Paint never lasts forever, so it’s better to safely remove the old makeup and get a new coating on it. This would give your building a completely fresh look. When the exterior wood trim hardens and drips and blobs from the paint the best solution is to either strip the paint or replace the trim. Trim has no historical value thus it’s not worth saving.

How to Safely Remove PaintStripping or removal are two extremely essential solutions. Try using a wet-sand big blob of paint using water-resistant sandpaper on a hand-sanding block along with a plastic spray bottle. It is recommended to keep misting the surfaces down as you work. Moreover, you should also use a garden hose to wash pigment off nearby siding. You would not be in favor of getting a stain in the sliding or getting a pigment-tinted runoff. To ensure you avoid both the scenarios, it is recommended to use a random-orbit sander and stearate-coated (paint-stripping) sandpaper. Before using it guarantee that you frequently empty out the sander’s dust bag. It is endorsed to hook the sander to a shop vacuum to keep airborne debris to a minimum.

Stripping is a practical solution for areas that are in terrible condition as it may save you some time over sanding. You should take care of the adjacent siding which you can protect by using painter’s tape. These painters’ tapes are readily available at paint stores and home centers. Avoid using a tan-colored masking tape because it is only suited for household applications that are not related to painting. Try using drop cloths on pavement or over shrubbery to guard them against falling. Since you have opted for a stripper, you will have to scrape softened paint off curved surfaces and out of corners. Thus it is suggested to get yourself a selection of flat and contoured scrapers.

There are a few aspects which are usually overlooked by an unprofessional painter, but they play a significant role in painting. These elements are being discussed as follows.

How to Safely Remove PaintIt is essential to ensure that a stripped surface should be neutralized and rinsed after the stripping is done. If the procedure is not followed then there the residual chemicals can discolor the paint and interfere with its bond. Usually, a neutralizer is recommended by the manufacturer itself. It can range from a mildly acidic solution so that you could quickly wipe with a clean cloth. The last but indeed the most critical step is to check with the town about how to dispose of the gunk that you strip off the trim. It is significant for you to dispose of the junk properly because the removed material may contain lead.
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Stripping-Safety Toolkit

Try using a Stripping-Safety Toolkit because paint stripping is a tough and a dirty work.



Try using safety glasses while scraping off paint because old paint is brittle, and chips can fly off a scraper into your eyes.



Get a pair of chemical-resistant gloves for handling scrapers and sandpaper.



Stripping paint might also release lead, in such cases; it is suggested to wear a cartridge respirator rated for organic vapors. While in other situation a dust mask or respirator should be more than enough.

How to Remove Paint from Metal

Go with the ChemicalsStripping paint from Metal is a hectic task and people don’t aware about the easiest ways to remove it. There are several materials available in the market which can make removing Paint from the Metal surfaces easy. Following tips can help you out removing that extra paint from the Metal surfaces.

1. Make Use of Baking Soda.

This is by far the easiest and standard way to remove Paint from Metal. To remove paint from metal hardware, first, you need to mix Baking Soda with water. Now, put the metal hardware into the water mixed with baking soda and let it boil. Let the process run for 30 minutes. When you pull the metal, you would be able to remove paint and other particles from the Metal hardware with your bare hands. This method is cost-effective and doesn’t require any extra materials.

2. Go with the Chemicals

There are many types of Chemicals available which act as Paint Removers of different kinds of materials and surfaces. You can search for the suitable Chemicals from the market which helps you to remove paint from the Metal hardware. You need to put some drop of Chemicals on the affected area, let it soak for a few minutes, and you will be able to wipe out the extra paint from the Metal surface.

3. Let Heat Work for You.

Did you know you can remove paint from Metal with the heat? Yes, this is the most effective way of removing paint of different types from the Metal surfaces. You can make use of the Crockpot to generate heat to remove paint from the Metals. Put the Metal hardware into the Crock Pot full of Soapy water. Once your turn on the Crock Pot, heat will generate, and the Paint will soften itself. Soon, you will be able to rub out Paint from the Metal material easily.

