Do you think about the efficient way to get A SMOOTH PAINTING RESULT with an airless paint sprayer? You can enjoy a very smooth and even finish that the brush and rollers can’t give you in painting your walls or furniture. So, here are the TIPS for you to use an airless paint sprayer for your next EXTERIOR PAINT JOBS.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #1

Start with the low pressure and keep on adjusting it
If you can change the pressure and you know how to use the pressure setting, you will get the thickness of the paint that you wished for. Before you can continue spraying, you have to start the painting with low pressure and test it on a piece of cardboard or other material. Spray the cardboard until there are no more “fingers”, and then you can see an even spray pattern. When the spray pattern becomes consistent, you can move on with your exterior painting job.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #2

Spray it in a perpendicular way to the surface

This is how you can achieve the consistent layer while painting. You need to keep 12 inches distance from the sprayer to the wall or surfaces, and then the gun should hold in perpendicular position. The professional user is giving this tips for the beginners because this is how the way it should be used. It is tricky, but practice makes perfect.

Using Airless Paint Sprayer

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #3

Prep the doors and windows
You have to remember that some surfaces are not supposed to get paint, you need to cover those areas especially the windows and doors. Besides, you can use a roll out tape and plastic to tape windows and doors before getting started. And you can choose the tape and other accessories at the paint store. Remember, only protect the face of the trim.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #4

Keep a Lid on It
You can prevent clogs and also debris from entering the paint by doing this. Keeping the lid on will ensure that your paint is free of foreign matters. Remove the small cap of the paint bucket, and then you can stick the intake tube into the hole. You are also avoiding your paint from getting dry faster in this way.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #5

Wear a Shield
It is essential to wear a shield because it can protect you from the paint and then it can protect from overspray situation. People that working as a professional painter is using this tips to overcome the overspray problem.

Using Airless Paint Sprayer

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #6

Overlap the pattern 50 Percent
Firstly, you start the gun in motion before releasing the trigger at the end of each pass. During spraying, overlap the pattern about 50 percent to get a good paint condition. Start at the top of the door or wall and paint all your way down and then finish.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #7

Cover all the Nooks and Crannies
After you are done with your painting, do not call it a day too early. To ensure that the paint will last longer for years, this is the tip for you. Push the paint or back brushed the paint into the crack and crevice that you can see. This is a necessary step because you can achieve a coating that will last for many years.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #8

Back-roll, then Re-coat

This is a tip that you have to follow after the covering work. You need a roller and then roll it up and down motion. Use enough amount of paint so you can avoid dripping. One coat is what you will need for freshening up the paint, but you will need a second coat if for the new siding and also if you wish to change the color.

Using Airless Paint Sprayer

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #9

Do not ignore the weather
Do not ignore the weather if you want to start painting because the experts said that this is the most common mistakes for the beginners. You need to paint the wall in a dry condition and direct to sunlight in a sunny and hot day. Painting in rainy season will delay the paint drying process and the paint will not go to dry evenly.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #10

Eliminate the laborious task
After taping the face of your windows and doors, you can spray the edges of the trim and then move on to the walls. After spraying, you can roll on the trim color in every lap in the siding because this way can eliminate the laborious task. Caulking between the siding and trim sometimes are visibly imperfect. So this tips will allow you to have a beautiful and clean line by cutting in the paint over the blobs.

Using Airless Paint Sprayer

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #11

Avoid Overspray
Covering all surfaces that not intended to get paint on is the first step in painting. Another situation that can cause overspray is then wind and humidity. Make sure that you are working in a space that is covered from a windy location, and it is dry.

Tips Of Using Airless Paint Sprayer #12

Reverse the Tip to Purge Clogs
If you noticed, the advice from the spray has an arrow. The suggestion is reversible, and you are ready to paint by pointing the arrow forward. If the paint or spray is uneven, it might from the tip that clogged. You can purge the clog by cleaning the tip and inline filters. You also can do it by turning the tip 180 degrees and then check the spray quality on a piece of rosin paper or plywood.