What can Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer help you in the field of painting? It may take you so much time to research for its pros and cons, but don’t worry, we are here to help you with that.

With a fully detailed review down below, you will easily figure out your needed information and decide whether it is worth your consideration.

Rexbeti Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer Review

Rexbeti is a company dedicated to the paint industry with dozens of products circulating everywhere each year. The most successful product that everyone recognizes is the Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer.

Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer is by far one of the best-advanced products in the painting field.

A production with the structure of a hand-held spray gun, it is well-known for its lightness and ease of movement as well as durability.

This particular feature comes with 3 different choices of nozzles for users to widen their options in choosing products that suit their requirements.

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The Best Features Of Rexbeti Spray Gun


PowerfulEven if it’s just a hand-held paint machine, its high-power features and perfect finish can blow your mind.

The Ultimate-750 paint sprayer is capable of creating precise spray lines with a smooth finish thanks to a capacity of up to 750 watts.

This outstanding ability is also shown by the extremely large paint capacity, up to 1000 ml, so you can comfortably use for places such as tables and chairs, shelves, fences, walls, roofs, etc.

3 Spray Nozzles

3 Spray NozzlesAs we mentioned in the introduction, the 3-spray nozzles feature makes this sprayer one-of-a-kind in the spraying machine market.

The Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer is designed with adjustable nozzles in 3 different spray directions, including straight lines, horizontal lines and circles and 3 different sizes – the 2.0mm and 2.5mm nozzles are suitable for thin paints, such as varnish, sealers or glue paints, and are used i, hard-to-reach places such as corners and obscures.

The maximum size 3.0mm nozzle is perfect for spraying latex, chalk, large locations.


SizeThe size of this hand-held sprayer is 11.8 x 5.5 x 11.4 inches, which fits perfectly the size of an adult hand.

The machine is made of plastic, so the texture is very light suitable for moving around easy. It only weighs 36 pounds, so when used to spray, it will not cause substantial feelings and fatigue.

Extra-long Power Cord

The 6.6 feet power cord is long enough for you to move around your working area freely.

Adjustable Flow Control

Adjustable Flow ControlYou can adjust the flow of the amount of paint sprayed according to your individual needs.

Simply turn the knob on the top of the gun to switch to another type of paint tip so that that you can create different directions of paint and amount of liquid.

With this feature, painting many projects at different angles and sizes is as easy as a piece of cake.

Easy to Use and Clean

Either you are a professional or not, you can be a master in using this piece of paint sprayer machine.

Assemble the machine quite easy as you just need to assemble the motor and the front body of the paint sprayer together, then press the lock bottom and turn right to lock it. There you go, a complete machine is ready to use.

You can easily clean up everything with water and let it dry completely for the next use.

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsThumbs up:

  • Easy clean up: this one should come first to be the pros of Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer because if you want to use the product for a long time, you must always keep the machine clean.
  • Easy to use: With a straightforward and extremely convenient structure, this machine is easier for DIYers to use without any difficulties.
  • 3 nozzle sizes for 3 different patterns: There is no doubt that this feature is superior to other spray gun machines.
  • Adjust flow control: this feature allows users to freely modify the flow of the paint in many directions.
  • Extra-long power cord: you can move around with the 6.6 ft long power cord without restraint good for mobility and huge project.


  • Heat up easily if you use it for too long.

Applications of The Sprayer

Applications of The SprayerThe Ultimate-750 paint sprayer has powerful productivity and a large capacity compared to a hand-held paint machine.

It is not enough to paint tremendous things at a time, but with a tank capacity of up to 1000 ml, painting a set of tables, chairs, fences, stairs, decks, . is completely possible.

Remember to choose the right paint tip and direction of paint needed and spray it evenly to get the best results.

Here is some information that might become a great help in the long run.

  • If you are about to use it more than once, take your time to clean it thoroughly, that will help you preserve the machine in the long term.
  • The Ultimate-750 paint sprayer is a rather good option for thin paints rather than latex paint, you must make sure that you dilute the paint before placing it in the sprayer to avoid an abnormal flow.
  • Be patient and do your project right the first time, you should do multiple coats for a perfect result.

Useful Spray Gun Tips And Tricks

Useful Spray Gun Tips And TricksFor the quality of paint to be smooth and even, you need to use the machine correctly. Here is the procedure for using the most standard spraying equipment that we have compiled:

  • Prepare surfaces, paint tools: To perform the project in the most convenient way, you should prepare the paint surface very carefully.
  • Shield carefully while painting outdoors to avoid the wind blowing the paint around.
  • Practice makes perfect: Before painting something, try some demo first. Practice many times to get the best final result
  • Adjust the spray pressure of paint: choosing the right pressure will make your work easier.
  • However, for experienced users, they usually keep the pressure low to help preserve the life of the paint.
  • Keep the distance of spray paint within an ideal distance of 10 to 12 inches, such a distance is far enough to cover the surface as well as help the paint spread evenly.
  • Slowly drift your spray gun and move the sprayer on the surface being painted to spread the pain nicely and evenly making the most of your tool.
  • In the end, remember to clean the spraying machine, check all parts, and store them carefully for the very next painting project.


Do I need a compressor to use this Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer?

No – interestingly, Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer is electrically operated.

Is this an airless sprayer or an air compressor sprayer?

It has a built-in mini air compressor, You don’t have to connect it to anything other than the power source making it stable.

Are the three nozzles of Rexbeti ultimate-750 brass or plastic?

They are made from plastic, easy to, and easy to handle.

Does this paint sprayer work well on my home walls?

Yes, you can paint cabinets, drawers, doors, and walls with this sprayer. It works very well!

We suggest adding water to your paint to reduce the burden on the engine, or you might end up with the unsmooth output – You can even smell and hear the motor working much harder.

Does this speed up a normal painting job?

Yes, it definitely does!

Is it suitable for all types of paint?

The answer is yes, but in fact, we still encourage you to use water-based paints so that the quality of spray paint will be more even and smoother.


With ordinary paint projects that do not require much effort, or you are just a newcomer in this field, this paint sprayer will be a reasonable companion.

Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer is an affordable machine. The outstanding features such as 3 nozzles and a large storage area will assist you a lot in the process of painting. Although there are still some shortcomings, it is quite worthy of what you paid for.