun?

Plasti Dip can fight against many environmental features such as ice, rain, abrasive road salt, and UV rays. This is one of the great reasons why people enjoy dipping or brushing their wheels of the car into Plasti Dip to protect their car away from the worst things of weather.

Q4: Does Plasti Dip peel off?

In fact, Plasti Dip does peel off. However, it’s hard to remove a too thin coat which will tear into many pieces when you try to peel it off. In case you want to remove Plasti Dip easier, a helpful way is to paint from 4 – 5 layers of coatings to add strength and durability.

Q5: What need I do before dipping and brushing on my wheels?

Before spraying Plasti dip on the wheels, you have to ensure that they are clean and free of wax, debris, dirt, oil, and grease. Eastwood PRE Paint Prep can help you fulfill this task very well.

It’s not essential to use primer because Plasti Dip can shrink around the unit when it dries. However, if you apply Plasti Dip on a big metal surface in extreme conditions, I highly recommend primer but Rust-Oleum primer.

Q6: Can you expect Plasti Dip to effectively work on any surface?

Maybe. In most cases, Plasti Dip can work as you expect. But, there are also some exceptions.
The change of result depends on the condition of clear coat you use, how old your car is, whether or not the surface has experienced a DIY paint job. All of these features can affect how the Plasti Dip peel, bond, and cover. Thus, you should do a small test on a spot of the surface before spraying.

Q7: Does the Plasti Dip damage the clear coat already on the surface?

According to many records about Plasti Dip, people can use car surfaces which have been peeled, dipped, and re-dipped Plasti Dip without any problem. However, it’s best to do a small test by dipping on a spot of your car surface in advance.

In case your car used to be repainted, I suggest you do a longer dip test. Furthermore, different paint shops will use different kinds with different amounts of clear coat. Therefore, it’s hard to make sure an accurate result on each unique paint job.

Q8: How do you clean the Plasti-Dipped areas on your car?

First of all, you need to prepare a bucket of soapy water and a rag or use window cleaner as a replacement. Actually, you can clean with whatever you use to wash the similar material. Pay attention to say goodbye with thinners, gasoline, and solvents because they damage Plasti Dip.

Q9: Can you use Plasti Dip for the taillights and headlights of your car?

Normally: Plasti Dip peels off lights very easy. However, there are some headlights and taillights are exceptions. Remember to wear mask off lights to protect them away from Plasti Dip.

In ending this

The race of choosing the best plasti dip spray gun can decide to make or break your painting projects. Whether the plasti dip is good or not depends much on the tool painting it.

All the products we listed here are at a reasonable price with the high-quality. Now, have you chosen a suitable Plasti Dip spray gun? What will you buy among my recommendations? For me, Plasti Dip Rim Kit is an ideal option because there are a lot of accessories which support you to fulfill all tasks as well as possible.