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Hello, do-it-yourselfers, we are back to give useful tips for you. Painting is not an easy job, especially for beginners. However, it could waste huge money if we ask for a painter everytime we want to renew our items. That said, we are here to help you.

The painting job will be much easier with textured spray paint. It is easy to use, cheap and protects your lungs better. In this article, we would provide you with the necessary information about this paint how its benefits. Besides, we also give you our list of the best products. Are you ready to discover this type of paint? Let’s start with the basic question first:

Top 4 Textured Spray Paints Reviews

What is Spray Painting?

This is a painting technique using equipment to spray the paint on the surfaces or material. Instead of using a brush, a device called airbrushes will handle the job for you. It saves your time and leaves a smooth final finish.

Especially, it is better for your health compared with other painting techniques. Thanks to the development of technology, a lot of modern paint sprayer have been born with advanced features such as HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure), LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure), etc.

What Is Textured Spray Paint?

What Is Textured Spray Paint?

Actually, textured spray paint has similar features with other spray paints on the market. It has tons of colors and style for you to choose from. The only one thing that makes it different from other paints is that it is textured. Now, you might be wondering:

The Different Between Textured Paint And Textured Spray Paint

To say it simply, textured spray paint is one of the textured paint types. Textured paint is the combination of sand and normal paint stirring together. It is used to hide the imperfection of the walls, furniture and create a unique design for the materials. It is usually applied to large projects.

Meanwhile, textured spray paint is suitable for small things such as spraying a stone or decorating a green-metal plant stand. Want to know more? Below are the benefits of textured spray paint.

Benefits of Textured Spray Paint


To say the truth, paint is not cheap at all. If you take a look at all the paint brand on the market, you can see that it could cost you at least $25.00. Textured paint even cost you more. However, with textured spray paint, you can get the quality paint with the same features at an affordable price.

Easy to use

Now, tell us what is your problem with textured paint? Well, we guess it would be its dryness, right? As you know, textured paint is formed by mixing sand and normal paint together. Because of that, after applying to the wall, it will dry fast.

If you are a pro painter, it is not a case. However, a beginner painter or do-it-yourselfer might deal with some issues here. Chances are you would mess everything up, ruin the painting, even the paintbrush, and tray. There is no other way by throwing them all after the painting.

How about textured spray paint? This kind of paint is used in an aerosol. You just need to clean the nozzle of it after finishing the paint, then it is there for you to use next time.

Best for small paintings

As it comes up in an aerosol. Using this spray paint for a large wall might take you a lot of cans. Textured spray paint works perfectly for small projects such as finishing a natural coat of the wood chairs or painting a picture frame, etc.

With its small design, it is easy to make an even coat. When the paint dries, a textured surface will improve the grip and you will get rid of having to collect the splinters after that. Are you curious about how to use it? Let’s continue:

How To Apply Textured Spray Paint To The Surface

Actually, the techniques of using textured spray paint are not different from using other spray paints. There are four main steps:


This is very important to have a smooth finish. Thus, first of all, and the surface, especially if the surface is glass or metal. Make sure to use fine-grit sandpaper to sand the area instead of utilizing lower grit sandpaper as it could cause huge grooves and divots. For those who have the right equipment, you might want to sandblast the surface.

Cleaning the Surface

The next step is to clean the item to break it free from any dirt, dust, and grease. Here’s how you do it: Take water in a can and mix it with dish detergent (or any other light detergents). After that, use a clean cloth to clean the entire item to remove the dust.

Do it more careful if grease is stick on the surface. Finally, dry it naturally


The most disadvantaged of all the spray paint is its overspray features. Therefore, you can use painter tape to cover the areas which do not need to be painted.

Now, create a mixture of primer with the ratio provided by the manufacturer’s instructions. Hold the can of primer in front of the items around 10 to 12 inches and start applying. You can apply around two or three coats of primer. Wait until it is totally dried before applying the paint.

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Applying the Paint

If you are done well with the above steps. Applying the paint is much easier. Hold the paint around 10 – 12 inches from the surface and spray the paint gradually. After painting, let it dry before you want to apply another coat.
You know a lot about textured spray paint, right?

