What Is Size Tip for Latex Paint

Paints are the materials you can use to put life into dull things and make them appear brighter. There are different types of paints such as latex paints, oil-based paints and water based paints. Mostly people use latex paints for home projects as they are thick and allow smoother application. Whether it’s a peeling wall or old furniture, latex paint is the best option to make worn out things look good as new. But, to apply latex paints smoothly, you need to pick a right tip size for your spray gun. Tip size matters a lot to discharge paint appropriately without causing overspray or spitting.

Do you totally know about Latex Paint?

If we look at the history of latex paint, it was first introduce in 1940 in Canada. The resin from rubber tree was used as a binder to make it. This natural binder is called latex and the paint was named after it. Although manufacturers don’t use that natural binder anymore and opt for man-made resins, the name is still the same.

The composition of latex paints involves different materials such as binder, pigments and water. Binder’s function is to incorporate the pigment and water strongly. The high-quality latex paints are also widely known as acrylic paints. They are super expensive paints that provide top-notch finish.

Latex paint is quite impressive in many ways. It’s flexible that as the temperature changes and surface expands or contracts, it adjusts accordingly. Latex paint is porous hence perfect for rooms with higher humidity as it allows quick moisture escape. In early days, the latex paints were not as high-quality as they are now. The application of today’s latex paint is superbly durable and breathable. With great adhesion, latex paints stick to surface nicely and support easy cleaning.

Advantages of Latex Paint

Among many types of paints comes the latex paint. It is pretty flawless, preferred by do-it-yourselfers as well as professionals. Although it is expensive, people always prefer latex paints for home jobs to enjoy bets results. It has many advantages from which a few are mentioned here:

  • Oil based paints crack soon after the fresh application whereas latex paints are pretty durable and doesn’t result in peeling or cracking anytime sooner.
  • Latex paints create a breathable layer on a surface allowing moisture to escape easily without ruining the paint.
  • Latex paints contain minim VOCs that are actually pretty harmful for the environment. This is the reason latex paints don’t have a strong irritating odor.
  • Another reason people prefer latex paints is that they are quite easy to clean. You can simply use wet piece of cloth to wash the surface.
  • Latex paints are secure as well and can be applied on the kitchen walls. They don’t catch fire and totally inflammable.

Disadvantages of Latex Paint

There is no doubt that latex paints are totally preferable in many ways but where this type of paints is advantageous, there are also some disadvantages of it. Here are a few most common problems you face when using latex paints:

  • You cannot use latex paints unless you apply primer and create a fine layer of it to increase the adhesion.
  • Latex paints do not adhere to a surface that has some sort of dirt or any powder material like chalk.
  • Latex paints are also sensitive in the terms of temperature change. You will feel the difference in the look and touch as well.
  • The maintenance of latex paints is also time-consuming and difficult in comparison to oil based paints.
  • Another thing about latex paints is that it shrinks after it gets dry so you have to wait for it to dry to decide if the look is fine or not.

Determine Size Tip for Latex Paint

When using latex paints, you have to be very careful about the tip size. But the question is that how one can determine which tip size is perfect for fine application. There are different methods to do that. You can consult a spray gun tips sizes chart and follow the paint sprayers’ tips guide by experts. It will help you decide which tip size is perfect for fine latex paint application.

Material Viscosity

Material ViscosityOne way to decide which tip size is fine for latex paints is to check the material viscosity. The thickness and thinness of a material count much in the application. Tips with largest orifices allow better application of material with high viscosity such as adhesives and thick emulsions. While on the other hand, if you will use a small orifice for thick materials, it will cause spitting and uneven application. Latex paints are also thick materials hence go for tips with wide orifices. One thing to keep in mind is that with time, tips wear out and material ejection changes.

Spray Pattern

Spray PatternWhen choosing tips for latex paints, another thing to consider is spray pattern. Tips with small fans are ideal for refined application as they offer more control and reduce overspray impressively. While on the other hand, the tips with wide fans are perfect for bigger tasks as they allow quick coverage for larger surfaces.
One thing to consider while deciding the fan width is the amount of material that will lose due to overspray. Tips with larger fans have more overspray than tips with smaller fans. So when you are choosing a tip for latex paints and bigger project, wider fan tips would be quite advantageous in many ways. One thing more, when painting walls, the overspray is less but that’s not the case with painting furniture or small objects.

Choosing Tip Size Based on Material

When we say the size of tip, we are pointing towards two important factors: the size of orifice and the size of fan. For latex paints, you have to consider both for a fine and smooth application. For instance, LTX515 is one of the most common tip sizes used for latex paints. In the size of a tip, the fourth number is used to estimate the size of the fan. When you multiple this number with 2, you get an approximate size of the fan when tip is about 12″ from the surface.

Determine Size Tip for Latex PaintThe last two digits in the example represent the size of the orifice. Like here the orifice size would be .015. Orifice size tells how many gallons of the material will pass through the tip. People who attempt bigger projects prefer bigger orifice size for fast application and quick finish.
So, to get a fine tip size for latex paints, you have to decide if your project is small or big. You have to decide the amount of material that must pass through the orifice per minute so you may conclude if that size is suitable for your project or not.

Thin and low viscosity materials can be applied pretty smoothly with the use of tips with smaller orifices. For instance, materials like stains and lacquers have low viscosity than heavier materials like latex paints. Consider the viscosity level, you can go one size up or down in tip size. The thing is thathigh viscosity materials cannot release from the smaller orifices and result in spitting. And when you use low viscosity material for larger orifices, you face extreme overspray and material loss. If you are using high gloss latex paints, you would want to go down on orifice size for a better application free of spiting.

