Today, finding a versatile gun sprayer is art itself. And of course, you have to consider the products’ price before going for the right purchase. The perfect sprayer and accessories will decide a nice finish of paints in the stuff you like.

The spray nozzle is adjustable in all directions and positions. The rockler hvlp spray gun set hvlp-1000 gives you the great balance between the value and price. Why is this product your right viscosity? The excellent spray system makes it. It completely differs from anything you have ever tried before.

The gun sprayer works well for lacquer, stains, and even water-based finishes. It marks the highlight in today’s paint sprayer industry in the world. So, what about the features and benefits of the product? How about the manufacturer? Let us tell you:

The Newest Launch of Rockler in 2019

A trusted company for providing tools for household use as Rockler will never miss the year 2018. The expansion of their signature products continues this year. You may want to know:

“What are the best new launches of this company this year?” How about its features, benefits, and anything else to know. Here, we provide you with all of that.

HomeRight Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer will quickly apply a nicely smooth topcoat to anything you want. Feel free to do it with cabinets, furniture, fences, and walls. This product is good at spraying oil too. Minimal overspray will get you excited when using the product right away. Let’s see the features, plus and minus points along with the benefits of the paint sprayer now!

Come take this one to work wonders with all materials and surfaces thanks to the Earlex HVLP technology.
HomeRight Super Finish Max HVLP Paint SprayerProduct overview:

  • Interchangeable tips: 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0mm → a wide range of coatings
  • 2 air caps → manage the paint’s flow
  • The volume knob’s adjustment from 1- 12” wide
  • Power: 450 watts → suitable for thicker paints
  • Container capacity: about 39 ounce

Provide spraying with quality

This is such a life-changing paint sprayer. It just requires less paint thinning than other handheld paint sprayers. Wait for a pro finish! This product helps spray more evenly than ever before. The pickup tube and newly designed cup vent are nice to support the sprays.

Support the use with ease

This is an easy-to-use sprayer for all eager painters all over the world. Just minutes are enough to set it up. The quick cleaning and multiple settings make it a top pick for you. Moreover, this lightweight is far more than handy for you to use with power anywhere you want.

You can now spray anything, and everything with the least paint is thinning. This ideal product will give you the expected smooth finish on dressers, cabinets, decks, and many more to go with. You will never feel disappointed with this purchase.

The best product for the price

This paint sprayer will be one of the best products that you have ever bought. Let’s save your money with this reasonable household tool. Get ready to tackle all staining projects and household painting.

Three different interchangeable tips will help the DIY-ers spray various materials easily. The green spray tips with one installed available on the sprayer will make you do it well.  This product can paint well from a 10-12-inch distance from you to the stuff to paint.

The strengths and weakness of the rockler hvlp finishing sprayer are listed below:

  • Less paint thinning needed
  • This product is more versatile than others
  • Larger capacity is available
  • Self-contained spraying unit with no requirement for a compressor
  • This support faster spraying
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Long warranty (about 2 years)


  • You should be aware of the overspray. Get some extra clean-up for the product.

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A Quick Review of Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Set

The Rockler hvlp spray gun set hvlp-1000 comes with versatility and simplicity. So, if you want a pro-quality and smooth finish for a short time, this is an ideal product for you. You may do it with varnishes, lacquer finishes, urethanes, and even unthinned Latex paints.

Why don’t you shop it at the store right now?

The high-volume and low-pressure technology called HVLP will offer minimal overspray for your projects. The adjustable spray pattern from 1-12 inches in width will deliver the expected output. The 13-inch flexible hose is long enough to move around.

Enough capacity comes with its 1-qt. Paint cup. Never worry about the excessive weight of the product. Including the 1.5 and 2.5mm needles, the paint sprayer is easy to operate and clean. Just follow the instructions to have the over-expected results.

This kind of paint sprayer is good for various finishes such as: Varnishes, Lacquers, Waterborne lacquer, Enamels, Water sealants, Urethanes, Latex, Wood treatments, Stains.

Rockler HVLP Spray Gun SetProduct overview:

  • Turbine: 700W & 2 stages included
  • Hose Length: 13 inches
  • Cup capacity is about 1 quart
  • Included tips or needles: both 1.5 and 2.5mm
  • Width of spray pattern: 1 to 12”

The spray pattern allows the users to receive the flexibility while spraying paint. This spray model enables you to have both rounded flat, horizontal, and a vertical spray. Get the right practice for the right delivery direction with the little tailing.

The particular spray kit is just fine for all indoor projects. However, it will be easier to complete some interior paint jobs. The fairly flexible hose is the one that you will never find at that price point.

Users will receive 2 needles of 1.5 and 2.5 mm for this spray gun. Therefore, use the specific applications for this model. You’ll satisfy yourself with the output you have ever wanted from it. This is quite similar to the rockler hvlp finishing sprayer, right?

