I bet that spray paint color is not unfamiliar to us as it is really convenient when you need to decorate your home, or change and refresh some furniture.

Spray paint is especially popular among the youth as they often enjoy using them to create aesthetic and creative artworks on the wall or eye-catching and unique items.

So, do you know how to use spray paint? Do you know how many main colors are there? And do you know how they can be combined to create a beautiful and trendy color-mixing? If you don’t, check out my Spray Paint Colors article now!

Spray Paint Colors and Their Meanings

There are nine basic colors in spray paint, which are blue, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, black and white. Each of them has a wide range of shade and will bring you different feelings.


BlueWhen we look at the blue color, the first things pop up in our minds must be the image of the sky and sea. It often goes with a deep, stable, and peaceful feeling. Blue is also the color of loyalty, trust, confidence as well as wisdom.

Sometimes, it means purity. That’s why many mineral water brands use blue on their products. Moreover, it can be the color of the masculine. This explains the reason why blue is the favorite color of many men.


GreenThis is the color of nature. It symbolizes development, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green also brings safe feelings. This is why the green traffic light signals “You can go now”.

There are some popular shades often used in green color. For example, dark green, yellow-green, blue-green, or olive green.

While blue-green means protection and freshness, olive green is peace.


OrangeOrange is a combination of red and yellow. That’s why it’s associated with power and happiness. It symbolizes effort, attraction, determination, happiness, and creativity.

Orange is a hot shade, so when you look at orange things, you will feel warm, but not too hot and strong like red.

According to some researches, orange is able to increase the oxygen to the brain, thereby making it work better and more creative.

Yellow-orange is a bright shade of orange, it brings a feeling of luxury and prosperity, but the dark orange shade means deceit and untrust. So, be careful when you intend to choose this color.


If we mix red and blue, we will have purple. Purple is a symbol of strength, nobility, elegance, and desire.At another tangent, purple is the color of mystery, magic, and creativity. Many surveys have shown that 75% of teenagers choose purple instead of other colors.

A point worth noting is that purple is rarely found in nature, so it is considered as artificial color.


RedThere are many different dark red shades like wine or garnet. These ones make you feel rich, powerful, elegant, and brave, while the bright red shade such as Pale Pink is comforting and empathetic.

Perhaps you don’t know this, but brown is one kind of red, too. It’s the color of soil, so it shows the certainty and solidity.


YellowYellow is the color of warm sunshine, wisdom, and power. Yellow brings a warm feeling, increases the enjoyment and ability to develop the mind. Pale yellow also has a significant appeal.

However, overusing yellow can give you discomfort and anger. Some studies have shown that babies tend to cry more than usual when they are in yellow rooms.


WhiteWhite is associated with chastity, purity, holiness, and virginity. It is not only considered the color of perfection but also has a simple and safe meaning. The reasons above partly explain why the hospital, angels or dairy, and weight loss products (low-fat, low-cholesterol …) use white.


BlackBlack is another color of power, elegance, and luxury. Normally, if black goes with white, it is likely to bring a sad feeling. However, in modern artworks, if you know how to combine these two colors logically, your art will look really aesthetic!

How To Use?

How To UseNow, we’re going to note with you some use useful tips when using spray paint so that you can create perfect artworks:

  • Shake the bottle well before using
  • Move the bottle from left to right gently when spraying. This enables you to paint evenly and cover the whole object’s surface.
  • With furniture, you should clean the item and let it dry before using spray paint, so the paint can stick and be durable.
  • You should spray two coats of paint on the surface of things, and wait for 15 to 20 minutes for each layer.
  • When using spray paint, you should choose a well-ventilated place, preferably outdoors.
  • Do not paint before the fan or avoid painting when it is windy as this can cause the paint to move and leave on other items.

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Spray paint is one of the easiest kinds of paint for unprofessional users. It’s simple to cover the whole object’s surface without putting too much effort like other paints.

Moreover, each paint brand now has a variety of spray paint colors for you to choose from.

So, you can combine the color depending on your purpose, the feeling that you want to bring to your furniture or artworks, or the meaning of each color.

Last but not least, thanks for reading our article. We hope that after this, you can create dozens of cute and aesthetic products as well as refresh the old things that you are about to leave. Goodbye and have fun!