Have you ever tried to spray paint for wood?

Well, it’s normal that for the first time, perhaps you don’t have enough necessary knowledge to do it. To spray paint for wood requires the right techniques, the appropriate paint for your wooden furniture or tools.

In this article, we will show you what you need when you want to do this work effectively and proficiently.

Best Spay Paint For Wood Furniture 2020

Rust-Oleum American Accents Wood Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum American Accents Wood Spray PaintRust-Oleum America accents spray paint is the first product you should consider to choose.You can use this spray paint for both indoor and outdoor, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of outdoor spraying furniture.

The advantages of this kind of spray paint are fast-drying – in about 20 minutes, the superior color, glossy finish. Also, this paint can hide some defects of the wood.

In short, this is the best spray paint for people to improve their furniture.

You can check the price on Amazon here.

Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint

Krylon Colormaster Spray PaintKrylon Color master is another label of spray paint. This spray paint has many pros, such as moisture-resistant, fast-drying, and quite glossy.Therefore, it ensures the quality of your furniture.

Nevertheless, the paint may be too glossy for some people and their furniture. In contrast, it can be what you want.

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Rust-Oleum Metallic Antique

Rust-Oleum Metallic AntiquePeople have trusted and used the products of Rust-Oleum for many years. Rust-Oleum Universal Wood spray paint is a great product that gives a metallic color.The paint dries in 30 minutes.

You can also get other products of this brand with different colors such as pure gold, metallic aged copper, dark metallic steal, and so on.

How To Spray Paint Wood?

1. Cleaning the Surface of Wooden Furniture

Cleaning the surface of wooden furnitureFirst of all, cleaning the surface of your wooden furniture is necessary. That’s because spray paint will easily adhere to the clean and smooth surface, which ensures the quality of the paint layer.Place the wooden furniture that you need to spray in a dry area. If your wood surface hasn’t been sanded, sand it with medium and fine gift sandpaper until the wood surface becomes rough.

Then wipe off the dirt on the surface with a clean rag so that dust doesn’t stick on it anymore.

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2. Setting Old Cloth or Newspapers for Overspray Paint

Setting Old Cloth or Newspapers for Overspray Paint

It’s evitable that there will be an amount of overspray paint. Therefore, you should prepare some newspaper sheets in advance.So what will you do with the old newspaper?

Set the old newspaper on the ground where you work. Remember to use enough paper so that spray paint will not stain other things and surfaces.

Aftermath, put your wood on the paper and start to work with spray paint.

3. Spraying a Primer Layer on the Surface of the Wood

Spraying a primer layer on the surface of the woodBefore spraying the paint on the wood, you should spray a primer layer on the surface of your furniture.Why do you need a primer layer?

That’s because the primer layer will ensure and improve your wood’s quality. It can prevent the outside paint layer from peeling off.

Also, this layer can help the main paint layer adhere to the surface more easily.

4. Shaking the Spray Paint can and Starting to Spray

Now, this is the main part. Just take the spray paint that you want for your wooden furniture and spray.Remember to shake the paint can beforehand as the direction on the can.

When spraying, keep your spray lines thin and even until the entire wood surface is covered.

Let the paint dry in at least 5 minutes; then, you can apply the next spray paint layer if necessary.

Advantages Of Spraying Paint For Wood

Advantages Of Spraying Paint For Wood

#1 There Will be no Brush Strokes

When spraying, you will use an airless spray to spray paint on wood. It is almost used instead of a paintbrush, which sometimes leaves many brush strokes on the surface.

However, spraying does not. By spraying paint for wood, we will finish with a smooth surface. Also, the surface of your furniture will be painted evenly.

#2 Spraying Paint Will Give a Finish with a Higher Quality

Compared to painting with a paintbrush, spraying paint for wood will provide a more even spraying speed. Then, the wooden surface will be covered by a smoother and more uniform paint layer.

Spraying paint helps to ensure the quality and aesthetics of your furniture because the paint is always connected closely.

#3 Spraying can Optimize Work Effort

This is probably the pro that makes you choose to spray paint.

Spray paint works on the base of the automatic spraying mechanism. Users only need to pull the trigger or the control button mounted on the body of the product; then, the paint will continuously spray on the surface of the furniture.

#4 It’s Safer and More Convenient to Spray

When you use spray paint, spraying will become more accessible than ever. You don’t need to carry too many items, such as buckets, rollers, or pan trays. You don’t have to wait too long because spray paint dries much faster than brush paint.

Moreover, it’s also easy for you to clean up after spraying because there are not many utensils.

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Tips For You When Spraying Paint For Wood

Tips For You When Spraying Paint For Wood

1. Choose the Appropriate Paint

To select the proper paint for your wood furniture is essential because the paint you spray influences on the quality of the wood.

If you want to spray for the outside furniture, you had better choose the paint with the ability of moisture resistance and sun protection.

2. Clean the Surface of the Wood Furniture

As we mentioned, cleaning the surface of the furniture plays an essential role in spraying paint for wood. This factor affects both the aesthetic and quality of your finish.

You should sand the surface of the furniture with some gift sandpapers then wipe off with a clean rag.

3. Cover the Areas and Things that don’t Need to Spray

Use some old newspapers to put them under the furniture and cover other things and areas so that they will not get dirty with overspray paint.

4. Sand the Surface Before Spraying

Sanding the surface of the furniture before spraying paint helps the finish become glossy. Of course, t’s still OK if you do not sand the surface and only clean it with a rag.

However, it would be better when it is sanded. That’s because the finish will make you satisfied with the glossy.

5. Use Compatible Paint and Primer

We have told you that you should spray a primer paint layer before spraying the main paint one. That improves the durabilities of the furniture only when the two kinds of paint are compatible.

If not, you will become disappointed at the finish.

When buying primer and spray paint at the stores, remember to have the salesman choose the assorted paints.

6. Try Your Spray at First

It is a good idea to practice your spray paint on another object before spray on your furniture. You will have a chance to check your paint after a long time without use if the paint can still be used or not.

By trying the paint can, you can also get accustomed to the way the spray can works. With some minutes, you will have a better result in the end.

7. Don’t Spray Paint in Bad Conditions

Indeed, spraying paint for your furniture in bad conditions such as rainy and windy weather or dirty areas is impossible.

You had better work on a day with good weather conditions and a clean area. Or else, you will become frustrated and annoyed by unsatisfying work.

8. Ensure the Suitable Distance Between the Paint can and the Wood

The distance between the paint can, and the furniture is also the thing that you have to notice.

To spray paint for wood evenly requires a stable distance. We suggest you should keep a distance of a step from the paint can to the surface of your furniture. Hence, the paint layer will be thin and even.

9. Don’t let Your Wood Get Wet When Spraying Paint

You shouldn’t let water expose to the paint or the surface of the furniture because it can reduce the quality as well as the aesthetic of the spray paint layer.

Our advice for you is working in sunny weather and keeping the surface of the wood dry from the beginning.

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In Conclusion

We have shown you the things that you must know about spray paint for wood. Now, you must be clear about this topic, right?

To spray paint is not easy for the beginner. However, practicing and having some tips will help you do it better.

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