Desire to Titan 440 paint sprayer for your indoor workspaces, but still wonder whether it is useful as reviewed or not? Is that your case? People now tend to do more self-repair. And as a matter of fact, the more they do, the more demanding they become..

Capturing this insight, tons of companies have produced many different kinds of sprayers, making the sprayer market more diverse than ever before. And sometimes people feel like they have a splitting headache as they don’t know where to start.

If you are wondering about the effectiveness of Titan 440, don’t worry because this article will bring you the best review for this machine! Stay tuned.

Titan 440 Paint Sprayer Review – General Information

General InformationTitan 440 paint sprayer is a heavy-duty professional spray gun made by the most trusted brand in painting space, Titan. This company has produced a large number of reliable sprayers with high quality and good performance, which promise to leverage your painting to the next level!

For house decoration, it is exactly an excellent machine for a variety of sustainable decorating work, which best suits big houses with large grounds. If you need a long performance machine to stay on top of garages, factory walls and more, this machine is exactly what you are looking for!

Similar to other common painting sprayers, Titan 440 machine is not a small tool offering users portability and precision work. Anyway, with its multifunction and powerful working system, this airless paint sprayer will surely exceed your expectations!

Most Outstanding Features Of Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

Featuring optimal specs, Titan 440 is one of the latest and most modern versions of the paint spray gun in the market. This unit uses airless technology-a popular method with DIY users for both interior and exterior decorating.

So now, to figure out all the benefits this sprayer brings us, let’s begin with this in-depth review below right now!

Powerful Motor

Powerful motorAs an airless spray gun, Titan 440 operates by an all-powerful and reliable motor to deal with all the tasks required!

This electric motor drives a turbine and comes with all filters including the gun and filters for the second stage. This process will ensure your tool a constant and reliable performance machine with less maintenance!

Noticeably, as a professional-grade machine, there will be routine maintenance required after a particular time usage and this process will take up to a week at a repair shop. So, take it into consideration to make sure your machine is always in the best condition.

Auto Oiler

Auto oilerAny machine needs lubricating by specific oil to avoid premature wear, so does Titan 440 sprayer. But with its auto oiler function, users don’t need to bother about a handy bottle of oil for lubricating the packings every time use anymore!

With this filter, every time you use, your oil will be always available for a smooth performance. What you need is just to pre-fill the oil reservoir, then push the auto oiler button twice before each usage, your sprayer will be auto-filled in a few seconds!

Manifold Filter

Manifold filterAnother utility Titan 440 paint sprayer provides is the manifold filter, the strong machine protection which helps catching debris and avoiding clogs. This part will make the paint flow smoother and faster to the sprayer gun and as a result, improve your paint coverage with the longer colorfastness!

The gun itself also has a pencil filter for easy cleaning, which results in a great working system from the machine to the gun without any mess up! With this effective collaboration, your machine will be protected from all the harmful factors. Thanks to it, your tool will be always kept in the best conditions.

Spray System

Spray systemEquipped with a super powerful motor and high working pressure, Titan 440 absolutely brings users a steady and greatly efficient spray system. With the GMP of 0,54, the higher gallons per minute than any expensive machine in its class, Titan 440 offers larger tip sizes and thicker coating for use.

This spray system also fastens and stabilizes the spray from pump to gun. Therefore, it can reduce the strain on both the pump and the motor with a steady flow. Even if you need to work with cabinet doors, you probably won’t experience any pressure loss or dead-band!

Electric Pressure Control

Electric pressure controlWith a powerful motor run by electricity and a smooth turbine system, the Titan spray offers users an excellent spray delivery for any decorating work! This high efficient machine, with 300 PSI working pressure, is able to allow users to do a variety of work without limitations.

However, it is claimed by many users that 300 PSI is sometimes too much for smaller projects. Therefore, to improve this inconvenience, Titan has supplied a pressure knob to help you easily adjust the level of pressure.

And now, as expected, this machine has become one of the ideal tools for potential spray coverage. Believe it or not, by giving a wider selection of settings for motor power, Titan 400 is an indispensable machine in any house!

Long Hose

Long hoseAn additional but important feature that we can not miss is a long hose. This is one of the greatest convenience Titan 440 creates for its customers! Coming with a 7,5-meter spray hose, this machine provides an ideal hose length for you to work around-house without limitations!

Although this machine is somehow too heavy for you to carry, but don’t take it seriously, the long hose enables you to solve all your workload at any place in your ground without hard moving! If you are looking for such a versatile and convenient unit, what more are you expecting?

Other Handy Features

Other handy featuresInterchangeable Spray Tips

In decoration, the beauty of a design depends on the meticulousness of your paint spraying. But how can you control this factor? The answer lies in the small part of the spray tip named the spray nozzle.

The variety of tip sizes decides the difference in spray levels and types. For each use, you can purchase some particular spray tips. With the compatible spray width, they will deliver the suitable amount of flow you expect for your each decorating work.

