Nowadays, you can notice the frequent appearance of air compressors in assembly, pumping, cleaning, and much more. An air compressor increases the pressure and energy of the air by compressing the air.

The tool draws the air from the outside and stores it in a tank. The pressure of the air inside the tank gets greater as more and more air comes in. And when the tank is full, the air pressure can reach an extremely high level.

From the storage tank, the air is then distributed to various tools such as air spray guns as well as screw nailers, drills, sanders, and other machines that have rotating parts.

Unfortunately, come along with the high pressure is the frustrating sound. If you have been so fed up with those noisy air compressors, below are our list of 9 outstanding quiet air compressors.

Top 5 Best Quiet Air Compressors in 2023

Best Quiet Air Compressors Review (Chosen by Customers)

Here are our top 9 best quiet air compressors available in the market. Let’s start from the bottom up.

1. P1IU-A9 Twin-Stack: Multi-task and User-friendly Compressor

P1IU-A9 Twin-StackEditor Rating:

The first air compressor we want to introduce to you is from Ingersoll Rand. What will you get with this air compressor?

First of all, you’ll get a user-friendly air compressor. An easy-to-operate front panel. A comfortable and portable design. And a low noise level of just 79 decibels. All make this P1IU-A9 an ideal choice for DIYers and professionals as well.

What’s more?

With the two quick disconnect couplers, the unit allows you to run multiple tools at the same time. What does it mean? Well, you can freely blow off the dirt on your door while screwing some nails on the wall.

What you may not like about this compressor is the maintenance. Like other oil-less air compressors, this unit has plastic piston rings. Although it’s energy-saving, it requires frequent rebuilding to maintain performance.

Maximum flexibility and also ease for your ears are what a P1IU-A9 Twin-Stack gives you. So, what are you waiting for? Buy it now.


  • Powerful operation (up to 135 PSI)
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Excellent longevity
  • Great finish quality


  • A bit vibration
  • Heavy construction

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2. California Air Tools 4610AC: Less Noise and Less Wear

California Air Tools 4610ACEditor Rating:

Let’s come to the next air compressor in the list. This one is from California Air Tools, a distributor of the quietest air compressors in the industry. Therefore, you’ll meet this brand again later in our review.

Back to the 4610AC, how good is it?

The unit uses a powerful 1.0 HP motor that operates at only 1680 revolutions per minute (RPM). It results in a significantly quiet at just 60 decibels. Also, it allows the unit to be more unlikely to wear out.

Besides, the Oil-free Dual Piston pump can work up to 3000 hours before it needs replacement. Meanwhile, you may find other compressors with only 500-hour life cycle or less.

But please note that NEVER leave the compressor plugged in for too long. Otherwise, the unit may lock up but keep trying to restart. The heat from the endless startup can melt the plastic guard and even set your house on fire.

Overall, if you are looking for an air compressor that doesn’t make your ears bleeding, this 4160AC is a perfect choice.


  • Availability for a variety of temperatures and uneven terrains
  • Low maintenance and cost
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Quick recharging


  • Leaky check valve
  • Not very good customer service

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3. Campbell Hausfeld DC060500: Half the Noise

Campbell Hausfeld DC060500Editor Rating:

Now let we introduce to you the Campbell Hausfeld. The brand offers a wide variety of air tools to finish your project like a pro. So, why do we put this air compressor in our list?

The quiet when this unit operates is particularly incredible. It only produces 68 decibels. This number is 50% lower than comparable units. The best thing is that you can even listen to the radio over its gentle hum.

More to mention, this DC060500 is amazingly durable. All the critical components of the unit can last up to 4 times longer than its competitors.

However, you need to pay more care when using the air compressor. After a time, the pressure valve may open, draining the tank completely. The chances are that trash has gotten in the valve. Then, it’s time for cleaning.

Want to complete your work more straightforward and relaxing, get yourself a pancake Campbell Hausfeld DC060500 air compressor now.


  • Maintenance-free piston pump
  • Durable and soft-grip handle
  • Easy job switching
  • Great performance


  • Heavy design
  • Not an excellent choice for home use

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4. Makita MAC700 Big Bore: An Ideal Air Compressor for Your House

Makita MAC700Editor Rating:

The Campbell Hausfeld DC060500 doesn’t fit your house-size demand, but this Makita MAC700 is the opposite. This air compressor is perfect for home use as well as small demand air tools.

The noise level of this unit is about 80 decibels. Although it may be the highest number you’ll see in our list, it’s still one of the best quiet air compressors in the market. And don’t worry, it will never rock your house when running.

But what makes it best for home use?

The air compressor draws an exceptionally low amp to operate. The smaller amp needed, the lower the possibility of tripped breakers. It also reduces the incidence of voltage drop, which can cause early motor failure. And of course, your house’s electric system will never be damaged.

And what is the most significant minus point?

You may witness air coming out from the adjusting knob of the pressure regulator. But hold on! Don’t rush to the store for a new one. It can be just the same case as the DC060500. The regulator may be dirty, so take it apart and clean it all over.

Going to handle some jobs with your house? This MAC700 air compressor is a brilliant companion.


  • Fast, easy, and efficient maintenance
  • Great performance
  • Minimum wear
  • Smooth operation


  • Pressure switch replacement needed
  • Heavy design

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5. Hitachi EC28M: Excellent Silence and Transport

Hitachi EC28M Ultra QuietEditor Rating:

Next is a portable air compressor by Hitachi. Things are getting better and better. So, how quiet is this one?

