Did you have any difficulty looking for an effective and safe spray paint remover at a reasonable price?

It’s easier than what you are thinking. First, you should be well informed and know a few suitable options available. All are in this article:

What Is Spray Paint Remover?

The spray paint remover can remove paint and the like by spraying it on the surface of the item. Among other kinds, this is the best choice to remove colors entirely because it doesn’t leave any scratch.

Top 10 Best Spray Paint Remover For Every Surface

SaleBestseller No. 1
Sunnyside Corporation 68932 Ready-Strip Graffiti Remover, Quart Trigger Spray (Packaging May Vary)
Sunnyside Corporation 68932 Ready-Strip Graffiti Remover, Quart Trigger Spray (Packaging May Vary)
Water-based formula designed to remove aerosol spray paint, varnish and lacquer; Use to remove lipstick, dyes, crayon, ink, markers and shoe polish
SaleBestseller No. 2
Sunnyside Corporation 68532 Hi-Speed Ready-Strip Citrus Paint & Varnish Remover, Quart Trigger Spray, Assorted, 32 Fl Oz
Sunnyside Corporation 68532 Hi-Speed Ready-Strip Citrus Paint & Varnish Remover, Quart Trigger Spray, Assorted, 32 Fl Oz
Capable of removing up to 3 layers of oil or water based coating; No-drip formula makes removing paint convenient and easy
Bestseller No. 4
Max Strip Spray Paint & Graffiti Remover 22oz
Max Strip Spray Paint & Graffiti Remover 22oz
Eco-friendly graffiti remover; Low VOC; Cleans up with just water; Plant safe graffiti remover
Bestseller No. 5
Sunnyside Corporation 66432 Ready-Strip Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover, Quart Trigger Spray
Sunnyside Corporation 66432 Ready-Strip Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover, Quart Trigger Spray
Safely removes paint residue from most surfaces and helps lift stains from wood; Water-based formula does not contain harsh chemicals

How to Choose the Best Spray Paint Remover

Before buying a spray paint remover, you have to take into the following considerations to get the best value for your money.

Types of Spray Paint Remover

Types of Spray Paint RemoverRemovers are divided into three categories: caustic remover, solvent remover, and biochemical remover. Let’s discover them in details:

Caustic Remover

Caustic remover is a water-based solution with PH 13-14. The main component is lye that may be Sodium hydroxide (Caustic Soda) or Potassium hydroxide (Caustic Potash).

After applying, the lye will react with the oily components in the paint to turn into soap, so it results in the paint coat loosened from the surface.

Thus, this type of remover is appropriate to get rid of alkyds, latex, or enamel paints. I highly recommend you to use epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane coating because when it’s under 10 degrees Celsius temperature which is the best temperature for it to work. This leads to a benefit that is you can handle it easier and quicker. It is also less harmful.

Solvent Remover

The majority of common solvent removers available on the market are formulated methylene chloride, which will dissolve and soften the bond between the film substrate to bubble up the coating.

It’s more effective than above, so it’s also more hazardous for the health of users. Specifically, solvent remover may decrease your blood’s capacity to carry oxygen or cause permanent kidney damage, even cancer.

It can perform the tasks of removing polyurea, polyaspartic, polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic correctly. If you need to handle a more severe case, it works better in a draft-free and cold condition that is the cause of evaporation. It works fast and corrosive so that you can get rid of any coating.

Biochemical Remover

Although the solvents in Biochemical strippers are derived from plants, which are not as harmful as caustic and solvent removers, it’s undeniable that it contains harmful compounds.
It can’t result in a perfect outcome, but it brings eco-friendly odors from corn sugars, citrus, and pine.

However, don’t worry because it works well on most types of surfaces.

Proposition 65


According to the State of California, Proposition 65 contains harmful chemicals, causing birth defects and cancer.

When buying a remover, it’s better to check these for warming. Can you accept this risk?

If you want to use it, you have to wear a high-quality respirator that can absorb all toxic fumes in order to protect your lungs to the full extent.

