Choosing a paint sprayer may be as intimidating as it can get. Not only will you need to pinpoint exactly what you need from it, but you also have to know for sure the specification as well as features of the product. For that reason, it is essential to find out carefully before forking out for getting a new paint sprayer.

Last month we had a chance to try a Titan 640 paint sprayer which many people recommended highly at that time. And then, we started doing some research on this brand.

Of all models, Titan 640, Titan 440, and Titan 840 are top three most popular models that customers like the most given their features and durability.

For that reason, if you are wondering which versions to choose from, look closely at the comparisons we have drawn in the following parts. But before we get to that, let’s find out if anything is interesting in the Titan 640 version.

What is New in Titan 640?

What is New in Titan 640?The first thing I should discuss in this short writing is what you should expect from a Titan 640 paint sprayer. This model continues to impress users and experts with its fantastic performance. Titan 640 is a product of a mid-range paint sprayer Titan Airless Paint Sprayer that has been known for its full application, high maintenance, and effective performance.

Special Features

The Titan 640 paint sprayer is designed to spray up to 75-100 gallons a week. This number recommends that it is more suitable for small and medium commercial and residential projects rather than big ones. Its manufacturers have added many amazing features to make sure the upgraded version is better than old ones.

The Titan 640 has an auto-oiler with a push button that can deliver oil directly to its packaging. Another thing you cannot miss is the DigiTract LCD on the right side of the Titan 640. It does have a screen with many buttons so you can adjust the sprayer however you want.

Even more surprising, you can easily add a security code to prevent unwanted use of the sprayer. If there is anything wrong with the sprayer and you do not know what exactly it is, the screen will show some common mistakes so that you can check on one by one.

As you can see, Titan 640 is not only designed to help boost efficiency and productivity, and it also helps increase the product’s durability. It does the best to make sure your work is complete and provide possible solutions when problems occur.


Maximum Delivery 0.7 GPM
Maximum Tip Size 0.027”
Maximum Operating Pressure 3300 PSI
Weight (High Rider) 69 lbs
Weight (Low Rider) 64 lbs
Weight (Skid Frame) 42 lbs
Motor 1.55 hp
Warranty 4 years

Which Configuration Is for You?

Which Configuration Is for You?One of the special things about Titan Impact Paint Sprayer is that it comes with many different configurations. The previous model 440, as well as this latest version 640, can be bought via three main configurations: skid frame, high rider, and low rider. The larger the model is, the more difficult it is for you to move around.


SkidThis skid frame Titan 640 paint sprayer is perfect for small commercial applications such as spraying stains, enamels, latex, and lacquers.

High Rider

High RiderOne particularly good thing about owning a high rider is that you can easily roll it when needing relocating. It is pretty flexible to move around thanks to the 10-inch tires.

Low Rider

Low RiderThe greatest thing about a low rider paint sprayer is that it does not take up much space as a high rider does. It would cause a lot of inconveniences in case you have a massive number of tools to carry around. Besides, a low rider version is relatively more affordable than a high rider.

Titan 640 vs. Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

Titan 640 vs. Titan 440 Paint SprayerImpact Titan has been a famous series of products when it comes to painting sprayers. Before Titan 640 was released, the previous version Titan 440 had been at the top of the list for so long. Now let’s find out the differences between these two versions.


The most obvious difference in the 440 and 640 versions lies in its size. Titan 640 and Titan 440 all come with three configurations. However, if you are looking for a portable yet powerful paint sprayer, perhaps Titan 640 would be a better fit. Titan 640 configurations are designed to be extremely compact and flexible that can fit almost any space permitted.


Maximum Delivery 0.54 GPM
Maximum Tip Size 0.023”
Maximum Operating Pressure 3300 PSI
Weight (Skid Frame) 39 lbs
Motor 7/8 hp

The biggest difference between Titan’s versions is its efficacy and the maximum delivery ability. The Titan 640 can deliver up to 0.7 gallons per minute while the previous version is only 0.54. If you are looking for a highly powerful machine, you know what to go for.

Titan 640 vs. Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

Titan 640 vs. Titan 840 Paint SprayerIf the Titan 440 is somehow weaker and less efficient than the Titan 640, Titan 840 is the opposite. Its design and structure make it completely suitable for industrial purposes rather than home uses.


If the Titan 440 and 640 all have 3 configurations for different types of users, the 840 only has two which are a high rider and a low rider.

Apart from all the features of Titan 640, Titan 840 does provide a series of advanced features that are suitable for large spaces. It has larger tires so that the paint sprayer can be moved around the site you are working on with ease. Its cart is designed to be very flexible as you can change paint bucket or clean spine loads in and out within a few seconds.

Titan 840 is created to make everything faster and better, so almost every part of it has been upgraded to be more suitable for industrial uses. Day-to-day jobs seem to get better with Titan 840.