The EC28M operates at an ultra quiet of only 59 decibels. The sound is so barely noticeable that you have nothing to worry even if you are working in your apartment.

What else?

The unit weighs only 25.5 pounds which is compact and lightweight enough to carry around. Also, this air compressor is equipped with a steel roll cage and a rubber grip to protect all essential components under extreme job site environments as well as offer more comfort during transport.

Besides, there are some cautions that you may need to know before buying this unit. A common issue is that the quick release valve may not work when connecting with an air hose. In this case, please make sure that you have the hose attached BEFORE filling the tank with pressure.

Want to finish your job efficiently without receiving the annoying complaints from your neighbor? Try out this Hitachi EC28M.


  • High durability with no maintenance
  • Flexible discharge hose
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Reasonable price


  • Leak sound at the bottom of the on/off switch
  • Bent gauges

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6. California Air Tools 2010A: A Quiet Compressor for Small Businesses

California Air Tools 2010AEditor Rating:

Let’s meet California Air Tools again! This time is the 2010A. How is it better than the 4610AC?

The noise level that this unit produces is similar to the 4610AC (at 60 decibels). Notably, this one is ideal for hobbyists or woodworkers with a small shop.

The unit weighs 35.3 pounds in total. It would be better if there were wheels, but the compressor is still portable enough to meet your demand. And although California Air Tools doesn’t give this unit any wheel, it provides rubber feet instead so that you can place it nicely on the floor.

What we don’t like is that the original pressure was too low. For intensive jobs, you should set the regulator at a higher pressure. You can also have a maximum of 120 PSI as well, but that may shorten the pump longevity and make more noise.

Buy this fantastic 2010A now. And your ears would thank you for that.


  • Quick pressure recovery and tank filling
  • Low maintenance and cost
  • Good fit and finish
  • Excellent customer service


  • Too short plug wire
  • No air hose or additional fittings included

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7. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore: Lower Noise and Higher Productivity

Makita MAC2400 Air CompressorEditor Rating:

Here is another Makita air compressor at the third position in the list. Makita worked hard to lower the noise of this MAC2400 down to just 79 decibels. But it’s the performance that amazed us.

The 4.2-gallon twin-stacked tank can work under a pressure of up to 130 PSI. The machine can also deliver 40 PSI and 90 PSI, enough for two nailers at once. And with the help of the powerful 2.5 HP 4-pole motor, the productivity gets even better.

On the other hand, it’s quite unhappy that the pressure drops relatively quickly when managing heavy duties. You may have to stop your work to wait for the pressure to build-up again. However, the outstanding result that you get is worth waiting.

Get this impressive Makita MAC2400 air compressor now to have your jobs done efficiently.


  • Cooler running temperature and lower wear
  • Increased air intake
  • Easy maintenance
  • Vibration free


  • Heavy construction
  • High price

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8. Excell U256PPE: Minimum Cost for Quiet Winters

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air CompressorEditor Rating:

Let’s welcome this Excell U256PPE quiet air compressor as the runner-up. With minimum spending, you’ll get an incredible maximum pressure of up to 150 PSI.

And the best part is:

The air compressor can start at a low temperature of only -24°F (-31°C). In other words, the unit can effectively work under cold weather. No wonder that the winter is its!

Unfortunately, as the price is low, nothing comes with the compressors. You may need an air hose to reach anything without moving the compressors every time you switch between jobs.

And to help you with that, Excell suggests a longest possible extension up to a 400-feet cord. AWESOME!

No need to hesitate, Buy now yourself a superb U256PPE air compressor.


  • Conveniently located control panel
  • Long life pump and motor
  • Portable and small design
  • Comfortable handle


  • No wheels

And the champion is…

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9. California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S: Quietest Choice for Heaviest Duties

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060SEditor Rating:


It’s California Air Tools on the top of the rating. Three positions in total with one on the first. Such a rewarding achievement of the brand!

So, what makes this CAT-1P1060S is the best?

Firstly, this air compressor can tackle the heaviest duties that you need. And those duties can freely take place at your small house or apartment as the machine produces little heat that dissipates quickly, leaving the room temperature almost unchanged.

Now you may wonder how quiet it is. We have seen many numbers from 80, 79 down to 68, 60, and even 59. Well, get ready for this shocking information:

When operating, the air compressor releases the sound at only 56 decibels. Yes, it’s 56. UNBELIEVABLE. Much lower than all the previous compressors. It’s so quiet that it won’t wake up your babies even when you are carrying out the most intensive work.

So, does it have any drawbacks? Honestly, it does. But they are only minor things that will never outweigh its enormous advantages.

The most remarkable drawback is that the on/off switch locates in a tricky position. Therefore, it’s quite hard to reach it if you have large hands and fingers. Well, easy to skip over, as we said.

We guess now that you have known how incredible this air compressor is, you may wish to own one.


  • Low maintenance and cost
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy transport
  • Quick recovery
  • Reasonable price


  • Hard-to-adjust pressure regulator

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It’s undeniable that air compressor is an excellent tool to better our life. Things will get more convenient and efficient when you have a perfect air compressor – one that won’t hurt your ears.

So, you have read through our review for the 9 best quiet air compressors. We hope that you find something that fits you.

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