In short, material counts a lot when choosing the tip size. For latex paints, you have to consider the tip size including fan size and orifice size. Just remember one thing that tip size depends on the material to be used.

A Little about Spray Tip Wear

Many people think that tips don’t wear out and to change them is the least necessary thing. Well, it’s a totally mistaken concept. Spray tips do wear out and ruin the paint application if not fixed or changed. There are a lot of factors that affect the tip size functioning quality. Worn out tips often result in material loss as well as unrefined application. The cleaning of tip plays an important role in the long term use it. With the pro use of nylon, wire, brush and solution, you can clean the tip and use it for long term.

But even the best of goods also wear out at some point and you cannot avoid it at any cost. When a tip wears out, the working of fan also change. It gets loose and performs pretty ineffectively. The application changes from longer direction to rounds that cause uneven coats and flawed finish.
With a right tip, you don’t have to buy more paint. When there will be no overspray, there will be no material loss. You can buy an inexpensive tip in a right size to save expensive latex paints. When tip wears out, it allows more spray to discharge resulting in high material use.

Top 5 Best Spray Tip For Latex Paint

Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Multiple Degrees

1. Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Multiple Degrees, 1/4 INCH (2.5 GMP)

The Twinkle star pressure washer spray nozzle tips are one of the best choices in spray tips. Prepared with the fine use of high quality stainless steel and brass, these tips have an impressive design that allows faster and better paint application. The design includes 2.5 GPM and up to 4000 psi. Although it’s a fine piece for latex paint application, you can also use it for watering plants and washing cars due to its top-class pressure. Considering your needs, you can choose the most suitable tip size from this pack of 5 incredible tips. This spray paint nozzle tips work pretty fine and faster allowing users to finish bigger tasks before expected time. The price is cheaper but the quality is not bad at all. In short, it’s totally worth buying and offers great efficiency for small and bigger projects due to different size ranges.
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DUSICHIN DUS-025 Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Multiple Degrees

2. DUSICHIN DUS-025 Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Multiple Degrees, 1/4 INCH 2.5 GPM

Here comes another useful pack of five tips that you should consider for latex paints. It’s a versatile package that allows users to enjoy multiple tip sizes for different projects. They come in different colors and high quality plastic material. These plastic nozzle tips are ideal for variety of projects including small indoor tasks as well as bigger outdoor tasks. They are very easy to change and don’t wear out sooner. These nozzles are ideal for tools with higher psi as washer having low psi won’t be able to release much material. The price is also reasonable and easily affordable. With the powerful working of these nozzles, you can enjoy precise and smart application effortlessly. From fan sizes to orifices, you will enjoy different ranges to attempt on multiple tasks. The nozzles also have a standard fitting size so you don’t have to worry about if they will fit your system or not.
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SIMPSON Cleaning 80157 Universal Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles

3. SIMPSON Cleaning 80157 Universal Pressure Washer Spray Nozzles, 3600 PSI, Set of 5

The third on the list are Simpson spray nozzles. They have universal size to fit most of the washers easily with no amendments required. The spray wands connect quickly without causing any damage or requiring any efforts. The high pressure stainless steel is used that makes these nozzle quite pretty effective in many ways. The quality of the tips is completely impressive and worth buying. Considering the quality and functioning of these tips, you want find them expensive at all. The price is pretty reasonable and thing is totally high-quality. Replacement of these tips is also easy and quick. They are perfect for latex application but you can use them for different viscosity materials as well. Ideal for tough jobs, this package contains four high pressure nozzles and one low pressure nozzle with impressive spray patterns. The tips are also durable and work pretty fine.
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DUSICHIN DUS-036 Airless Paint Spray Gun

4. DUSICHIN DUS-036 Airless Paint Spray Gun, High Pressure 3600 PSI 517 TIP Swivel Joint

It’s a reversible tip with inlet fitting of ¼ inch thread and Swivel joint. It’s basically a forged gun with a mesh gun filter inside. The maximum pressure of 3600 psi makes this model a perfect tool for latex paint application, allowing users to enjoy quick and smoother results. Unlike low quality guns, it has a very soft pull and maximum pressure. With four finger trigger, you won’t feel any finger cramps or pain. The best part about this spray gun is that it comes with an ideal tip that you may use for different sorts of materials by simply adjusting the tip. It fits well to almost all airless spray guns so you don’t have to worry about fitting issue as well. If you look at its price, that’s nothing considering its application and making quality. It’s totally worth buying.
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 Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips

5. Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips, 5-Pack

The last but not the least, this pack of five nozzles is also perfect for multiple paint jobs. The nozzles have different spray angles that allow users to reach corners and difficult spots. Made up of stainless steel, the nozzles have different sizes so you may go with the one that suits your project the most. These high pressure nozzles will eliminate the need of ladder as you can reach the spots easily from ground level and clean or wash whatever you desire. Aside from latex painting, you can also use these nozzles for washing and spraying water. The price is also quite reasonable and you won’t something as good as this one at a better price range. The nozzle tips are in different colors and available in standard size so fitting won’t be an issue as well.
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These nozzle tips are quite useful for latex paint application but still if you don’t find them much suitable for your sprayer or project, here are some other good options you may consider to enjoy a perfect finish.

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Latex paint is one of the top choices in different types of paints. This type has great benefits but a little disadvantage as well. For fine application of latex paint, you have to choose the perfect tip including the fan size and orifice size. To select a fine size, you have to check different factors such as material viscosity and patterns. Different tips are ideal for different sorts of projects so consider it above everything else. As latex paints are thick, you will need bigger orifices and efficient fans to enjoy best results.