Motsenbocker's Lift Off 41301 22-Ounce Latex Paint Remover Spray is Environmentally Friendly Safely Removes Latex Paint and Enamel and Works on Multiple Surfaces Water-Based and Biodegradable
Motsenbocker's Lift Off 41301 22-Ounce Latex Paint Remover Spray is Environmentally Friendly Safely Removes Latex Paint and Enamel and Works on Multiple Surfaces Water-Based and Biodegradable
  • SAFELY REMOVE LATEX PAINT: Motsenbocker’s Lift Off Latex Paint Remover 413-01 utilizes a patented, water-based Enviro Science formula to safely remove old and new latex paint, acrylics, latex enamels, stencil paints, and more.
  • WORKS ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: This latex paint remover works on fiberglass, tools, carpet, brick, upholstery, spray equipment, brushes, clothing, vehicles, and more.
  • SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO HARSH CHEMICALS: Using Motsenbocker’s Lift Off Latex Paint Remover is safer than using harsh chemicals like Methylene Chloride. It is water-based, biodegradable, and has low VOCs.
  • GREAT FOR PAINT CLEANUP: Chemical paint removers can damage materials. Lift Off latex paint removal product is great for paint clean-up, including cleaning paint rollers, brushes, paint splatters and spills, and paint pans.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We manufacture Motsenbocker’s Lift Off Latex Paint Remover in the United States with high standards for product quality and using superior ingredients that are .


It’s better to compare the prices of a lot of products to make sure that you purchase one, fitting your budget.

We recommend you buy on the Internet because online stores are usually cheaper than local stores.


SafetyWhen working with a spray paint remover, safety should be the top priority. Any remover contains more or fewer compounds and chemicals, affecting your health.

I strongly recommend you keep yourself and surrounding from contacting directly.

For yourself, don’t forget to wear a mask, eye protection, and impermeable gloves before starting.

For surroundings, you should cover your floor and other things in your working area with kraft paper or rosin paper.


An inappropriate delivery system may damage your order. Thus, you had better ask the seller about the service and when you will receive your order.

Return Policy

Return PolicyCan you have a new one if there is any issue or damage during transit?

Make sure that the shop where you buy remover comes with a return policy. In case your product was damaged, you can return it without paying an extra fee.

Tips on Using Spray Paint Remover

Tips on using spray paint removerAlthough it’s easy to use, there are some notes you need to keep in mind as follows:

  • Before using spray paint remover, make sure to read the label on the box or bottle. You will find out all vital information including precautions, the requirements of preparation such as stirring or shaking before using, how long you need to leave the remover on the surface and the like.
  • Spray paint removers are formulated from chemical compositions which will produce solvent fumes, so you must wear protective items. If not, your health may be affected. Put on something long and gloves to cover all your arms and legs and protect your skin. Moreover, it’s essential to wear safety glasses and respirators.
  • Ensure your working area is well-ventilated so that fumes can escape easily and quickly. Try to bring the items which you will work with outside, for example, removable accessories.For further safety under special circumstances you should comply with the OSHA standard exposure limit to protect yourself.

The Spray Paint Remover Review

Here are the top five reliable spray paint removers which I could find out on the market:

1. Goof Off FG658 – The Most Professional Remover

Goof Off FG658Editor Rating:

What elements will a professional remover have?

Strength and Effectiveness

Goof Off FG658 is so strong that it can remove caulk when dried. This is a perfect solution to handle any accidental mess that you create while you work in a workshop.


This remover comes with proprietary chemistry which can remove what an ordinary household cleaner can’t do. It works well on furniture, floor, metal, or the toughest surfaces immediately.

However, the best part is that it is incredibly safe. You can use it to get rid of lipstick on your clothes, or chewing on your carpet without harming the fabric.


After removing, this product doesn’t completely affect the paint finish or leave any scratches on the surface. Thus, you can perform some hard tasks such as removing wax from a car or spray paint off a wall.

Ease for Use

What you have to do is to spray the remover on the paint and wipe it quickly.

After spraying, there is a potent smell, but it will evaporate and go away in a minute. And if you have sensitive skin, let’s wear a mask and gloves while working.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective on many surfaces


  • Only work well for long-chain hydrocarbons but super glue
Goof Off FG658 Professional Strength Remover, Aerosol 12-Ounce (Thrее Рack)
162 Reviews
Goof Off FG658 Professional Strength Remover, Aerosol 12-Ounce (Thrее Рack)

2. KRUD KUTTER MR32 – The Best Performance

KRUD KUTTER MR32Editor Rating:

KRUD KUTTER MR32 is not only an ordinary rust remover but also a unique inhibitor that can prevent rust in only one step.