However, all you need to keep in mind is that, the thicker the materials are, the larger the flow rates required. So you must check your manual before buying these accessories to figure out the recommended tip size for your unit!

Skid and High Rider

You find it difficult to transport this heavy-duty machine? Absolutely the skid and the high rider version of Titan 440 paint sprayer is a solution for you! This additional handy feature of Titan allows users to carry the unit easier and simply handle any task in your house!

The skid rider has a smaller size, which enables you to store inside narrow space. Its design of the siphon tube provides users the ability to pull the heavy machine around to solve all your household work without wheels.

However, at certain angles, you should take notice of the paint can and carefully pull the machine or all your paint inside will be pulled out of the can! It sounds terrible! Therefore, pay attention to this point!

The high rider version with more convenience provided may cost you higher. However, including wheels and higher holder, this accessory will allows users quick and easy handle for any around-house workload!

Additionally, with the design of vertical siphon, corners when carrying is not a big issue anymore! So if you can afford a higher price for more benefits, let’s take these two into consideration!

Various Viscosities and Materials

As a long performance tool, Titan 440 is used for a variety of purposes. Therefore, instead of ordinary paint, why don’t we combine with extra materials?

In fact, when spraying, you can plus latex and enamel and various stains and lacquers to vary your paint beauty from interior to exterior decoration!

Moreover, it is especially ideal for wooden furniture. This machine allows you to spray your painting plus lacquers to make the wood furniture lighter and glossier, as well as protect the coat of wood from corrosion!

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsAfter all, it is clear that Titan 440 paint sprayer is a powerful tool for any professional workload! However, besides benefits, there are also several drawbacks that you need to pay attention to! Let’s check them out right now!


  • High accuracy
  • Great sprayer for lacquers
  • Easy handle
  • Good warranty


  • Needs better design for the on and off switch button
  • Not easy to clean up
  • High price compared to others

What Can You Paint With Titan 440 Paint Sprayer?

Paint With Titan 440 Paint SprayerUsed suitably for both indoor and outdoor workload, Titan 440 is best recommended to use for in-the-home and garden decorating work. This machine is able to spray latex, lacquers, stains, enamels and many other viscosity materials.

With its broad range, you can use this machine for common applications! But for the best paint coverage, make sure you know exactly about your sprayer’s features to apply the most compatible finish! It will not only bring your wall a more beautiful paint cover, but also provide longer colorfastness for a long time!

Common Issues With The Product And How To Resolve

Nothing is perfect, and this multifunction product also has mistakes! But keep taking it easy as we will show you the common issues and solutions for your Titan 440 below!

The Sprayer is Unable to Start Up

The sprayer is unable to start upIt is a common issue for users to be unable to start a machine! So don’t worry if your Titan 400 can’t start up immediately. There are a number of reasons causing this problem, so you can base these elements to find solutions for each case

  • Your machine has not plugged in or switched on
  • Low voltage power source
  • Broken fuse in the circuit
  • Extension cords don’t work
  • Broken switch
  • Motor problems

Broken switch and motors problems may require professional service to repair. But for the others, you can easily check and fix them without breaking your neck!

Sprayer Won’t Draw Up Paint

If one day your sprayer can’t draw up paint, Probably there are holes in the tubes. Sometimes, air leakage taking place in your sprayer also leads to the malfunction.

However, because of your high working pressure, you had better replace the broken part instead of repairing it for safety!

Electric Shock While Spraying

Electric shock while sprayingOne of the most dangerous problems is the electric shot when you spray paint. There are two big reasons why it happens that you need to keep in mind to avoid this accident:

  1. The sprayer is not grounded. Be careful to check all the machine before each use to make sure there is no electrical leakage! You should pay attention first to the extension cords because it is the number one cause of this accident for many users!
  2. The metal project you are working with is not grounded. Use a grounding cable to protect yourself when spraying metal things for your safety assurance. Furthermore, take a look at any electrical device in your home when spraying. If possible, turn off and cover them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the problems listed, there are also additional common questions that users need to know when using this machine. Let’s check out whether it is your issue or not!

How to change a pump filter?

Take a look under the machine, you will see a pump filter in black color. Use a wrench to unscrew the filter housing and your pump filter will appear. To continue, screw the clockwise to release the pump filter and then you can clean it several times.

Unfortunately, this filter also needs replacing after a particular time use! Similar to the steps you remove, for installing, you just need to screw the filter in anti-clockwise. After checking carefully, you can add a new filter housing back, and your machine is now ready to work the magic!

How to change a gun filter?

To find the gun filter, you’d better look at the spray handle base. At this place, you will see another filter housing, it is the gun filter you are looking for! Repeat the above steps for the pump filter, and you will be able to clean or change it easily!


This is the wrap up for our review of Titan 440 paint sprayer, and hopefully, you find it informative and useful! Each machine has pros and cons, so does this prayer. And we expect that after reading this article, you will be clear about all that this machine brings you and make your final best decision!