There are lots of well-known brands with several portable generators on the current market such as HONDA, WEN, Briggs & Stratton, Champion Power Equipment, etc.

And among them, these have more functions, including a spraying-paint feature.

Most of the people think that the air compressors and the paint sprayers are similar. However, an air compressor has more functions than a paint gun. You can actually use it for cleaning your house or your vehicle.

If you want to invest in a flexible device which has various functions as a paint sprayer, we highly recommend you a versatile air tool.

Today, we want to show you a prominent brand which provides many specialized units like air compressors, water & trash pumps, and accessories. Meet the Powermate! Why? Please keep on reading our article to figure out people often calls Powermate is also a multi-functioned paint sprayer!

About the Powermate Brand

About the Powermate BrandPowermate is not a company. This is a big lineup of the domestic power tools which are licensed under the Pramac’s copyright. And the Pramac is registered in Long Grove, Illinois. It sounds fantastic!

Pramac is the parent firm of a European brand which has the head offices in Italy. The first business deals are portable generators.

For nearly a decade, Powermate has also been a market leader in the industry to provide many devices for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Some popular units are transportable generators, air compressors, pressure washers, standby electrical power requirements, air tools, and paint sprayers as well.

Powermate has a long history of operation with the huge industries of the globe. So, it has allowed the Pramac develops the excessive The products line can fit the standards of the market and excel at them completely.

There is no denying that the portable generators are excellent in the quality top and surely worth for the money.

Nonetheless, most of us sometimes forget that the company also has the paint sprayers which are also inventive!