How can?

The manufacturer applies a proprietary formula based on the water which can deeply penetrate every void of the surface to remove rust via a strong chemical action.

And here is a fantastic thing:

This rust neutralizer will resist the formation of corrosion in the future effectively.

The tiny and rust-inhibiting crystals formed will stick to the metal molecules. If there are new corrosive agents, they attach the crystals instead of the metal molecules.

However, remember that KRUD KUTTER MR32 works as a unique inhibitor for up to one year.

In case you want to prepare for primer, paint or coasting, this spray paint remover is ideal for creating a safe and secure bond for coating. It can prevent rust from spreading under the surface.


  • Easy to apply
  • Useful for any surface without requiring to soak


  • Smell a little

3. Goof Off FG705 – The Best Safety

Goof Off FG705Editor Rating:

While other spray paint removers will produce more or less chemical smell, Goof Off FG705 brings a very safe solution.

After applying, it doesn’t create harsh fumes or leaves an oily residue, so this is the best choice to use indoors such as RVs, auto shops, and boats.

For outdoor areas such as ceramic, wood, glass, metal, stone, brick, and siding even fiberglass, it is also an excellent choice. You can use it to get rid of the old paints in your car.

As advertised, this product can remove the toughest spots and stains which the ordinary household cleaners can’t do. However, our experiences show that you may need a great scraper or elbow grease in some severe cases.


  • Quick to see the result
  • Effective


  • Doesn’t work well on uncured silicones

4. Goof Off FG708 – The Cheapest Model

Goof Off FG708Editor Rating:

Goof Off FG708 is the cheapest model in this list, suiting people with a tight budget.

In spite of a low price, it can complete the simple projects correctly.

Its special formulate is so powerful that it can remove irritating, embarrassing, and cleaning problems on different surfaces and materials quickly and safely. It works well on both hard surfaces like metal and smooth surfaces like fabric stains without harming the surfaces.

Please take a look at its outstanding feature:

After applying, Goof Off FG708 produces a citrus smell, which is so pleasant and comfortable to use indoor and outdoor.

If you want to perform a simple project then this model is just the right one for you. It’s not merely that you spray then wipe with a paper or cloth.


  • Effective
  • No strong smell


  • Not sale in Catalina Island

5. Goo Gone Latex Paint Cleaner – The Best Overall

Goo Gone Latex Paint CleanerEditor Rating:

Goo Gone is formulated to handle paint spills. After spraying, you only need to use a cloth to wipe away splatters, paint drips, and over-sprays smoothly. The unessential things will go away in an instant.

Apart from hard surfaces such as metal floors, appliances, glass, tiles, and plastic, it’s very safe and effective to use on carpet. For example, it can remove dried latex paint and wet from your carpet.

Typically, when you try to remove something on glass, plastic, stone, and ceramic porcelain with your hands, it’s straightforward to leave scratches. But, with the help of Goo Gone Latex Paint Cleaner this will no longer be a problem. You need to spray and wipe away smoothly with ease.

Like the product above, you should spend more time and effort on removing tough areas.


  • Quick effect
  • Safe for kids
  • Sweet orange scent


  • Not packaged well
Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel - 24 Ounce - Surface Safe, Great Cleaner, No Harsh Odors, Removes Stickers, Can Be Used On Tools
5,546 Reviews
Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel - 24 Ounce - Surface Safe, Great Cleaner, No Harsh Odors, Removes Stickers, Can Be Used On Tools
  • Powerful formula removes gooey, sticky, gummy and greasy problems
  • Drip-free gel clings to surfaces to prevent messy use
  • Versatile ingredients allow you to safely clean wide variety of surfaces
  • Spray bottle allows accurate application to prevent wasteful use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked QuestionsHere are common questions which we collected in forums. You may feel they are informative in your case.

What is a Good Spray Paint Remover?

A good spray paint remover can help you remove paint effectively without damaging the surface as well as affecting your health.

Is a Good Spray Paint Remover Expensive?

No. Normally, the price of a good spray paint remover is reasonable. But, the price range will vary depending on the product quality and the manufacturer.

Is Goof Off Professional Strength Remover Safe to Use on Car Paint?

The short answer is yes. If you are looking for a way to get rid of old paint from your vehicle, Goof Off professional strength remover is a safe solution. It works well on fiberglass without stripping off the car paint.

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