A Spraymax 2k clear coat is effective in helping you touch up minor faded or corroded spots of your automobile, or giving your companion a full glossy paint job makeover as if it just rolled off the assembly line. It is durable, tough, 100% transparent, and works on both bare metal surfaces and base coats without any bodywork’s color deviations.
Our review dives into some of the best products from 2k clear to help you find out which one suits your needs the most.

Spraymax 2k Clear Coat Review

1. Spraymax 2K Clear 3680061 (High Gloss)

Spraymax 2K Clear 3680061Editor Rating:

This product can be sprayed smoothly in a simple way, and when it dries, it leaves a tough and glossy coat. It is a two-part aerosol clear coat that is used on most base coats.

To activate the catalyst, you shake the aerosol well for 2 minutes. Then, remove the red cap and place it on the bottom of the can. Next, push in and shake the aerosol for two minutes so that both components can mix, and the hardening process is triggered.

Its special spray nozzle promotes smooth flow and gives the same result as a spray gun. Besides, it is resistant to abrasions and scratches and provides the firmest protection against weathering and chemical substances.

Before spraying the paint, you need to wear personal protective equipment, including respiratory masks, safety gloves, goggles, and helmet to avoid potential dangers from it.

The main downside of this spray is that the coat can’t stand against UV light and starts flaking off if not correctly applied. Make sure you take the precautions carefully before using it. 2K clear coat contains a lot of hazardous chemicals, and Spraymax is not an exception.


  • Works with all basecoats
  • Offers a high gloss finish
  • Easy to use
  • Weather and chemical resistant


  • Keeps safety in mind
  • No UV protection
  • Becomes inactive 48 hours after being opened

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2. Spraymax 2K Clear 3680067 (Semi-Matte)

Spraymax 2K Clear 3680067Editor Rating:

If you want a low-gloss, semi-matte sheen since the 2k high-gloss seems too glossy and stands out against the rest of your vehicle, this clear coat is the right fit for you. It has a great satin coverage and is durable once dries. It also prevents nicks and cracks in paintworks, provides a hard shield that won’t easily flake off

This clear paint is a little pricey but well worth it. And like the Spraymax 2K Clear 3680061, it contains toxic chemicals, so assure that you wear a standard mask and protective glasses to be safe.


  • Easy to apply due to the aerosol can
  • The unique nozzle delivers similar results as a spray gun
  • Perfect satin finish


  • Quite expensive
  • Toxic

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3. Spraymax 2K Clear 3680065 (Matte)

Spraymax 2K Clear 3680065Editor Rating:

The SprayMax 2K 3680065 brings your paint jobs a perfect matte clear coat. It works great over almost all types of paints. Primarily, it is fuel resistant once it has fully cured.

If you want an incredibly smooth and consistent coat, here is a tip for you: Heating the can with hot water, and then it will spray like a paint gun. And in case you need a thicker clear coat, we would recommend using two cans.

It works well on small sections of a vehicle that needs touching up. It is a great choice for metal, paint works, and motorcycle tanks as it is gasoline-resistant. Price may seem expensive, but it’s not a big deal when you consider how high quality this automotive paint is.

Don’t spray it indoors without a respirator and don’t let it dry where you breathe since this spray is awfully toxic.

Although it is said to last for 48 hours, we find that even after the first 24 use, it already behaves differently. Thus, it will also cost a lot more than it is supposed to be as you have to throw the can away.


  • Gives fantastic matte coverage
  • Quick and easy use
  • Very versatile, works on many products


  • Takes longer time to harden completely
  • Short shelf life

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Key Features Of Spraymax 2k Clear Coat

Key Features Of Spraymax 2k Clear CoatThanks to technological advancements, there are tons of different transparent coat paint brands today. Still, Spramax is one of the front runners in offering a complete aerosol system for paint repairs. Notably, its Spraymax 2k clear coat products have got top-notch characteristics that give your vehicle a glamorous appearance while preventing it from abrasions and mildews. The list below points out their main advantages.

  • Maximum resistance to scratches, weathering, gasoline, oxidation
    Your car can inevitably get flung by debris, dust, and acid rain along the road. Spraymax 2k clear coat is made resistant to those factors and prevents your automobile from peeling off and rusting. It is also gasoline-proof and high-chemical-proof to give your car an ultimate protection, thus helps retain your car’s value and save your money in the long run.
  • Easy applications and very smooth flow owing to the uniquely designed nozzle.
    Spraymax 2k clear coat is sold in cans with specialized nozzles to facilitate the spraying process. It is easy and straightforward to use, as all you need to do is shaking to activate acrylic components and then spraying it on the surface. One more huge advantage of Spraymax 2k is that you don’t need to pay for a spray gun to apply the clear paint, and the result is perfect as it delivers even and smooth flows.
  • Diverse choices of the finished effects
    While many types of clear coat only give a shiny top coat, Spraymax 2k provides the consumers with any effects they desire, including high gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satin. Isn’t it better if anyone can choose the pattern that matches their personal preferences?
  • Premium quality car lacquer
    A professional finish only comes with exceptional substances, and Spraymax 2k has got the incredible lacquer in their paint to guarantee your car the most fabulous top coat.
  • Excellent durability and no yellowing
    UV light might deteriorate your car and make the clear coat yellow or fade, but Supermax 2k is made with super-strong adhesion and UV resistance to help your vehicle avoid these issues.

