How to Make a Spray Bottle for Painting: Nothing is Hard to Learn!

Your kids feel bored, and you want them to be more active at home? Well, painting by a spray bottle will be an indoor activity which is neither inexpensive nor messy to let your children relax in their free time. Right now, we will learn not only the way to utilize the spray bottle but also related information.

There is a wide range of trigger spray bottles with a lot of different shapes for distinct purposes on the market. They range from a simple water spray to the plastic container with spray for painting or those with the hose attachment. You can also use the spray bottle to contain the perfume or medicine such as nasal spray and perfume atomizer. Let’s see!

What is a Spray Bottle?

Make a Spray Bottle for Painting

A spray bottle is simply a bottle which people use to mist fluids, squirt, or spray. The following are the elements of its full body. The head of a bottle with a spraying function is typically made of several parts. For trigger spray bottles, it comprises one trigger lever to activate a pump.

Its pump is firmly attached to one plastic tube which draws the fluid directly from the reservoir bottom. The primary purpose of a pump is to force the liquid to go down in one small barrel as well as out a hole located at the muzzle of the gun. The nozzle or hole serves well to focus on the forming process of one concentrated stream of such liquid.

All spray bottles have the complex element named fluid pump. And its major moving part can be the piston with the cylinder inside. To operate a pump, let’s pull a trigger back and push a piston into a cylinder. Then, that moving piston will compress the spring. That said, the piston can be pushed back and out of a cylinder at the time you release such trigger.

Next, these piston strokes can move into and out the cylinder, constituting a whole pump cycle. This product can be suitable for many painting projects.

Benefits of Using a Spray Bottle

Don’t stop there! Read on to know the spray bottles are useful for:

Benefits of Using a Spray Bottle

Do Cleaning

If you are an eco-friendly type of person, you cannot miss the chance to fill old spray bottles, especially those made of plastic with your homemade solutions for cleaning inside the house.

Furthermore, you can use sprayer bottles to clean the headlights, windows, and mirrors of your car whenever needed.
In winter, a mixture of antifreeze and water in a trigger spray bottles can help you in melting the ice stick on your mirrors or windshield.

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Help with Your Laundry Task

You can always count on a spray bottle around the laundry task. Use a clean, recycled empty bottle to spray a small amount of water directly on clothes when ironing.

Otherwise, you may fill this type of bottle with the solution which can remove stain. So, you can apply such resolution to the garments and do not have to make drips blurred.

Spray Painting Tools

Have you ever thought of using one painting tool made from an empty spray bottle? If not, we can suggest you the way to turn your trigger spray bottles into an exciting tool, which keeps your children happy and clean all day. Remember to clean your bottle carefully by regular vinegar and water.

Additionally, fill the sprayer bottle with a half amount of tempera paint or liquid watercolor. Then, you add a half of the water amount. Now, you have a mixture ready for your children to play with.

To create one design, you can use the washi tape. Guide your kids to stay away from the paper about 6” and begin to spray. We are sure your children will be extremely keen on this creative activity.

Two Ways to Make Your DIY Spray Bottles

Nowadays, people tend to make some simple painting tools by themselves. And spray bottle is no exception. By what means can you make it? How can you use it for your household projects properly? Don’t have to ask the same questions. The whole instruction is here:


Before we start to make a sprayer bottle, you need to prepare some following materials: A plastic bottle and a glass jar you do not use anymore, a scissors, a hot glue, a driller, a marker, a spray nozzle, an X-Acto knife.

And if you are ready, let’s start together! We will introduce to you two basic methods that people often do, and we think these are the most simple for you to follow.

Making a spray bottle by recycling a plastic bottle

Step 1: Choose a suitable container

First, you need a bottle with small mouth. For a suggestion, you can find them in the kitchen. Some suitable bottles which can be chosen are those of vinegar, juices or water. They are usually packaged in the glass bottles whose grooves and mouth are the same size as a spray bottle. Well, in this case, vinegar or red wine bottle will be the best choice.

Step 2: Choose a spray nozzle

The second step is to choose a plastic nozzle which can be screwed fit onto your bottle lid. This work is not difficult! You can find some empty plastic bottles in your house, for example, hair care or shampoo products, you can sort them out and test. Then, you can see which will match your handmade glass bottle. Alternatively, you can go to several stores around and see whether they have cheap spray nozzles. There are many kinds of sprayer nozzle depending on your purposes.

  • If you need them to contain some chemical substances, you should buy resistance nozzle. It will provide the high output and the ability to spray with extra-large range, which will enhance your work productivity.
  • If you make the spray bottle to paint the picture, you can choose several painting spraying nozzles. However, as the paint is hard to wash, you need to buy a lot of nozzles for each color. The cost is not important if your children are more creative and cheerful with their new toys, right?

Primarily, you should buy a nozzle which can be adjusted, from mist to thick stream. Therefore, you can freely adjust it according to your intention.

  • If your DIY trigger spray bottle is made for cleaning, you may turn to the other kinds.

