If you want to put a new finish on your firearm, you may use this fast, low-cost, yet effective method to produce high-quality coatings featuring these best spray paint for AR15 rifles.

Now, many different formulations have been recently released with excellent moisture and heat resistance while adhering significantly to materials you shall find on a firearm. Therefore, spray paint can be an alternative to other coating methods, which offers a fast, cheap, and easy way to make the gun look great.

Fortunately, we’ve made a list of the best spray paints for AR15 rifles, so that you can find the one that fits both your purse and purpose.

Best Spray Paint For Ar15

SaleBestseller No. 1
Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool Aerosol Spray (2-Pack)
Can-Gun1 2012 Premium Can Tool Aerosol Spray (2-Pack)
World's first full grip e-z pull trigger; 2X Leverage advantage; Arthritis-friendly design
SaleBestseller No. 2
Rust-Oleum 334022 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint, 12 oz, Matte Clear
Rust-Oleum 334022 Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint, 12 oz, Matte Clear
Oil-based formula is low odor, resist chips and provides long-lasting protection; Dries to touch in 20 minutes and covers up to 12 sq. ft. per can
Bestseller No. 3
Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle (Pack of 2), Instantly Converts Spray Cans into Spray Guns - Full Hand Grip, Reusable, Easy to Clip-On & Off - Universal Fit, Use on Spray Paint, Adhesives, Lubricants
Instant Aerosol Trigger Handle (Pack of 2), Instantly Converts Spray Cans into Spray Guns - Full Hand Grip, Reusable, Easy to Clip-On & Off - Universal Fit, Use on Spray Paint, Adhesives, Lubricants
Ergonomic Design Allows You To Quickly Achieve Professional Finish Results!; Full hand grip arthritis-friendly trigger design, which eliminates finger fatigue.

1. Krylon K05160107

Krylon K05160307Editor Rating:

This product is one of our best choices due to its good adherence to most materials with which you should be able to get an even, fast-drying coating on your entire gun. It is available in more than 50 colors with various choices of finishes like Gloss, Metallic, Stain, and Flat, which should be a perfect fit for this rifle. Moreover, its moisture-resistant feature would protect your “little boy” from humid conditions for a long time, which are the worst enemy to firearms.


  • Good adherence
  • Fast drying
  • Moisture-resistance


  • Quality-control

Our verdict: The Krylon K05160107 is the most economical purchase you can make, meaning Krylon K05160107 is an excellent product compared to its price. With the long-lasting moisture resistance and exceptional adherence, your gun should be in good condition over time for either decorative or practical uses.

2. Rust-Oleum 7579838

Rust-Oleum 7578838Editor Rating:

This spray paint can provide excellent coverage with a quick–drying, rust preventative coating on your gun. With these features, the paint offers a superior coating with protection from rust and excellent resistance to chipping, dulling fading, or abrasion. Its great thickness and fine gloss and color retention should make your rifle always look sturdy yet attractive. This product also comes with a high output tip that works perfectly at any spray angle, even upside down, making it convenient and easy to use.


  • Dries fast
  • Rust prevention
  • Excellent gloss and color retention
  • Easy to control


  • The color needs recoating regularly
  • The tip may get clogged if you don’t clean it regularly

Our verdict: The Rust-Oleum 7579838 is a great spray paint to make your rifle look beautiful and to protect it from corrosion, but needs to be reapplied over time.

3. Dupli-Color EDE161307

Dupli-Color EDE161307Editor Rating:

Initially, this paint is used for vehicle engines because it can withstand very harsh conditions such as intense heat. The paint can resist up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit ( 260 degrees Celsius) for a very long time thanks to its long-lasting formula.

This product also comes with an EZ touch nozzle to get the job done easily.


  • High-temperature resistance
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t chip, peel or crack
  • EZ touch nozzle


  • High-gloss
  • No water resistant
  • Takes a long time to dry

Our verdict: If you are searching for a product that lasts for a long time, then this spray paint is an excellent choice. It can give your gun a great-looking finish along with a heat resistant coating that can stand the test of time.

4. VHT SP130

VHT SP130Editor Rating:

This spray paint features a unique formula that has superb durability, heat, and chemical resistance. With a mixture of urethane and ceramic, this paint has no trouble enduring chemical, rust, and corrosion. Furthermore, the VHT SP130 can withstand extreme heat, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 287 degrees Celsius, so VHT SP130 can be considered as the most durable spray paint for your rifle, in our opinion, thanks to its incredible features.

This product can adhere to all materials you can find on the gun like metal, rubber, or plastic, but do mind that before applying to rubber, you should cook the paint at 200 degrees for one hour, or it may bubble and peel.


  • Superb durability, heat, and chemical resistance
  • Chemical, rust, and corrosion endurance


  • Needs to be cooked first to be applied on rubber

Our verdict: With outstanding durability, heat and chemical resistance and the ability to protect your gun from rust and corrosion, the VHT SP130 is a product you should consider buying. It also has various choices of colors for your creativity.

5. Krylon Camouflage

Krylon CamouflageEditor Rating:

Krylon Camouflage is an ideal paint for hunting expeditions since it features five non-reflective colors for you to choose. It can be applied on most surfaces you can find on the rifle like metal, plastic, wood, and rubber with no need for priming or sanding.

