Reflective paint coatings are such the best way to extend the life of your walls and roof, etc. This useful paint can gradually help lessen energy costs and improve the aesthetics of everything inside or outside your house.

Generally, these reflective coatings suit brand new roofs more thanks to their ease of use and low cost. Customers will never worry about finding a heat-resistant paint both inside and outside the building again.

However, chances are not everyone has a thorough understanding of this excellent reflective spray paint. Today, we will uncover all the secrets behind solar reflective paint. Let us tell you:

Top 3 Best Solar Reflective Paint Reviews

Best Solar Reflective

  • 1. Everbuild 90705 solar reflective paint
  • 2. Starshield Solar Reflective Paint
  • 3. Masterbitumen aluminum paint solar reflective

Top 3 Solar Reflective Paints to Keep an Eye on

Actually, in this article, we don’t just mention the benefits of solar reflective paint. For some DIY-ers or professionals, figuring out the best reflective for heat absorption is their ultimate purpose. Understanding that matter, we’ve introduced 3 best choices here.

To understand more about specific information about them, keep reading:

1. Everbuild 90705 Solar Reflective Paint

Everbuild 90705 solar reflective paintThis paint is specially formulated for the best reflective coating to reduce solar heat absorbed in felt, asphalt, tiles, wood, masonry, and even concrete surfaces. This flexible and easy to apply paint will ensure a finely textured finish for your projects.

The remarkable features of this product are listed below:

Product overview

  • 5l solar reflective paint
  • Fast drying: 1 hour at normal temperatures
  • Weight: 4.98 kg
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 23.5 cm

Ensure longer paint longevity

This product prolongs the life of both bituminous coatings and roof which might be degraded by harmful UV light. This thin bituminous-based aluminum protective paint will brush consistency to make a silvery finish dry.

Greater durability

With this paint, you can apply a durable coating for both exterior walls and roofs. It is extremely ideal for felted roofs, roof tiles, wood, asphalt, masonry, and concrete surfaces with high performance, protection, and flexibility.

A multi-functional product

This paint works wonders to resist the fungal growth of the surfaces of which the conditions are high-moisture. Well, it is best for roofing to dissipate and reflect heat and sunlight.

This paint also performs excellently well at securing a building’s internals from unexpected heat build-up. Moreover, the uncomfortable living and working environment can be avoided too. All roofing surfaces can receive the expected toughness and durability, we swear.


  • Ensure a textured finish
  • Waterproof & protective to the painted surfaces
  • Flexible enough to allow contraction and expansion
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be completely applied to previously painted surfaces
  • It is quite easy to clear


  • The paint may cause dizziness or drowsiness.

2. Starshield Solar Reflective Paint

Starshield Solar Reflective PaintThis tough solar reflective paint will allow a seamless and solid membrane to protect the substrates from solar heat gain. No additional heat from the sun can cause harm to your projects anymore.

What makes this product stand out of the crowd are:

Product overview

  • Highest SRI value: 130 in India
  • Up to 30% of electricity can be saved
  • Cools approximately 22 degrees on surfaces & 4-8 degrees inside
  • Dimensions: 20.3 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm

Better performance is ensured

External heat from the sun can’t penetrate the buildings once you’ve used this paint. The higher solar heat reflection offers the easier temperature control and less air conditioning systems needed.

Good for industrial factories and warehouses

Factory machinery and warehouses are the main sources of heat in our life. The level of heat often exceeds the safe operating temperatures. Applying this useful solar reflective coating increases solar heat reflection greatly.


  • Eco-friendly and flexible
  • Maximum coverage is offered
  • A liquid-resistant coating is given for your projects
  • No primer is needed


  • This paint is a little bit expensive
  • It may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environments.

3. Masterbitumen Aluminum Paint Solar Reflective

Masterbitumen aluminum paint solar reflectiveThis amazing blend of aluminum and fiber reinforcement is worth your investment. Wish for a textured finish and greater protection for your projects? This product will be your ultimate choice, I swear. Read more about the product here:

Product overview

  • Weight: 25 kg
  • General coverage for porous per surfaces: 4-6m2 per liter and no-porous surfaces: 10m2 per liter
  • Bituminous bodied aluminum

Better consistency

Yeah, you’ve read it right. This thin bituminous-based aluminum protective paint gives great consistency for a fast-drying silver finish. The solar-reflective roof paint is perfect for bituminous roof systems to protect them from the heat aging and UV.

High performance

Yes, this product helps prolong your roofs lifespan. Creating a nice reflective roof coating will help reduce surface temperatures in direct sunlight, minimizing blistering effects.
Generally, the coverage is ideal with up to 6m2 for porous surfaces and 10m2 for non-porous ones. This is certainly the output that every individual homeowner is looking for.


  • Suitable for all types of roofs and surfaces
  • Ideal for exterior use
  • Fiber is reinforced well


  • The material may be a little bit harmful to users.

