Getting troubles when cleaning your house? A lot of dirt is hard to be taken out? Vacuum cleaner and broom can not solve the problems? Power Steamers are here to rescue.

At this site, we will analyze deeply for you to know what is a power steamer, its advantages and disadvantages sides, its functions and ways to clean it. Besides, we will find out if power steamers work on removing paint. Let us find out!

What is a Power Steamer?

What is a power steamerWe will get started with some basic information about power steamer.

Let’s see what you know about power steamer!

This is an extremely useful tool in the family as well as at work. With just the click of a button, you can clean everything! Why is that?

Power steamer is shaped like a vacuum cleaner. However, its use is more excellent. It can easily clean the most difficult places such as oil, sticky and hard surfaces, items that have been rusty for a long time; even power steamer can help you remove the wallpaper if you want to decorate the house with new paint color and so on.

The way power steamer works are very special. It uses hot steam to clean without any chemical support. In addition, when you own a power steamer, you will have different cleaning heads.

Pros and Cons of a Power Steamer

Everything has two sides. A power steamer is also not an exception.


AdvantagesFirstly, we will inform you about 4 benefits that we have found from our own experiences.

  • The hard surface can be dry fastly and easily
    Steam always evaporates quickly than normal water does. So if you need to compare the ability of dry making between a steam cleaner and a normal mop, the winner will belong to the steam cleaner.
    Some places need to be cleaned often but they also need to be quick dry. So using steam cleaner will be the best way. For example, Shopping malls always require this steam cleaner to keep their floor clean and dry.
  • The steam cleaner needs no chemicals
    Cleaning your house using a traditional mop, you need cleaner liquid in order to brush the dirt better on your floor, windows and so on. Of course, the liquid is from chemicals that may affect badly your family member’s health.
    A steam cleaner requires only water to make steam and electricity to run. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any chemicals.
  • High temperature to kill bacteria better
    The power steamer has an output of steam with high temperatures. On the other hand, germs and bacteria can not live under high temperatures. So the sanitary result will be as high as possible.


DisadvantagesBesides the positive ways, there are plenty of disadvantages of power steamer. Then, you can consider buying.

  • A steam cleaner cost much
    Sure. Have you ever heard “You get what you pay for”?
    The materials to produce a steam cleaner are quite expensive. So you will need to pay a high price to get a good steam cleaner.
  • The hot temperature may damage you
    The power steam cleaner produces very hot steam. So if you use this item in the wrong way, you can be accidentally damaged yourself. Remember to read the instruction before using. We all want to avoid injuries, right?
  • The opened electric wire may cause shocking
    Electricity is what we use to run a powerful steam cleaner. Before you use, we recommend you to check the machine carefully first. An opened electric wire is very dangerous. Just imagine you or your children do not notice and accidentally touch the wire. Then the electric will shock and even kill all.
  • You must clean this machine more often
    This machine contacts directly with the dirt. So of course, it can be dirty too. Some dust can stick in the power cleaner and may let it be malfunctioning. We have paid lots of money and we want to use it many times right? Then taking care of it is a “must”. However, remember that clean it by paper, not water!

What Can You Use My Steam Cleaner On?

What can you use my steam cleaner onBecause there are many different types of steam cleaners, so they can help you to steam clean on many household surfaces such as floors, grout, tubs, sinks, countertops, carpets, mattresses, showers, stovetops, grills, glass, ovens,…

Remember to avoid using power steam cleaner on some objects like plastics or woods. Because power steam cleaner creates hot steam. The hot steam will melt the plastic and make wood floor swell.

Can You Use a Steamer to Remove Paint?

Can you use a steamer to remove paintAre there some ugly paints on your wall, your floors? You want to remove all paints but do not want to leave any scratches? And you do not know if a power steam cleaner can remove paint? The answer is yes.

Hot steam is often used to separate difficult things. So, with the old walls, you can easily remove the cracked paint and replace it with your favorite paint color. Use steam power with a soft cloth locomotive, press it close to where you want to remove it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then lift and slowly remove the paint. Then, you’re done.

With a useful power steamer, you can:

  • Reduce significantly the risk of your health because of no need chemical, fume and so on.
  • Low cost when removing the paint compared to dry heat and shaver methods.

How to Use and Clean A Power Steamer?

How to Use

How to usePower steamer is a product with a lot of functions but has a simple and effective use at home.

First, before using anything new, you need to read the user manual carefully. Next, open the device and install all the parts according to the images in the instructions. To create steam to remove stains, of course, you must pour a sufficient amount of water into the machine, And remember that you should close the lid carefully. Next, identify the stains you want to use the power steamer to select the appropriate machine head. After fitting the power steamer perfectly, let’s start cleaning!

How to Clean

How to cleanTo store and preserve a power steamer, always clean it regularly, especially after use. It is important to note that however the machine is powered by steam, it is strictly forbidden to use water to clean it. Why? Because this machine uses electricity. When you clean it with water, it would be dangerous if you forgot to unplug it or you could accidentally damage the electric socket with water.

A simple way to help clean up your power steamer is to use a tissue, or a soft towel wrung out water. So you have a brand new power steamer already. It is simple, right?


In conclusion, power steamer has many great uses. However, it also has some dangers when used. What you need to do is to be cautious when using and read the instructions carefully before use.

In addition, we have come up with a reasonable and effective way to use power streamer as well as how to preserve it well so that it can be used for a long time.