Included parts of the Rockler gun sprayer are: 1 Paint/finish cup, 13-inch air hose, 1.5 mm and 2.5mm tip & needle, a set of instructions for operation.

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Things to Know Clearly about Rockler

Rockler Companies, Inc. is running their business under the name of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. The company supplies specialty tools, hardware, and all rounded woodworking products.

Hardware products of this firm include everything such as crib hardware and drawer slides. Moreover, we can search out power, hand, shop, burning, hand, router, and drilling tools here. And, purchasing any other wooden kits is also simple.

What sets the manufacturer apart is its provision of high-quality LED lights along with essential accessories. Just install them inside drawers or glass cabinets, under cabinets, or on the walls. This way, you’ll highlight your artwork and fixtures well.

Rockler HVLP

The Notable History of the Company

To achieve success as today, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware seems to have overcome a long history since 1954. This time, Norton Rockler first started his business in Northern Minneapolis. Since then, the chains of stores started to grow.

As the industry-leading hardware and woodworking source, everything has changed a lot. More and more retail stores opened and gained the prestige quickly. Rockler always tries to give the advanced woodworking technologies to the customers.

And, they focus on their increasingly innovative products to facilitate users with ease when shopping. The family-owned business has proved its ability with the huge popularity with the increasing number of fans worldwide.

It is not telling a lie that Rockler is such as the future house of DIY, woodworking, and natural resources. The “green” products help emphasize the strength and development of the company. The rich story is the highlight in the paint tool suppliers in today’s market.

It is a good idea to find your supporter for your DIY projects here. Today, you’ll know more about the process to the success of Rockler here. Now, let’s start:


This year, Nordy Rockler started to give out the very first catalog of the Minnesota Woodworkers Supply Company. It features specialty hardware items and wood veneers. Here, they offered pulls, slides, and knobs.


Rockler started to emphasize their status with the launches of highly innovative products. It introduced Plyedge banding as the original proprietary product. The product helps cover the exposed plywood edges.

And, Rockler was the very first company to offer porcelain casters and lamp parts.


The catalog raised to more than 6 million with 4000 products in full colors. Then, Rockler launched the first website with the feature of various special products. Here, you can find everything you want in all aspects of life. The 15th retail store was officially opened.


This year is the year of new launches in the production of Rockler. With Clamp-It Assembly Square, woodworkers had the extra hands to nail or glue workpieces at a 90-degree angle. And, Rockler welcomed the 25th retail stores to their chain.


The exclusive products highlighted the achievement of Rockler. They also received the award of a reliable worldwide organization. The retail division also continued its expansion in endless places with limitless stores.

We can see that the company is grabbing the trust of customers all over the world. The history along with its unbelievable development will keep you hooked on it immediately.

Rockler and its Amazing Achievements

The trusted company has gained numerous good results thanks to the non-stop effort to contribute everything they can in their work. The answer is Yes, totally Yes.

You may be wondering if:

“What did Rockler receive through its history?” Everything you want to know is here.


The company published their first magazine named Today’s Woodworker. Then, in 1995, the published stuff has attracted 100,000 as the paid circulation.


Rockler opened their 15th retail store. And, they changed Today’s Woodworker magazine to Woodworker’s Journal. At this time, the circulation has run up to over 200 thousands of subscribers. The opening of its 20th retail shop occurred in 1998.


5 more retail stores started to continue the business. And, the launch of the Sure-Foot Bar Clamp emphasized the top rates in the company’s magazine. People have seen Woodworker’s Journal E-Zine and Woodworker’s Journal as the Best Internet Site.

The Minnesota Magazine & Publications Association has recognized the influence of the product in the 2002 Publishing Excellence Awards. That’s cool! This company seemed to plan the careful and strategical moves.


Internet Retailer magazine named Top 50 best websites. And, at the same time, Rockler celebrated their 50th Anniversary and opened the 30th store.


The company introduced the Bench Cookie Work Gripper that won the Handy Magazine Innovation Award in 2009 and Top New Tools in 2010. The Rockler Rolling Library Ladder System belonged to Top 100 innovative products of the year 2011.


The Mixing Mate Paint Lid received the Wood magazine’s Innov8 Award and Handy Magazine’s Innovation award. Also, TOH top 100 also listed it down. The Rockler Silicone Glue Brush was in the list too.

The Rockler 3-Piece Glue Application Kit also received a Handy Innovation award.


The Wood magazine gave the Dust Right kit its Innov8 award. And, the Bandy Clamp won the Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015.


Rockler expanded their exclusive products. Then, the Pro Tool Innovation Award came to the Drawer Front Installation Clamps for its contribution to the hand tools.