However, amongst tons of brands on the market, it would be a tough decision for you to choose the most decent one. Therefore, after doing practical research on this product, we have come up with the high-quality products from reputational companies which are RUST-OLEUM and Krylon® company.

Before getting to know more about their textured spray paints. Let’s take a quick look at these two companies.


The company is founded in 1920 by Robert Fergusson. It manufactures protective paints and coatings. What might surprise you is that his job wasn’t related to painting at all. He was a sea captain. And all of his desire is to protect his ship.

One time, he realized that the corrosion of his metal deck had been stopped by the raw fish oil. It was when he started researching more about this amazing solution. And rust-preventative paint was born. They have created a lot of reliable products to help transform your project.

They provide you with a variety of products with different colors. Depending on the surface you want to paint, they will have a suitable one for you.

Krylon® company

Krylon company is founded in 1947 – one of the largest painting manufacturers in the world. The creator of this company is Howard E. Kester. At first, the company produces brush-on paints. After that, Kester noticed the disadvantages of using this traditional method. He then innovated a new way for the paints which is using a single spray can.

Krylon products have the variety in colors and usages. You can use it for indoor or outdoor projects with outstanding features such as rust prevention, corrosion and weather resistance. So, what are you waiting for? Here are our top 4 best products gathering from these companies

The 4 Best Textured Spray Paint

1. Rust-Oleum 7220830 Textured Spray Paint

The product can resist weather and corrosion well which help protect various kinds of surfaces. Especially, when it comes to RUST-OLEUM products, the paint is formulated by oil-based technique. This prevents rust for your items.

It takes only around 15 minutes for the paint to dry and the ability to cover reaches up to 6 sq.ft for a can. The paint can last for a long time with the color remained. The textured finish is really beautiful and unique.

Pros: Gives a nice textured look, resistance well with the weather, have beautiful colors, the finish blends with the items, dry fast, very good coverage.

Cons: The nozzle can clog a lot.

2. Rust-Oleum 7992830 Stone Creations Spray

This stone textured spray paint is one of the most popular products on the market. It is often used for in-house purposes such as painting wood. This can also be a textured spray paint for metal.

Once you apply it, it gives you the stunning stone look. You should wait for around 30 – 60 minutes to let it dry completely. The cover is 12 sq ft for a can. To increase paint efficiency, shake it around 1 minute before using. Another tip for you to create a beautiful stone painting is to overlap the spraying pattern.

Pros: A strong texture, and pretty color variations. Leaves a beautiful stone look. Can stand up to the outdoor weather and sun well. Easy to use.

Cons: Cannot resist the water well.

3. Krylon K18212 Coarse Stone Texture Finish Spray Paint

This paint suits the best for creating arts as it can leave a stunning look easily. This is the first one which has the stone-textured metallic. Plus, it is acid-free.

Pros: The texture looks beautiful and professional, easy to touch-up, light colors, spray smoothly.

Cons: The texture takes a long time to dry. Make sure you confirm the color before buying.

4. Krylon K03700000 Fine Stone Textured Finish

Using modern technology, the product can work well for indoor and even outdoor paintings, especially suitable for wood, metal and glass surfaces. It resists to UV so don’t worry the paint would fade away easily. Besides, it dries fast.

Pros: The finish paint is so beautiful and worth the money, spray easily and dry fast, cover the imperfections well, fast service.

Cons: It is not easy to use, thereby, it is not for beginners, require a lot of cans to paint a small object.

What is Your Choice?

Textured paint is a combination of sand and normal paint. It is used to cover imperfections for large project. Meanwhile, textured spray paint is one type of the textured paint. Its purpose mainly serves small projects such us decorating furniture, renewing old items.

Textured spray paint can bring you benefits related to low price, easy to use. The ways to use textured spray paint is the same with other spray paint on the market. Firstly, sanding. Secondly, cleaning the surface. Thirdly, priming and finally painting.

Make sure to use painters tape to prevent overspray. There are a lot of textured spray paint brands. Therefore, it would be difficult for you to choose the best one. After doing practical research on the field, we have come up with the products from the two companies which are RUST-OLEUM and Krylon® company.

They are both reputational companies providing high-quality paints. We make quick reviews of the 4 products collecting from these companies. We hope that this article offers you vital knowledge of textured spray paint. Share with us your opinions about your favorite textured spray paints.

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