After being applied, the paint takes only 15 minutes to dry to touch, and an hour to be completely dried. This product also comes with instructions so you can have detailed guidance on how to use it properly.


  • Ideal for hunting
  • No need for priming or sanding
  • Dries fast


  • Quite toxic
  • Might get sticky in few days.

Our verdict: The Krylon Camouflage is an excellent choice for hunters or people with camouflaging interest.

6. Rust-Oleum 269038

Rust-Oleum 269038Editor Rating:

Rust-Oleum 269038 is an excellent overall set. This pack contains six cans of durable spray paint with different colors, including 2 Forest Green, 2 Earth Browns, 1 Army Green, and 1 Khaki.

The paint is oil-based, providing an ultra-flat finish and non-reflective color, therefore, this pack of paint should make your gun perfectly camouflaged to get out of the prey’s sight while hunting. It also dries quickly and adheres to all materials of the AR15 rifle.


  • Durable
  • Dries quickly
  • Various of colors for camouflage
  • Ideal for hunters


  • No heat resistance

Our verdict: Rust-Oleum 269038 would be a great choice to camouflage your gun for a satisfying hunting experience.

7. Brownells Aluma-Hyde II

Brownells Aluma-Hyde IIEditor Rating:

Brownells Aluma-Hyde II is a good product with a semi-gloss finish. The finish can be exceptionally durable if you follow the product’s instructions or you can also bake the relevant parts, which for some people can be a real struggle.

The finish itself is very good, but the price is a little high for what the paint can offer.


  • Extremely durable finish


  • Expensive
  • Long cure time
  • Nozzle clog

Our verdict: The price of the Brownells Aluma-Hyde II can be a little higher than the others, but if you are looking for a paint that can coat your rifle with a prime finish, then this product should do the trick.

8. Seymour EN-42

Seymour EN-42Editor Rating:

With a unique formulation, Seymour EN-42 provides a coating with superior durability. Using this paint on your gun will create coverage to withstand extreme heat, up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit ( 148 degrees Celsius), and to resist gas and chemicals.

Seymour EN-42 can cover well, but for long-lasting coverage and more consistent color, you will need to add a second layer on your rifle’s surface.


  • Superior durability
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical and gas resistance


  • The paint is not the choice if you want it to be glossy

Our verdict: Seymour EN-42 will be the right choice if you are looking for a paint that has excellent durability along with heat, gas, and chemical resistance.

Best Spray Paint For AR15 – Buying Guide

Best Spray Paint For AR15 - Buying GuideAfter digging through our list of best spray paint for AR15, we hope you would have the idea on how to choose a spray paint for your rifle based on their features and quality.

Of course, there is always more for you to learn about this process, and to do that, you should check this buying guide to get some useful information on how to choose the best spray paint for your precious firearm.

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  • Versatility
    Vibrant color or good-looking finish would mean nothing if the paint couldn’t bond to your rifle well and because the AR15 is made of various materials, you have to make sure the paint will adhere to them all.
  • Resistance
    Cleaning your gun from time to time is an important part that makes your firearm last for a long time.
    Due to that, the paint resistance against solvent bore cleaners and other cleaning materials is significant.
  • Cure time
    Every spray paint has a different cure time based on their formula, meaning it is recommended not to rush things since a thoroughly dried spray paint will perform at its best, and your firearm will look fresh as it has just been taken from a gun store.
  • Color
    Color is a major factor of the spray paint to make your gun look more appealing, and its limit is only your imagination. Thankfully the products we mentioned in our review have a variety of colors, offering you a wide range of options to beautify your rifle.
  • Price
    Using spray paint for your AR15 is a cheap solution so that it won’t drain your wallet, so remember to choose a spray paint that has quality that matches its price, as well as your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I spray paint my rifle?

As we mentioned before, if you are looking for a low-cost yet effective way to paint your firearm, then this method should do the trick. With some careful choices, you can coat your gun with beautiful color and finish, and add some protection to it like water or heat resistance.

Does spray paint stick to the gun?

It depends on the paint’s quality and adherence, thus, you can refer to our article to choose the best paint that can bond with your gun for a long time.

How should I spray paint my rifle?

To start with, you must prepare some materials and tools at hand to spray paint your rifle, including the paint, sponges, plastic plates, and tape, etc.

The first step is to clean off dirt and grease by lint-free papers or towel so that the paint will stick longer, then it is time apply a base layer with a dark color before painting a lighter layer on it. Now, take out the plastic plate and spray each color on one plate, ready to use. The next step is to dab the sponge gently on the paint and apply it to the gun quickly in your preferred patterns.

Then, the paints can last on the gun for 2 years and more.

Does painting on the rifle barrel affect accuracy?

You can be sure that painting your rifle barrel will not decrease its accuracy.

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Finding the best spray paint for AR15 is not as difficult as you might thought. We hope after this article, you will gain some essential knowledge to pick up the best spray paint to unleash your creativity on the beloved firearm. Make sure to let us know if you still have any questions!