Almost all of us claim that we will choose a perfect combination of furniture colors and background colors for a “dream house.

Here we give you the best color combinations for your living space, helping you harmoniously combine the tones together to create a special and impressive accent for your home.

Ready to perfect your dream house?

The Power Of Colors In Interior Design

The Power Of Colors In Interior DesignEvery day we are surrounded by many different colors. If you look closely at the surroundings, you might be surprised at the variety of colors. People may ignore the appearance of colors and take them for granted, but they have a powerful impact on our behavior and emotions.

Colors have a direct impact on the overall architecture of your home space.

Therefore, the selection and coordination of interior colors in space is literally of paramount importance.

Colors in interior design are divided into different groups, which are gentle, neutral, and bright colors. In addition to increasing the aesthetics of the space, a living room with harmonious and impressive colors is also considered perfect according to feng shui as it can bring good luck and peace to the homeowner.

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How To Choose The Suitable Furniture Colors For Your House?

The 60-30-10 Style

The 60-30-10 styleThis is one of the common principles – a golden rule in interior design. “Numbers can talk” -this saying applies very well in this rule. The figures represent each color that the designer chooses, in which the dominant color for decoration is 60%, the secondary color is 30%, and the remaining 10% is used as accents remember this you can create the perfect colors combination for your lovely house.

Perfect architecture and suitable interior are not enough. A beautiful house also needs to have a harmonious color combination. By using the 60-30-10 principle, you can design the interior of your apartment in any location in a cool way without the help of experts.

Secondary colors are used for furniture, carpets, curtains, doors, and the remaining 10% for small accessories such as pillows, flowers, door frames, paintings, you name it!

In the above rule is the application for three colors. In many cases where you need more than three colors (4, 5 colors, for example), you can adjust the formula relatively.

Knowing the numbers to divide the color wisely to bring a astounding look for your rooms.

Combine Similar Colors to Create Unity

Combine similar colorsSimply put, this rule refers that we will arrange the colors with nearly the same tone, such as yellow and green, blue and purple, or the combination of dark colors together. You may think that this combination is boring but when we believe that you will have a change of heart without further ado when you see the final result.

It is not an exaggeration to say that when applying this color scheme for your room, you can turn your room into a masterpiece. Moreover, it also reflects the mood and personality of the owner.

The same color scheme should be applied to the bedroom, relaxation corner, or quiet and relaxing places that you want to stay for a rest after a tiring day at work.

So, if you have a dark purple wall, choosing a sofa with blue color may be of great help! Let’s try and show your friends how gorgeous your room is!

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Pay Attention to the Brightness and Darkness of the Room

brightness and darkness of the roomIt’s true that some combinations bring the most beautiful sight but some just don’t work out . It’s really nice when the color matches your eyes so think about brightness and darkness in your room!

Let me tell you a funny story about my friend!

When I first came to my friend’s living room, the first impression that struck my eyes was the “ugly” combination of the colors. One side of the wall color was very dark, but right next to that, the sofa was mixed with a very bright color.

Using the suitable color combination will make your room more beautiful and likable for everyone eye

Great investment and careful attention will be worth your every penny, we bet!

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Color has a huge meaning to the life of mankind. From the house to the street, the sea to the forest, from the atomic world to the universe – all are collections of colors.

Hopefully, the above information can come in handy for you and we believe that now you can know how to mix the beautiful furniture colors for your home. Now, it is time for you to apply the aforementioned rules and let us accompany you on the journey to create a beautiful, modern and bold living space.