Being a nice paint, Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors, can blow a breath of fresh air to your kitchen space and turn it into a perfect place to experience. Moreover, you can change the appearance of the kitchen at any time. Surely these paints will make you feel like you are in seventh heaven every day.

It sounds interesting, right? Join us to learn about cabinet paint color and how to paint your kitchen right now!

Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Sherwin Williams Cabinet Paint Colors

Tips To Choose The Right PaintIt is really important to choose the right paint. In order to help you with this, we will show you some useful tips that you can apply for your lovely kitchen.

  1. The color that you want to paint the cabinets must be able to combine with other furniture colors in your kitchen.
  2. We recommend you consider paints with the ability to protect your cabinet from rust and oxidation.
  3. The capacity of the anti-mold and moisture resistance os paint is also vital.
  4. Never forget to read the painting guide on the can carefully.
  5. If your cabinets are from laminate, their quality has to be good in order to make a bonding primer.
  6. Always choose a paint with high-quality to have the smoothest finish, for example, Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors. The best is possibly anti-mold and moisture resistant.
  7. This type of paint will make a durable cover for your cabinets. because you can get rid of the risks of mold and other damaging factors.

Once you select the right paint, you can save plenty of effort. Even, your painting task also becomes simpler and easier. From this moment, we will start digging into the main details. I hope those tips can be helpful for you!

Easy Steps To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you start changing the appearance of your kitchen with Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors, we want you to have the best preparation.

First and foremost, you prepare the essential things such as the paint, brush, towel, and sandpapers. After completing the preparation, you might start to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Clean Up the Cabinets

Clean Up the CabinetsYou have to get rid of all pieces of stuff in the cabinets because you only start paint when your cabinet completely empty. After finishing the painting, you can put them back to their old position.

Step 2: Wash the Cabinets

Wash the CabinetsThis process helps you to remove all dirt and stains that stick to the cabinets. For washing your cabinets, a towel and a water spray are ideal to utilize.

In some cases, you can even use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust or sandpapers to remove the tough old painting layers.

Step 3: Disassemble the Doors and Hardware from Your Kitchen Cupboard

Remove the Doors and HardwareBy using repair tools such as a screwdriver, chisel, and wrench, you can conveniently remove the doors. When you are done with painting, you can install it back in the very first place.

Step 4: Test Painting on a Surface of the Cabinets

Test Painting on a Surface of the CabinetsWe highly recommend test painting first on a small surface of the cabinets this will help you visualize what you want to paint before hand.

Step 5: Paint the Primer and Wait for Dry

Paint the Primer and Let It DryIf you paint the whole cabinets for the first time, you will not have to use too much paint on this process because you just have to create a primer.

Step 6: Apply Another Painting Layer on the Cabinets

Paint the Kitchen Cupboard AgainIf the first layer is to make a primer, the second painting time will bring a nice look for your furniture. Start from the frame of your cabinets and then paint others in turn. Don’t forget to spread the color to all sides of the cupboard.

One more time, apply the same technique above to paint the kitchen cabinets, which help them to be smooth and colorful. Complete!

In this step, you do not have to worry about making the floor dirty.

Step 7: Finish the Painting Job

Paint the Cabinets for One More TimeCongratulation to you completing your painting task! Feel secure! The painting layers will become dry after a couple of days. Like that, everything has finished. And you will not have to do anything.

After all, you only need to pay attention not to touch or let anything contact the painting surfaces. It’s okay!


Painting is really easy and fun, isn’t it? It is great that you have a beautiful kitchen. And it is even greater when you have some brilliant Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors as well as a range of helpful tips to aid you.

From now on, every time you need to decorate your cabinet, you can do it without breaking your neck.

Do it your way! Good successful!