For someone who loves making furniture at home, it is necessary to practice spraying paint properly and perfectly.

Is it also your need for DIY jobs at home?

If your answer is yes, let’s discover immediately helpful tips and tricks for your perfect paint spray furniture in our post.

It can be said that spray painting is one of the best ways to get you a smooth finish on woodwork, especially with detailed or complicated design products.

If you’ve ever painted with a brush, you must have been hard to use when it made the paint drips or print the brush on the surface.

But you can count on spray painting because it will bring the perfect work for you. And no matter what material you spray, you need to have the know-how from a skilled person.

Don’t let you wait too long, get started now.

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10 Tips For Paint Spray Furniture

Buy Compatible Paints And Primers

Buy Compatible Paints And PrimersThe suitability of paint and primer determines the excellent finish of your spray painting. Therefore, you need to make sure to buy compatible types of these products. You can ask the seller of the paint or see the information from the paint manufacturer on the packaging for the best primer proposals with the paint they sell.

Choose Suitable Furniture

Choose Suitable FurnitureYou should avoid using paint spray for old or valuable furniture because when you do this repainting, they lose the inherent value of the object. Besides, you should not wrap when spraying furniture. Instead, you choose high moisture and sun protection paint when you want to work outdoors with your furniture.

Clean Up Around The Workplace

Clean Up Around The WorkplaceIf you want to spray paint at home, you need to choose a place with a large area, ventilation, and no furniture around to avoid small particles of paint adhering to or falling to the floor.

In case you have to paint indoors between other decorations, you need to use newspaper, cloth or duct tape to cover all the surrounding objects and floors carefully. So, you don’t take time to clean up after finishing and don’t damage the items.

If you paint the ceiling, paint the walls or anything, to avoid staining the floor, you should spread a plastic cloth. If you paint outdoors, you should protect it to prevent the wind from blowing the paint.

The trick here is that you need to prepare paint sprayers, suitable paints as well as other items to make painting quick, time-saving.

Remove The Hardware

Remove The HardwareIt is a necessary job before spraying. Note that you should remove parts of the product. For example, the handles and knobs of cabinets and drawers, even take out each drawer. Then you paint them separately and reassemble them after painting layers on these parts dry thoroughly.

It makes you have better-finished products and does not get uneven paint in small slots or edges.

Smooth The Surface Before Spraying

Smooth The Surface Before SprayingThe purpose of this smoothing is to make it possible to apply a perfect spray painting on the item. You need to use rough sandpaper to scrub it thoroughly and remove all sharp edges, continue to use finer sandpaper to achieve a smoother surface.

Tips for woods with polyurethane, shellac or wax lacquer, you need to take out the finish to accept paint materials. If sanding doesn’t work, you can buy some chemicals at a store that help pull put wax to make spray paint furniture easily.

Completely Clean Your Furniture

Completely Clean Your FurnitureThe process to do after sanding is to clean the surface of the object and remove the sawdust with a soft cloth but do not use water. If water penetrates your wood, it can reduce the adhesion of paint and primer.

At the same time, you need to swipe the working area with a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from sticking to furniture when it is in wet paint and causing paint damage. Additionally, you can blow dust with air from a compressor or aerosol spray, or a tack rag with unique material for sticking dust

Test Spraying Paint On Scrap

Test Spraying Paint On ScrapEven if you are a skilled painter, you need to try spraying on scraps or cardboard before proceeding to paint your furniture. For beginners, it takes more practice time to spray paint confidently.

Moreover, the testing of previous spray paint also helps you to adjust the pressure, the amount of paint suitable to avoid errors in the painting process.

As a result, you get used to the powerful operation of the spray gun, the best way to use it, or the proper posture and movements during painting. Your proficiency in paint spraying will bring much better results for your paint spray furniture.

Because you contact with the paint, remember to wear goggles and protective gear when starting the paint test.

Use Primer Properly

Use Primer ProperlyOne or two coats of primer help make the spray paint smooth and sleek. You need to spray the primer lightly to cover the entire furniture. Then, leave the item completely dry before spraying.

Like paint products, primers also have strong chemical compositions and smoke. You should wear protective gear such as glasses, masks or respirators, and work in a ventilated area with open windows or ventilation fans. At that time, you are assured of working safely without affecting your health.

Check The Weather

Check The WeatherYou should be aware of weather such as high winds or dusty places to avoid spraying paint and dirt accumulating on furniture. Ideally, the environment is well-ventilated, clean, dry, and no wind. You also need a relatively large space to move when spraying paint and a safe distance for furniture to prevent adhering small paint particles.

