It can’t be denied that Krylon and Rustoleum are both the giants in the protective paints and coatings industry, each of them has gained the consumers’ recognition, from amateurs to professionals, in different aspects.

We promise we will provide you insight on this matter and useful information for you to determine which ones are better!

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Rustoleum Vs Krylon – About Rustoleum And Its Best Features

Rust-Oleum has been dominating the market for a century. What makes it noticeable was the history of how it all began when Robert Fergusson – a caption, discovered the fish oil on a chance of his voyage in 1992. Back then, it covered the rusty metal desk and protect it from expanding deterioration.

He soon adopted this magical liquid to invent the world’s first rust-resistant paint and had notched up phenomenal success.

After many changes over the years, Rust-Oleum no longer applies fish oil and replaces it by synthesized resins in their products to create more effective coatings and stains – such achievements are incredible. In 2015 it became a $1 billion lifestyle brand and the No.1 RPM’s product portfolio thanks to its remarkable effort in inspiring consumers to decorate their homes. Rust-Oleum has made several acquisitions and rapidly emerged as a leader in the industry.

Rust-Oleum Corporation now belongs to RPM International Inc and possesses many factories around the U.S. – its hometown and Europe with some featured brands such as EpoxyShield, Krud Kutter, Stops Rust, Zinsser, NeverWet, and 2x Ultra Cover.

Various Products for Various Purposes

Various ProductsRust-Oleum has developed tons of different products to meet consumers’ demands and creativity.

As Lisa Bialecki, Rust-Oleum’s senior director said “our insight was that people aren’t looking to use Rust-Oleum products, people are looking to improve their living spaces,” the company creates plenty of types of paints and projects to demonstrate what can be achieved with Rust-Oleum products.


Rust-Oleum products can be coated on any surface made from any kind of materials from plastic seats to metal panels, from motorcycle tanks to wood cabinets making it so convenient and versatile. They are designed for decorative and protective uses, for homeowners and professionals, for males and females, for repainting a project and giving it a makeover all the benefits it provides just keep adding on and on.


DurabilityTheir spray paints are way more robust and durable than those from other brands. Take Protective Enamel Spray Paint as an example; it is the ultimate solution for outdoor protection. It provides users with greater scratches-resistance and weathering-resistance, thus prolonging the color of your paintwork and keeping it from rusting.

Rust-Oleum paints are especially suitable for automotive as they can withstand harsh conditions and protect your cars from corrosion and peeling off.

Varied Sizes, Colors, and Finishes

Rust-Oleum is so thorough that they deliver their paints in numerous sizes, from 12 oz. They also give consumers multiple colors and shades from their collections, which is one more major plus point. In terms of coating effects, you can choose whatever you like, ranging from gloss to satin, from semi-gloss to flat.

Take a Long Time to Dry

Take a Long Time to DryTherefore, pay attention to the type of coating that you are going to purchase, as you obviously can’t wait for such a long time to repaint a dining table or touch up your car while you are about to take a road trip shortly after painting it but it drying time still consider one of the fastest time compared to another brand.

Rustoleum Vs Krylon – About Krylon And Its Best Features

It is one of the largest suppliers of aerosol paints in the world. The founders of this company – Foster & Kester – first launched their brush-on clear protective acrylic coating products in 1947 from there they have been quite successful with their business.

Soon after that, the DuPont Corporation’s invention of spray cans that contain gas and solvent had helped Kester make a breakthrough in the industry by incorporating his paints into those spray cans, as we call aerosol today.

When DuPont introduced their next great achievement – Nylon to the public, Kester was so impressed that he decided to take the first letter of Nylon and added the first and last letters of his name to create the company name as we know today – Krylon.

Kyron has a lot of superior products as they are high-quality and have special characteristics that we can’t find from other brands.

Attractive Colors and Multiple Uses and Finishes

Attractive ColorsKrylon is famous for its innovation in colors and package designs. Their color collections are fantastic and offer you any shade that matches your furniture or gives your project a new inspiring coat. Their aerosol cans have unique nozzles that facilitate consumers in applying the paints quickly and evenly.

Krylon products are made for both indoor and outdoor paint jobs. You can either use their coatings to give your car a new look or decorate the flower vases in your living room, as everything is possible with Krylon.

As they offer a lot of product categories, their collection of the coating finishes is remarkable. There are about 30 kinds of them on their website for you to choose from, and some of them might even amaze you as they are way out of your imagination, such as Glitter Shimmer Spray that adds instant sparkle to your dress or crafts.