Let heat workThese are the most effective ways to remove paint from Metal Surfaces. All of the above-listed methods are used by many industries on a large scale to remove paint from Metal materials. You can use baking soda method for small Metal materials.

How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture

Removing paint from Wood Furniture was a scary process in the old times. In today’s era, we have plenty of tools and things which are easily available in the market to remove Paint from Wood Furniture without ruining the original finish. There are many ways with which you can remove paint from the Furniture and here we have listed down some of them with the required materials.

Things you will require

  • Debit/ Credit Card or Plastic Knife
  • Olive Oil
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Latex Paint Remover
  • Thinner
  • Cotton
  • Cloth

Method 1 Use of Debit/ Credit Card

Use of Debit/ Credit CardSometimes, you need to use a Debit or Credit card or a Plastic Knife to remove the Paint from the Wood Furniture. If the Paint is still wet, you can quickly swipe on to the paint and can eliminate the extra paint from the Furniture without affecting the original Polish.

Method 2 Make Use of Olive Oil

Make use of Olive OilIf there is a dried paint on your Wood Funiture, you need to soften it by sprinkling a few drops of Olive Oil. Let the oil soak the Paint thoroughly. You can use Cloth to cover the paint and Olive oil. Let it be there for a few minutes. If the process goes well, you can quickly rub the Paint from the furniture.

Method 3 Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish RemoverNail Polish Remover comes as a lifesaver for you as it can quickly remove the Paint from Wood Furniture. Just put a few drops of the Nail Polish Remover on the affected area and let it soak properly. Soon, the Pain will come out, and you can wipe it off with the cloth.

Method 4 Latex Paint Remover

Latex Paint RemoverWhen Nail Polish Remover doesn’t work, you should go with the Latex Paint Remover. It will soften the extra paint and can help you remove Paint easily from the Furniture.

Method 5 Thinner

ThinnerIf the Furniture has alkyd, acrylic or polyurethane finish, you can make use of a Paint Thinner to remove it. It softens the paint quickly, and you can wipe out the Paint from the Wood Furniture without destroying its original quality.

Paint Removal Tools

Paint Removal ToolsWhen it comes to removing paint from different surfaces, you can make use of plenty of tools which are available in the market. Stripping off old paint from various surfaces is one of the most challenging tasks; however, with the help of Paint Removal Tools, you can quickly remove old paint.

1. Scraper

The scraper is the most efficient tool to remove paint manually from the Walls and other surfaces. The scraper is probably the oldest and most reliable tool which helps you to remove Paint easily. It doesn’t require any other tools to work. However, you can use some chemicals to soften the dried paint so you can quickly remove it from the Wall and other surfaces. Since you are manually removing paint, you can have better control over surfaces. Scraper takes too much of time and efforts which you may not like.

2. The Paint Shaver

Paint Shaver is one of the most efficient tools in the market which is there to shave off the Paint. Professionals use this tool as it is too expensive for small works. Vacuum is applied to suck up the Paint particles, and the tool effectively removes Paint.

3. Heat Gun

Heat Gun comes with the same shape as the original gun which makes it easy to use and handle. You can activate the Gun by pressing the button with the help of your trigger finger. You can use an additional tool to wipe out paint from the surface. The Heat Gun heats up the Paint particles which soften the pain from the surface, with the use of an additional tool, you can remove Paint from the surfaces effortlessly.

The market is full of different types of Heat Guns. You can get the most suitable one which can suit your needs. You can ask for more information from the buyers or suppliers.

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4. Wire Brush

Wire Brush is also one of the best tools available in the market to remove dried paint from the wall and other surfaces. Wire Brush comes with tines made of tough wires. You can run this tool on the targeted area which will soften the surface. You can remove and clean up the Paint with Scraper tool.


It’s better to ensure that you follow the right steps while scraping off the paint from the walls. It is so because this task requires an individual effort to ensure that your walls give off a perfect look when repainted after scrapping.