Features and Bonuses of Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Set

Rockler hvlp spray gun set hvlp-1000 is becoming more and more popular these days. This is too efficient to save the time, and money with the desired result. They are very popular these days due to several reasons. They are, without a doubt, very efficient as they can help you save a lot of money and obtain the desired result in a lot less time.

Wait for the finest finishes or coatings of the furniture inside and outside your house?

This tool is more than ideal for painting different surfaces and objects inside and outside your house well. Is this product your right destiny? Have you been well informed of this product? Does it fit your needs? It is not an easy task for you since we’re here for you.

Things that the Rockler Hvlp spray gun set will do well are listed below:

Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Set

Great for all projects

This product is actually what you are waiting and looking for. This HVLP unit is highly recommended for shelving, doors, and all other small furniture. The device comes with its adjustable spray nozzle so that people can use it in all directions and positions.

The15-inch hose along with a viscosity cup will offer accurate thinning for high-quality output. Therefore, you will never worry anymore about the quality of the gun sprayer to your paint jobs. It is exactly what you have long been waiting for. That’s awesome, right?

Furthermore, plug the station in, and you will receive your wished airflow in the excellent spray gun. The airflow goes through a turbine to give the users the most wanted result. With this product, the balance between price and value is fantastic.

Extra protection is offered

The cool Rockler Protection Plan delivers no worry about accidentally damaged coverage. The standard warranty from the manufacturer can extend to 1 or 2 more years. Therefore, you can fix any broken parts with no hassles or deductibles.

For tools that aren’t able to repair, you’ll get the whole new ones. Why don’t you make a good purchase right now? Expect for the extra protection? We got the manufacturer’s deal. That’s enough for us to consider buying the ideal gun sprayer.

Great customer service

What sets this company apart is its excellent customer service. All of the staff are always ready to listen to and answer any questions from you. Or, you’ll get the best deal quickly for the new tool’s replacements.

Excellent performance

You want to paint the cabinets, doors, trimmed molding, and interior things. Instead of hiring someone to do it for you, save your budget right away with this multi-functional good. Take just a little time and do it yourself. And, things will turn out better.

Pain with the consistency doors and get the finest finish ever made. This inexpensive paint tool will ease your way up to color the house quickly and simply. Get the OK painted things with not much money invested in it.

Nothing is better than having professional-like cabinets. This nice little gun sprayer will produce your expected results with accuracy and timesaving ability. Moreover, the instruction will let you use the product with ease and fast delivery.

To consider more before making your purchase, it’s needed to know more about the pros and cons of the product. Here you are:


  • Ensure professional finishes for your paint jobs
  • The suction tube is effective to spray a massive amount of paint
  • Easy to clean and master
  • Suitable for oil/water-based top coats and stains
  • A good purchase for a reasonable price
  • Great technical support and customer service


  • The motor sometimes runs out fast
  • The needle sizes are only for small paint jobs but not larger jobs
  • Sometimes, it can make some noise that is annoying to the users

Advice for Users While Using this Product

The rockler hvlp spray gun set hvlp-1000 is quite good to run the oil-based paints. Once you have ever utilized this kind of material, you’ll never want to shift it to the water-based component ones. Whatever you use depends on your choice.

Here is what you may want to keep in mind:

Use oils instead of water-based components

It is for the best to avoid using oil for the gun. This action will disable you to do anything you want though it is quite easy to clean effectively. This machine is quite good to use with oils for home use instead of water-based products.

Beware of the noise

The very last advice for you is never to get angry with this gun sprayer. Some customers have seen it as an annoying and noisy vacuum cleaner. The pitch of the sound is quite loud when working which is up to 86 dB in enclosed rooms.

Users may not get on well with unexpected physical pain. Once you’ve heard the noise constantly, your ears may ring continuously. That’s somehow annoying and dangerous. However, it is such the best deal at this price. So all the noise can be silent with just a simple ear plug.

Provide usual care and clean-up

Professional topcoats or finishes of the stuff are waiting for you to grab them right away. You will, of course, do it with ease. Just take care of and manage the product well, and it will offer things meeting your requirements. That’s all.

The final words

Since everything is listed and mentioned in the article, you’ll surely acknowledge yourself with essential information about the product now. The Rockler hvlp spray gun set hvlp-1000 may not be your first choice. But, it is your final purchase in life.

The representative of trendy HVLP paint sprayers will highlight the market significantly. Now, you have all pieces of information about the company and the products. What customers think of the product is also carried out above.
Despite having any new outstanding features, with the powerful turbine, this no-nonsense gun sprayer will ensure the good quality with the best performance. Your things will be covered with beautiful coverage with both thick and thin spraying.

This product will be what you should put your sense of belief on. There is no need to find anything else for your perfect DIY paint projects. This gun sprayer is all that you need right now. Purchase it now!