The Tacklife brand has formed for a certain period of time. Their purpose is to manufacture the most well-made, portable, and exquisite products to make their customers’ more convenient, secure lifestyle. Their professional monitoring team focuses on every single detail to produce the best products. Moreover, their prices are always reasonable.

This brand focuses on many different types of products like hand tools, power tools, automotive tools, and other home appliances. On the current market, Tacklife paint sprayer is one of the few brands that most users first mention. Because it brings many outstanding features. This product line has 3 models, and each of them has specific advantages. Let’s discover more.

How Many Kinds of Tacklife Paint Sprayers are?

All 3 paint sprayers of this brand are handheld electric spray. And they have both their own benefits and drawbacks. Let you see whether or not you can accept their limitations. And can they satisfy you?

Good For

The most significant benefit of a handheld Tacklife paint sprayer is its high portability. Because of a compact and lightweight design, you can easily transport without having wrist fatigue during long working time.

This kind of model allows you to paint the tight and confined places in awhile. Moreover, you own a great handheld Tacklife spray gun which has these outstanding features at a reasonable price.

It fits those who just use it for their small projects and have a limited budget. Most modern handheld paint sprayers come with a lot of settings, so it is pretty versatile. So, it can support you to perform any painting project.

Not Good For

This kind of paint sprayer is really popular and the consumer really loves them so there are some knock-off brands that imitate its appearance . Thus, It’s best for you to consult an official brand to get help with this matter. We would gladly help you out.

Another drawback is that their power is not as much as the big models. Therefore, I highly recommend it for modest painting projects like painting fences or doors. And you will feel comfortable when doing it.

Pay attention that you can contain a moderate amount of paint in a handheld paint sprayer so you should refill the tank regularly for the best performance.

Main Features of This Paint Sprayer

Main Features of This Paint Sprayer

This brand is famous for high-quality and durable products. So, we will be looking at some of its best features. The following will let you know why this paint sprayer can perform any small project well at a reasonable price.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

All paint sprayers have an adjustable spray mechanism that allows you to customize your painting projects. Specifically, there are 3 spray patterns including circular, vertical, and horizontal. The size of the copper nozzle also ranges in 3 ones. So, you can select one of these methods to dispense your paint.

Adjustable Valve Knobs

Adjustable valve knobsDepending on the different demands, the adjustable valve knobs allow you to adjust your dispensed paint volume, the flow rate. This versatility suits anyone who usually has many different painting projects. No matter what surface you perform, this feature can support you spray paint evenly.

Portable Design

Although the design of the paint sprayer is portable and lightweight, its performance is extremely efficient. In particular, you can use it for your car, home appliance, and furniture painting projects. That is because it is maneuverable, helping you reach the hard-to-reach areas.

Easily Removable Parts

Easily removable partsAll parts of a paint sprayer are easily removable, so it takes less your effort to clean. What’s more, it’s also easy to set up and maintain. When performing the large projects, this is a big advantage. You can remove the paint canister to refill easily and use it for a long time.

Long Power Line

If you have to work on a large scale outdoor area, this feature is so beneficial. The long power line can cover a long distance.

8.5 AMP Motor

This powerful motor can optimize the capacity and performance. That means you can use the good painting speeds and great capacity. It helps you atomize your paint completely for the production of the smooth and fine finish.

Energy Star

When it comes to Energy Star rating, this paint sprayer is considered as one of the best paint spray guns. Therefore, it is a way to save money by cutting down your utility bill significantly.

Long Paint Hoses

Long paint hosesFor the outdoor painting projects, long paint hoses can optimize the effectiveness as it offers adequate space.


Buying any paint sprayer product, you receive 24 months of warranty. That is a way that the manufacturer provides you with a hassle-free experience of painting.

The Comparison with 8 Other Paint Sprayers

The Comparison with 8 Other Paint Sprayers

While on the market, there is a wide range of the different brands with the different paint sprayers. There are many good reasons why you should choose this brand. For further understanding please take a good look at the comparison with other paint sprayer brands below and you will know exactly the reason:


Graco brand is famous for the line of airless paint sprayers which create an impressive finish and result. Their models are durable, compact, exact, and time-saving. Whether you are a professional painter, contractor, beginner or a home worker, Graco products support you as well as possible. They incessantly integrate the emerging technology into their products to become a leading brand. To learn more about this brand, click here.


Wagner aims for the simple and compact designs to be easy to use and clean. It allows you to pour many different kinds of materials. Moreover, in spite of a pretty low price, all products of Wagner have added modern technology. You can discover more about the Wagner brand via this link.


Most products of Fuji are HVLP self-contained low-pressure models. Fuji products are added to the professional features like non-bleeding and pattern adjustment knobs. Therefore, they suit beginners more to have the best result.


Tacklife vs HomeRightA reasonable price and more effectiveness for the small project are what HomeRight gives you. Their products are famous for the following outstanding feature: lightweight (3.2 pounds). What’s more, its variable air pressure control helps you create a smooth finish.