For all features it offers, it is easy to understand Titan 840 is far more expensive than the other two versions. If you are seeking equipment for industrial uses, Titan 840 may be a good choice. Likewise, I would definitely suggest this model if you are planning to use it on big projects as it would be very efficiency. Click here to find out better paint sprayers for your house.

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Titan has many different paint sprayers which are high-quality and efficient. However, it does not mean you can choose whatever you want without considering its features. There are thousands of paint sprayers on the market that may fit your budget and requirement. For example, a Titan 440i may be a good idea for those with a tight budget.

It is not necessary to be the best machine with the highest efficacy to give best results. What you need is the right paint sprayer that fits your needs, your space and your budget.

Tips to Use and Maintain

Make sure you can get the best result, there are a couple of dos and don’ts you should remember. Let’s keep reading to find out how to use and maintain paint sprayers in the best way.

Tips to Use

Tips to UseBefore going deeper into the details, let’s discuss a little bit when to use paint sprayers. Paint sprayers are a fantastic tool that can help paint better and faster. However, it does not mean you can use it in all cases.

Only use paint sprayers, especially paint sprayer with high power such as Titan when you are painting large spaces or fences or exterior things. If you are decorating an empty room or house, a paint sprayer can also help.

The second thing you should take notice is that not all paint sprayers are the same. If you used to work with some sprayers and now you are switching to another one, it does not mean both of them are the same regarding volume, voltage, or angle. In this case, I recommend you read the instruction carefully before using it.

Airless paint sprayer such as Titan 640 is very dangerous as it has a very high pressure. Be careful not to let the paint inject your skin. Wearing protective clothing such as gloves, helmet, and coats are a good way to keep you safe.

Tips to Maintain

Tips to MaintainAs paint sprayers are very expensive, repairing them also costs you a lot of money. For that reason, it is important to keep paint sprayers under proper maintenance to make sure they can work at their best efficacy.

The first thing to remember is you have to keep your paint sprayer clean and clear. Sprayers like Titan 640 should be cleaned carefully after use and kept in a clean environment for later use at its best.

After using a Titan 640, the paint should be immediately cleaned out of the sprayer and the hose or else the materials will get broken. A paint sprayer is such a substantial investment, for that reason, it is crucial to make sure it is in good condition. Below are some points you should pay attention to:

  • Clean the Filter: Filters get stuck easily. Clean it every time you use it by changing the paint buckets. I always recommend using a soft brush to remove all dust and debris. In the spray gun, there is a filter that stops debris and small objects falling into the motor. Remember to clean it after using.
  • Pressure Relief: If the sprayer is under high pressure, there is a good chance it will stop working at some point. Always relieve the pressure during the process.
  • Valve Care: Valve is another vital part of the sprayer. It has to be oiled frequently to make sure everything runs smoothly. Use a soft brush with water to clean the valve. In some cases, when the sprayer is too old, replacing the valve is also a must-do.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Titan 640We are all aware that you may have a couple of questions while reading this article. Let’s resolve them one by one:

Question 1: Does the Titan high rider Impact 640 come with a hose and a gun or do I have to buy them separately?

Answer: Well yes, it does. A hose and a gun are included in the full package that you get from any store.

Question 2: Is the Titan 640 paint sprayer hard to use?

Answer: To some extent, yes. As it is an airless paint sprayer, you have to be quite more careful than when using other conventional sprayers. But the rewards are satisfying, right?

Question 3: How do I know if my paint sprayer is broken and need repairing?

Answer: To those who are not familiar with airless paint sprayers, it may be quite difficult for them to realize when the paint sprayer needs maintenance or repairing. Here are some signs you can consider:

  • It does not startup late. If this happens to your sprayer, there is a possibility that there are some problems with the motor or the switch. Remember to check the power source first to see if the voltage is too low for the paint sprayer to run.
  • There are a few pressure issues. From my own experience, pressure issues are the second most common problems that you may have with airless paint sprayers. The solution to this is to check the filter. If the filter is too broken or too old, then change it.
  • What if the sprayer does not spray consistently? The spray tip is where you should think of first when dealing with this issue. Try to clean it and see if there is any change. Please remember that each type of paint requires a different type of oil.

Question 4: If I figure out some parts of the sprayer needs replacing, where can I find those replacement parts?

Answer: This is one of the biggest advantages when buying Titan paint sprayer. Unlike other products, it is effortless to find replacement parts due to its design and popularity. You are more likely to find them in any local store or on any website at a very reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

As people’s needs are different and may vary from people to people, there are many different versions of Titan paint sprayers you can choose. Of all, Titan 640 is an exceptional model. It is not too weak nor too strong for residential uses. Therefore, it also comes with a more reasonable price than other versions.

By containing multiple amazing features, Titan 640 paint sprayer has created a good reputation for the Titan product lines. If you are looking for an airless paint sprayer with an affordable price and high performance, trying a Titan 640 is actually not a bad idea. Good luck!