With the entry of Ryobi paint sprayer in the market, they have changed the foundation of the painting industry with their pride and joy which is the Ryobi sprayer. Although, it was an easy method, particularly for DIY people, yet its ease of application stands nowhere when it comes to achieving excellent results. That is why is really easy to attain a smooth paint layering.

Considering the need of time, some freaks began working out on some other tools for painting. Fortunately, we now have Ryobi airless paint sprayers on the market. These sprayers are not only handy but also let you achieve excellent results much faster.

Ryobi Airless Paint Sprayer

Ryobi is a trusted name when it comes to DIY paint and dyes. For the convenience of their customers, they have also launched airless paint sprayers. These sprayers provide a great deal of feasibility and seamlessness while painting. Not only do they save your time, but also save your money.

They have launched several well-qualified sprayer stations in their airless range. Here, we will talk about a beautiful sprayer station model – the RAP200b.

Ryobi Airless Paint Sprayer Station Model # Rap200b

Ryobi Airless Paint Sprayer Station Model # Rap200bEditor Rating:

The Ryobi paint sprayer rap200b is a wonderful product by Ryobi for its consumers. It is an airless paint sprayer, which means you will enjoy the best paint results with this sprayer, as there will be no air bubbles. In a short time, you can end up finishing the walls of your house with the best results. Now you no more need those spraying rollers or paint brushes for even paint coats.

The Ryobi Rap200b offers two different pressure control mechanisms. With the low-pressure setting, you can paint on delicate objects with thinner materials. With low pressure and high volume, you can coat any section that needs precision for paint. On the other hand, with the high-pressure setting, you can quickly paint your walls and outdoor settings. You can easily use thick latex material with this high pressure.

The Rap200b also features a great patented delivery system. Because of this incredible feature, it eliminates the need for paint dilution.

To ensure you use the sprayer with ease, the makers provide a detailed Ryobi paint sprayer manual for this model. You can find all the details of the sprayer station in it, including the parts, their assembly, their usage, etc.

The manual also features a separate section for Ryobi chemical sprayer troubleshooting. If at any time, you experience any problem while using Rap200b, such as the delivery system clogging or trouble with pressure adjustments, you refer to this manual to solve your problem. In case you do not find your issue addressed in the manual, try searching for its solution online. Alternatively, you can contact the vendors for help.

What else could you expect from Ryobi! They are also offering a 2-year manufacturer warranty. So, if you need any manufacturing help or repair within 2 years from purchase of this product, feel free to contact them. Let’s take a look at some of its prominent features.

  • Multiple pressure selection settings make it easy to paint various objects.
  • The ideal operating pressure of 800-2,800 psi makes it appropriate for household objects.
  • Spill-resistant lid
  • Comfortable and grip-friendly pistol-grip makes operating the sprayer much easier.

Ryobi Paint Sprayer Parts

Ryobi Paint Sprayer PartsUnboxing a Rap200b sprayer station will reveal the following main components to you. You can refer to the enclosed user manual to know how to assemble these parts.

  • High pressure 25 ft. grounded hose
  • Piston-pump of 2800 psi
  • Paint station tool with the container lid
  • Pistol-grip sprayer with tip-guard for the nozzle
  • 9-inch rollers with and handle
  • Reversible spray tip
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • Wheel and axle
  • Hitch Pin

Ryobi Handheld Sprayer

Though Ryobi does not produce exceptional quality paint sprayers, it indeed is good at making some incredible handheld sprayers.

Ryobi p651k

1. Ryobi p651k

Their 18 volts one+ protip handheld paint sprayer is a beautiful example of it. It is because of ease of use and durability that we still find many loyal customers of this product, despite its discontinuation.

When they first produced the Ryobi p651k pro tip sprayer, it was much appreciated due to its unique design. The tip offered 180 degrees rotation through which the user can get rid of any clogs in the sprayer gun. This feature makes cleaning much easier so that you don’t have to stop again and again to clear the nozzle.

Painting with the protip design is convenient with a little dilution. A 10% mixing of water suffices to keep painting continually without interruption or clogging. Besides, cleaning the sprayer is also comfortable and straightforward. You can use any small brush to clear up any clogs. This handheld sprayer lets you paint larger areas with lesser paint requirement as compared to paint rollers or brushes.

Ryobi p630

2. Ryobi p630

Another handheld sprayer product includes the Ryobi cordless paint sprayer p630. Because of its cordless design, the p630 paint sprayer offers an incredible paint experience to the DIY customers. With this sprayer, painting becomes easy, whether you want to paint your entire house, your outside walls, and settings, or the delicate internal sections. The versatility of this product makes it a fan-favorite.

It has a user-friendly design, and the absence of messy cords and wires makes it portable. It can be taken just anywhere and can work for hours with a rechargeable battery.

Its design eliminates the need for paint dilutions. Plus, it brings with it a drip-proof paint compartment that allows you to utilize every drop of paint. Thus it prevents wastage of resources.

Ryobi Paint Sprayer Problems

Despite their convenient and easy design, many of the customers are not satisfied with the performance of Ryobi paint sprayers. It seems as if Ryobi badly failed to surpass others in this niche. Today, many other brands are ruling the realm of paint sprayers, probably because of their quality, and undoubtedly because of the good customer reviews.

For instance, the Ryobi p651k pro tip sprayer has some problems you should take note to know how to deal with them with ease. At first, customers were disappointed at its limited battery time that did not last for long. Thus, it caused repeated interruptions in usage due to the need for frequent charging. Ideally, its battery would have been doubled to make it user-friendly. Besides, it had a leaky canister and noisy operation. The vent was also prone to blockage by paint spillage.

Likewise, the Ryobi p630 also severely failed. It had a weak battery time – around 15 minutes on an average. So, it compelled the users to buy separate batteries as backup. Though, Ryobi didn’t even provide any batteries or charger within the box. All it had besides the sprayer station was a mere instructions manual. It also had a cheap leaky canister of a small size. Thus, it required repeated filling with paint for larger projects. Customers also noticed a splattered spray with this sprayer instead of achieving an even coat.


Though Ryobi has not produced any exceptional paint sprayer, what we see from Ryobi paint sprayer amazon reviews and other customers’ opinions, the Rap200b is far better than other products. It allows painting large projects as it can hold large volumes of paint. Its spray pressure settings let you paint broader areas and thin spaces easily. Besides, it is durable and long-lasting. No need to be tensed for repeated battery charging. Although it has a huge setup and occupies more space, the user won’t mind its large assembly if it offers convenience.