Differences Between 1k, 2k, And 2x Clear Coat

For those who are unfamiliar with a clear coat, there is often confusion and misuse of terms when it comes to describing 1k, 2k, and 2x clear coats. So, what distinguished each one from the others?

1k Clear Coat

It describes “single-component” paints that dry in the air. It means it has got one mixture in the container, and you are not mixing anything other than one batch of stuff. They don’t harden as quickly and often not quite as hard as a 2k clear, since they don’t have a catalyst or hardener. The catalyst helps speed up the hardening process, and makes the coat cure quicker.

2k Clear Coat

2k Clear Coat2k means “two-component” paints, so this one has the similar standard stuff with k1, but it also needs to be mixed with a hardener, catalyst or activator. Once 2k hardens, it forms a tough coat to shield you car from scratches, pollutants, and tarnishing.

One more distinction is that 2k has got a shelf-life. Once you break the can open, the reaction is going to happen, and this happens way faster when you spray it. But even if you don’t use the can, this reaction is still happening inside the can. So, you have got 16-48 hours to use, and then it doesn’t work anymore.

It is a higher quality product, tends to create a more durable finish a little bit quicker. Another difference is that 2k costs a lot more than 1k.

2x Clear Coat

This is where all the confusion seems to come from: a 2x paint is the way of saying double coverage. It has nothing to do with the number of components. One can of the 2x (two times to be more precisely) will cost twice as much as the regular can.

So, if you want to use a 2k clear professional finish but then use the 2x instead, you are not going to get the same effect. The 2x is going to take much longer time to harden because it is not catalyzed, and is not the same type of material as 2x.

How To Choose The Best 2k Clear Coat?

How To Choose The Best 2k Clear CoatIt is not that you always need a 2k clear coat, so it can be a bit tricky when you are considering buying a clear coat product to do a paint job. That is why you should check the list below to know which one is right for your projects.

  • Level Of Gloss
    Almost all clear coats result in a glossy finish, but some coats can be glosser than others, and some can be in a matte or satin finish. So generally, it is vital to check the clear coat texture carefully to get your desired gloss level.
  • Drying Time
    Each clear coat has a different drying time, so if you prefer to buff the coat after only a few hours applying it, you could opt for fast-drying types like turbo and topcoat clear coats.
    But if you have professional equipment like a compressor to heat the ambiance, or you are in no rush waiting a couple of days for a harsh coat to settle in, you could pick high solid or glamour coats.
  • Ease Of Application
    Choose a product that is simple for an amateur. Many clear coats like the 2K Spray ones come in aerosol cans and have nozzles to facilitate the applying process. This will save your time and avoid any flaws in your paint works.
  • Transparency
    Clear coats must be 100% transparent! Select a clear coat that creates a glass-like layer on the base coat will enhance your car’s appearance without changing its original color.
  • Scratch And Yellowing Resistance
    Scratches and yellowing are hard to avoid, and your top coat should at least offer scratch-resistance UV protection properties to avoid these problems later.

How To Repair Clear Coat

Overexposure to UV light and other extreme weather conditions might result in making your car’s clear coat yellow or peel off. Let’s give yourself a shot in fixing the clear coat yourself, as it is not a complicated job. Here are three simple steps you can follow to fix a clear coat.

Removing The Old Clear Coat

Removing The Old Clear Coat

  • Wash the area that needs to be repaired. Use a soft sponge with soap to scrub and remove all dirt and dust.
  • Use a masking tape to separate the section to be fixed.
  • Use a fine-grit scratchpad to sand 5 to 6 inches past into the unaffected area.
  • Wash and mop your car with a soft cloth
  • Cover paper on the windows and other parts of your car.

Applying The Clear Coat

Applying The Clear Coat

  • Park your car in the garage with the door opening
  • Wipe your car to remove dust
  • Wear personal protective equipment, including standard respirator, glasses and gloves
  • Shake the aerosol well for 2 minutes. Then, take out the red cap and stick it to the bottom. Next, push in and shake the aerosol for two minutes to activate the catalyst.
  • Hold the can 8 inches away from the area. Starting spraying the clear coat with even direction.
  • Apply the coat three times. Leave 15 minutes between each coat to dry. Leave the final coat dry for around 3 hours before getting rid of the tape and paper.

Blending In The Clear Coat

Blending In The Clear Coat

  • Wait for 2 to 3 days before blending so that the coat is totally cured.
  • Clean and dry the blending area to remove any dirt and dust.
  • Dip a piece of sandpaper in water and wet sand the clear coat line with gentle force.
  • Polish the area with some drops of polishing oil. Rub the car until it has got a shiny look.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your car. Don’t wash the car after you polish it since it can affect the new clear coat.


Spraymax 2K clear coat is one of the most exceptional clear coat products that you can use for versatile purposes, including repairing your car’s imperfection and doing new paint works on different objects. The clear coat is durable, easy to use, and helps your automobile retain its shiny appearance for a long time.