Earlex aims at compact products which can create a smooth result with the low price. The main material of Earlex is wood so it should be the choice of woodworkers. Besides, the Earlex brand can provide the best result for both professional painters and beginners.

Krause and Becker

This is another cheap brand with good results. It fits the small home projects, but you can also use it for large works of commercial purpose. The designs of Krause and Becker are easy to remove and clean even if you can do that after each use. Because of the lightweight feature, you can carry it everywhere.


Tacklife vs RyobiAll Ryobi products make sure that you can paint exactly. They have added control settings for pressure. Thus, depending on your specific demand, you choose the low or high pressure. Ryobi paint sprayers are varied from airless to handheld paint sprayers, but their similarities are durability and ease of use. Now, their manufacturer has added a few extra techniques to solve the current problems with their products.

Paint Zoom

The Paint Zoom products are designed for professional painters mainly. In particular, they can complete the commercial purposes very well. For indoor and outdoor painting projects, they can be dealt with also. Furthermore, it’s fine for beginners to use because these are the simple designs.


Their products are pretty simple and movable, easy to use. Therefore, it’s best to apply for small home projects. Obviously, it fits beginners more.However, their products can satisfy even experienced people as well due to its professional features. For example, its removable paint canister allows you to refill less and to use it in a long time. Furthermore, its long power line can cover a long distance from an outdoor place. If you want to work on a big project, this is an advantage.

Another one reason to choose this brand is that its price is lower than what it can give users.

In-depth Reviews of Top 3 Best Sellers of Tacklife

Now, This brand has 3 products. Although all of them are handheld and cheap, they have their own benefits. Discover more here:

1. Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric Sprayer

Tacklife SGP15AC Advanced Electric SprayerEditor Rating:

SGP15AC is a versatile machine which has several functionalities. Specifically, its 3 nozzle sizes (2.5/ 2.0/ 3.0mm) helps you use 3 spraying patterns (horizontal, vertical, and circular jet) conveniently. Its adjustable knob adjustment allows you easily to handle the flow coating speed rate and adjust the pressure as desired. You can complete most of the small and big projects especially spraying the car parts. That is because you can use it to reach the hard-to-reach areas.

When completing your task, you remove the canister which can gun 800ml and other parts to clean the paint inside. The compact and lightweight design of SGP15AC allows you to maneuver everywhere easily. Thus, it suits to clean wooden products, steel furniture, home appliance parts, and car parts.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Works well on painting your bedroom and staining your fence


  • ABS plastic is not reliable

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2. Tacklife SGP16AC Advanced electric

Tacklife SGP16AC Advanced electricEditor Rating:

SGP16AC suits the small projects like the household painting jobs including furniture, cabinet, and shelves. Besides, you can also use SGP16AC for painting steel tools, wooden objects, and car parts.

One of its impressive features is the 900ml detachable paint canister that allows you to refill paint faster. No matter what work you will perform with this tool, it brings a perfect finish.

You can easily clean and maintain this model because of its removable parts. Obviously, your cleaning task is easier if you use the support of the cleaning needle and brush.
Using this paint sprayer for the smoothly thin paints is perfect. The nozzle is specially designed to use 3 different application patterns. For a beginner, its adjustable valve knobs can support to complete the work of painting the application exactly as professionals.


  • Cheap
  • Works quiet
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Comes with user manual
  • 2-year warranty


  • ABS plastic material
  • Create a mess (wasting a lot of paint)

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3. Tacklife SGP17AC Spray Gun

Tacklife SGP17AC Spray GunEditor Rating:

Thanks to a compact design, SGP17AC 1100ml suits small projects. Moreover, it is designed for pumping the thin and light paint. Thus, make sure to pour into your machine an appropriate material.

Like other paint sprayers, SGP17AC also has 3 spray patterns (circular, vertical, and horizontal jet). The copper nozzle with 3 sizes (1.0mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm) helps you perform many different projects.

Its adjustable valve knobs and spray width lever help you adjust the flow coating speed rate and project size. This combination supports you to paint your application exactly.

Another outstanding feature is that it allows you to refill the canister without needing to take it off. The smart design of the opening on the top lets you pour your paint directly. So, you can both save a lot of time to do other things and avoid messes as well as spills.

The manufacturer offers customers a two-year warranty. That means that they are so proud of the quality of their products. If there is any problem with your model, you have a replacement or return on money.


  • Comes with user manual and warranty card
  • 2-year warranty


  • Limited cup size for small projects

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In sum, this brand is famous for well-made, portable, and exquisite products. They aim to produce what all kinds of customers can use from the beginners to experienced painters. And they try to create simple designs with reasonable prices as long as everyone can approach. Actually, Tacklife paint sprayer brand suits small projects, but you can also apply for some big ones. That is because it is integrated with some unique elements.

Compared to a wide range of brands available on the market, I still appraise this brand. With a low price, it’s hard to find a product which has several benefits. What’s more, you can use it for other different purposes.

Is my post informative? Do you believe in this brand? If you do, please let me know your choice. Which product can satisfy you? I also welcome any information about this interesting brand. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones. Many people are waiting for your help.