Step 3: Rub out the label

You can make use of the olive oil to take off the brand label on the bottle. In particular, you coat an olive layer, and pour water into it until it is full. Make sure the bottle not float on the water. Put it into soapy water for 30 minutes. Afterward, you take out this bottle and peel the label off gently.

Step 4: Wash the outside and inside of the bottle

Fill half of the container with soapy water. You had better use a specialized tool for cleaning the bottle such as a small brush having synthetic bristles. And try to remove all residue inside the bottle. Clean oil outside the container by using a sponge. In case oil cannot be removed, you can combine soapy with warm/hot water. If the mixed water is still ineffective, blend water with white vinegar in equal proportion. Then, you dap the towel in the mixture and wipe the oil away.

Step 5: Screw a spray nozzle on the mouth of the bottle

Each spray nozzle has the hose which allows users to suck the water inside up. If the tube is too long and does not fit your handmade bottle, you can trim it by scissors. At the end of each hose, there are sometimes small particle-strainers, which you can pop  off then attach  to the end you have cut if needed.

Making a spray bottle by recycling the glass jar

Next, we will learn the way to utilize an empty glass jar to make a sprayer bottle.

Step 1: Cut the spray bottle top

Use the X-Acto knife to cut the spray nozzle on the bottle top. The next stage, you cut a circle plastic around 0.79 inches (2 cm) off from the bottle mouth to take it out. You do not need to cut a perfect circle; however, you should make the same width on all the surrounding lines.

Step 2: Choose a suitable glass jar

Firstly, you select a pot with the desired size to repurpose. The jar size is not important much, so you can choose any jars. However, the best one will be a pot  of about 5,9 inches (15 cm) high. If the jar is bigger, it will be difficult to use, or move the spray bottle.

Step 3: Trace your bottle mouth outline in the center of the lid of the jar

On the jar lid, put the bottle mouth from top to bottom, which means that the part you cut has to face upward. Use a permanent marker to mark a small circle. It will show you which place you have to slice on the jar lid. Note that the hole created in the lid needs to be large enough to match with the bottle mouth.

Make a Spray bottle glass

Step 4: Use a driller to create a round cut-out in the jar lid

This step is a little bit difficult, so you should follow the instructions closely. Use at least two lamps to clamp the top tightly in the two sides. So now, it is hung off onto your working surface. By this method, the driller can cut through the lid quickly, touch the other surface and avoid clipping on your fingers. Next, you lower the driller tip and cut the outline you marked until the circular cut-out is removed from the lid.

When drilling, some metal pieces will fly off, you had better wear the goggles. As drilling is hard work, there is no need to cut it smoothly. But, you should curl several sharp pieces through the needle-nose pliers.

Step 5: Stick the spray nozzle

You are going closer to success if you do this step. Firstly, you push the mouth of the bottle through the lid hole’s underside so that your mouth top bottle protrudes out of the lid. After that, you check carefully to ensure that when you attach the sprayer nozzle, no problems will occur. In case the bottle mouth cannot be pushed through the jar lid, you can drill one more time to expand the round cut-out.

Step 6: Secure the lid to the plastic bottle mouth

If the mouth does not fit the cover, paint a thin glue layer on which the mouth and the cap connect. This glue will keep the plastic bottle mouth fixed.

Step 7: Screw the lid into the jar

Before doing the last step, you test if the hose is long enough compared to the height of the bottle. If it is too long, use the scissors to cut it. Now, finally, just attach the sprayer nozzle lid to the glass jar. And you have handmade trigger spray bottles now!

How to Paint with a Spray Bottle?

How to Paint with a Spray Bottle

For those who are concerning about painting by a sprayer bottle, let’s pay your attention to our following part. You need to buy some materials, comprising of acrylic paints, paper towels, water and empty bottles. To get started, you will need your favorite acrylic paint color. Pour an adequate amount of color into the bottle. After pouring the paint, take a tissue and wipe the rim off the outside clean.

After having added the selected paint, pour water into it, but don’t pour too much. If the mixture is too liquid, the spray paint will flow out like colored water. Then, you put the lid on and shake well until all mixed. You’re done! Then, you can create as many colors as you want and try it!

Now, we will move to the other part which will show you how to make some colorful pictures with a spray bottle. Your children will certainly enjoy doing it much!

  • Paste a long piece of paper into a wall, the fence or leave it on an easel to make some shapes your kids want
  • Make sure your kids wear aprons because this activity can be a bit messy and dirty.
  • Fill the spray bottle with different paint colors.
  • Then, kids can spray different paint colors on papers, walls or fences.
  • Encourage children to overlap the colors to create some beautiful and lively pictures.
  • When this work is completed, let the paint dry and display them in your home, your kids’ bedrooms or classrooms.

It is such an effective and creative way to teach your children how to create artworks as well as boost their imagination. Furthermore, it also brings a great time for you to play together with your kids. With these above benefits, why don’t you still hesitate?

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Final saying

Obviously, there are only a few steps in creating your own spray bottle. It require no complicated skills at all. Nevertheless, to work more effectively, we advise you to fully concentrate when doing and pocket the tips. Also, you should not ignore any detail in this article. Good luck!