Dry Quickly

One standout feature of Krylon is its ability to harden quickly in a matter of minutes. This quality makes Krylon surpass its competitor Rust-Oleum when it comes to waiting for the coat to fully cure. Its acrylic-based spray paints dry off in a few minutes and leave your project a light yet durable film.

Smooth Spray

Smooth SprayKrylon spray cans are easy to apply, and you can have as many coatings as you want while the last finish is always smooth and even. One prominent feature of Krylon is that they have amazing primers that help you acquire a more adhesive base coat and the hardest clear coat ever.

For this reason, don’t forget to always pick a pair of compatible Krylon primer and Krylon spray paint to give your project the wettest and most smooth coating.

Sensitive to the Environment

You definitely have got to watch out for the humidity and temperature if you want to do a paint job with Krylon because it is highly sensitive to the environment. Thus, you must always be aware of the ambiance to get a decent result with excellent adhesion.

Final Verdict

Final VerdictWith our meticulous review, you might have a choice between Rustoleum vs Krylon now. In regard to curing time, Krylon is way superior as it dries so fast compared to Rust-Oleum. On the other hand, Rust-Oleum is ahead of Krylon in terms of durability.

Rust-Oleum offers tougher and more durable coatings than Krylon does, so if you are looking for a product for exterior projects that require highly protective features, Rust-Oleum should be your first choice.

Rust-Oleum and Krylon both have great products with different qualities and features.

Usages of A Paint Sprayer

Usages of A Paint SprayerIf you are doing high volume paint jobs, like a home, a large room, or your big yard, it is tempting to use a paint sprayer for many reasons.

Firstly, a paint sprayer leaves a much more professional finish than brushing the paint on. A sprayer can also get into the hard-to-reach areas and provides a fully covered coating.

Secondly, using a sprayer helps you save a great deal of time. Doing a massive paint job with a quality sprayer will take you in a matter of minutes with less effort, which is impressive and desirable. Therefore, a sprayer is highly recommended for exteriors and large spaces.

Last but not least, a sprayer is ideal for imperfect surfaces such as scratches, bumps, and bleaches, thus making it easy to give an even coating for your project.

How To Work with A Paint Sprayer Properly?

Paint Sprayer ProperlyA paint sprayer brings a lot of benefits, but it is only the case if you follow the instructions strictly and learn some tips and tricks to help you get the best result.

  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment
    Make sure you equip yourself with a standard respirator mask, gloves, and goggles before you start working on the painting projects. All these things will keep you safe from hazardous substances that come out from the sprayer.
  • Cover You Nearby Furniture and Surfaces
    You should always pay attention to all stuff around where you do the paint job, then cover them carefully with paper and nylon. This way, it takes less time to clean s mess after finishing the painting.
  • Check the Weather
    Before painting, check the temperature to make sure it is suitable for using a sprayer. The ideal temperature is between 45-75 degrees and painting in this temperature will improve the result significantly.
  • Mix Your Paint Well
    If you desire a smooth and even coating with the perfect color, you had better mix the paint well before pouring it to a sprayer. This can help prevent the paint from clogs and inconsistent shades, which are so annoying for any users.

Faqs About Rustoleum And Krylon

Faqs About Rustoleum And Krylon

I want to use Rust-Oleum HOME for many projects, but I don’t know if I need to apply a primer before painting?

No, you don’t need to use a primer for this product. While some other paints require a primer for better adhesion and tougher coating, Rust-Oleum HOME doesn’t need to go with any primers.

I want to paint some chalkboards and find it hard to choose between Rust-oleum Chalkboard Brush-on and Krylon Chalkboard Paint Brush-On.

Both products work well in converting surfaces into a usable chalkboard. Except for the difference in drying time between these two paints, which Krylon is more prevalent with only 24 hours of curing compared to 3 days with Rustoleum, it seems that Chalkboard brush-on of Rust-Oleum is the winner.

Besides, once cured, the board can be erased easily and is much more durable than Krylon, even when being cleaned with soap and water.


Spray paints have been more and more popular not only in arts and professional uses but also among DIYers and homeowners.

The Rustoleum Vs Krylon competition might never come to an end, but we know for sure that both brands offer high-quality products that can be used for versatile paint jobs. And their passions in inspiring people to renovate their living spaces is one thing in common that helps them become more popular than ever.