Maintain The Distance Between Paint And Furniture

Maintain The Distance Between Paint And FurnitureWhen you do a paint test, you can identify the appropriate distance between spraying paint and furniture surface, avoid spraying too close for thick layer or too long to keep the paint away from sticking. For the best quality paint, you should maintain a stable distance when painting.

The tip here is the distance of 10 inches during the spraying process. You need to constantly move the hand that holds the spray gun well when working to balance this distance. The ideal length is far enough to spray on the surface as well as make the paint more even and better quality.

10 Frequently Asked Questions For Paint Spray Furniture

FAQ For Paint Spray Furniture

Is A Spray Can Attachment Tool Useful?

Of course, it is. You can use one to help your hand get rid of cramps, and spray more evenly.You buy a pretty cheap product quickly at the paint shop store, so it’s simple to replace, use effectively.

What Should I Do When My Paint Is Cracked?

The reason for paint with cracks or bubbles is the cold and moist outside air, or the cold furniture placing in a garage or basement, or debris on the furniture. You treat it by letting the painted object completely dry, then smoothing the crack and try spray painting again. The trick is to spray paint in the area of 70 to 85oF with low humidity and do not leave painted items overnight in low temperatures.

When Painting Each Coat, Do I Need To Sand Every Time?

You should carefully check the surface of the furniture to know its roughness. You can’t use a lot of paint to cover a bad surface and make it perfect. After you apply primer and let it dry, you can use your hand to examine the smoothness of the object. If nothing interferes, you won’t need sanding between coats.

What Should I Do While Spraying And Having Dripping Paint?

If you hold the long spray gun in one position, the paint will be uneven and drip. You should paint lightly and wait for it to dry. Besides, you should choose good quality paint to avoid this problem.On the market today there are many types of paints, you can buy at very different prices. You should pay much attention to the quality of paint, not to use cheap paint as it makes you have to use more paint and make the surface uneven.

You can use a thin cloth and gently remove a small drop of water. With a large drop of water, you must leave the object dry, sanded, primed, and sprayed again.

Can I Use A Poly Finish After Spraying Paint?

Yes, you can. Although this is not really necessary, you should take this step to protect the work you use every day and make it easy to wear.

How Should I Deal With Dust On Paint?

If small particles fall into the wet painting surface and stuck there when the paint is dry, you should handle it immediately. The reason is that the paint is dusty, you do not clean the surface thoroughly before spraying paint, or the dirt falls into the paint while working, or the paint equipment contains dirt. If you have light dust, you can sand and polish afterward. If the dust is buried in the paint, scratch the surface and spray again.

What Do I Do When Scratching My Painted Furniture?

You should know that most spray paint is oil based so you cannot wash with soap and water. You can treat it by spraying a little paint on it and brushing it with a small paint brush.

What Is The Benefit Of Spray Paint?

The benefits that the paint sprayer offers include:

  • You can use paint sprayers in many jobs, such as car paint, wall painting, product painting, varnish, and more.
  • The amount of paint sprayed quickly should be very regular, helping you to save significantly compared to the traditional paint roller.
  • The aesthetics that the paint sprayer offers are really great, the paint color and paint thickness are much more beautiful and smooth.
  • The pressure of piston to help spray paint lighter, so the surface of objects will have faster drying time.
  • Paint sprayers will partly help you reduce the cost of having to hire workers, the cost of painting.
  • Users only need to apply the paint properly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use the spraying machine safely and effectively.

Can You Guide Me How To Remove The Smell Of Newly-Painted Furniture?

Reducing vulcanization time helps you remove the smell of spray paint. It means that you need to paint furniture and then leave it to dry outdoors in dry weather and ideally under a lot of sunshine. You need to place new furniture in the sun and keep it in the house at night for several days until the smell of paint is gone. In case you cannot use this method, you place furniture in the garage or your spacious room for a few days.

How Long Should I Wait For The Next Coat?

You can paint the next coat after an hour. With temperatures of about 65-85oF and a light coating, you can repaint every 5 minutes. With two-sided objects, you should let the first surface dry and then turn to the other side and continue painting. The surface can touch when dry for 30 minutes, can process the next coat after 1-2 hours and it is completely dry within 24 hours.

Let’s Be Safe And Have Fun With Your Paint Spray

The spray paint gives you many benefits when saving your time and effort. However, please take the spray paint tips in our article to achieve your desired results.

Above all, your safety is a priority. Make sure you work in a clean, airy, and broad environment. Moreover, you need to equip yourself with suitable protective equipment to avoid inhalation of paint dust affecting your health.

Let’s start working on DIY painting projects at home to produce excellent products. Don’t forget to share this helpful post and tell us your valuable experience in spray painting. Your sharing is a great help to other readers and us.