How Reflective Paint Benefits Our Projects

How reflective paint benefits our projectsIt is recommended for homeowners to apply their wall, coatings, and important surfaces with solar reflective paint for the best protection. It is a step in a comprehensive plan for longer paint lifespan and money-saving purpose.

However, the benefits of solar reflective spray paint are even more than that. If you’re interested in discovering its advantages, check the below information:

Cool Protection for All Surfaces

Today, the maintenance cost for both clay and concrete surfaces in your house/ building can be reduced thanks to solar reflective paints. The painted surfaces will become thermally sealed, completely waterproof and renewable.These state-of-the-art, water-borne, and cross-linking MMO pigmented paints are usable on concrete, stucco walls, and multiple siding types. This way, you can greatly reduce the needed wear to so-coated exterior walls.

Easy to Match Available Paint Colors

There are numerous solar reflective paints and coatings available on the current market. No paint color of walls and roofs can affects the efficiency of the MMO pigmented paint but stronger greens and vivid colors.Solar reflective MMO pigmented paints are often 15-50 degrees cooler for standard latex paint. And, the color’s depth will determine the effectiveness of the IR coating.

So, you will easily save a huge sum of money that you often pay for electricity. With solar-reflective paints, surviving the hottest months of the year without your air conditioner is much easier.

Environmental Impact and In-house Energy Efficiency

As proved by LEED a.k. A Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, solar reflective paint is the best energy saving solution. And, with the high amount of energy saved, rebates will never remain a matter of concern anymore.Having your walls coated with the right solar-reflective paints will offer energy cost reductions for air conditioning. And, the return on paint investment will be increased. Furthermore, these paint also help mitigate the “Urban Heat Island Effect” led by the sun’s radiation to the buildings.

Reduction in energy demand will effectively avoid the atmospheric and heat-inducing pollution. Amazing, right?

How To Apply A Solar Reflective Roof Paint

Now, after knowing all the essential information about the best solar reflective paint, you need to understand the process of applying the paint for the best results. Here, we’ve listed all the steps for you to follow:


Before starting your amazing project, it is a must to prepare the substrate first. As the very first step, you should undertake all the repairs required. Grab the best Acrylic jointing compound to heal up any split or crack on the walls and roofs.These repairs need to be followed by good cleaning with a pressure washer combined with a high-quality degreaser and cleaner. You should ensure that the surfaces are completely clean from any possible dirt, loose particles, oils or grease.

Clean and degrease the existing painted surfaces in the same way. And, sand them all for an adequate element to the output. Remove all flaking and lose materials to make it ready for the best treatments awaiting.

Treat the Surfaces with a Fungicidal Wash

The next step is quite important to determine the result of your paint as well. This action can eradicate any spores, mold, algae from the surfaces. If you leave the surfaces untreated, the paint coating will peel or crackle soon.The Centrecoat GS36 fungicidal wash is highly recommended. To use it, mix it at a ratio of 20:1 with clean water. Next, utilize a watering can or back sprayer to coat the entire surface and leave it to naturally dry.

Apply the Solar Reflective Coating

Before you carry out the paint application, watch out for the favorable weather conditions. It will be best to paint at the temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius, no rain, wet or foggy weather. And, the best humidity is 80%.This way, your water-based solar reflective paint will offer 400% elasticity with a silver aluminum finish. Apply the best paint to any roofing substrates or existing coatings. The right steps for solar reflective painting are:

  • Before the application of the heat-resistant paint, prepare the ready roofs as described above. For the partially porous surfaces (concrete sheeting roof), apply a nice coat of primer to get it more adhesive and even out with its porosity.
  • Grab the long pile roller to apply the coat of the paint prepared. For stagnated water going on the surfaces, embed the paint coating with fiberglass matting for additional strength.
  • Lay the mesh out over the walls and roofs & back-roll into the very first coat. Cure the first coat for about 24 hrs. After waiting for the first coat to dry naturally, apply the second one with the same process.

Ensure that the coverage rate is 1-1.5 liters per m2 for waterproofing surfaces and 0.3-0.5 liters per m2 for decorative ones. Each coating will need time to dry. Try to strictly follow our instructions so that you can have the output you expect.

In the End

As you can see, the growth of the “green” and energy-efficient solar reflective paints is offering both environmental and financial benefits to all customers in the world. Why don’t we just grab the chance and use it right away for our DIY projects?

The high return on investment will be a great deal to all of us, especially individual homeowners. A solar or heat reflective paint seems to create the greatest revolution in the active paint industry.

It’s time to welcome the eco-friendly paints to fall right into our wallet, especially for those who highly care about the longevity and environment of their buildings. If you are interested in heat reflective paints, don’t miss our precious information.

Read them all and find the option that suits your requirements best! Start your plan with it now! Good luck!