Looking yourself out before investing in a Titan Airless Paint Sprayer? This in-depth review will walk you through all of its best features, and reveal what is good and what should be improved. Stay tuned for a lot of insights!

Buying an airless paint sprayer can be a daunting task given the fact that there thousands of brands and product options. A quality sprayer, however, will be a great help for both DIY and professional painters with high demand for work results and striving for happy customers.

We thus prepared this review in order to pack you with all the should-know about Titan Airless Paint Sprayer. Let’s give this sprayer a walkthrough!

What Can You Use Titan Airless Paint Sprayer For?

Use Titan Airless Paint Sprayer ForWe all know it’s gonna make things easier when it comes to spray painting. But what exactly can a Titan airless paint sprayer do? We have broken the uses into three categories:

Time And Coverage Efficiency

When it comes to speed and area size, such conventional painting techniques as rolling or brushing cannot hold the handles for an airless paint sprayer.

That’s also the primary reason behind the popularity of this advanced paint applicator. Less time and more area, it thus does the best work for painting a wide surface in a minimum amount of time.

Material Saving

An airless paint sprayer , of course, takes up more of your budget than a brush or a roll. However, it stands as a better tool to save the material you use for painting.

And as it is more portable when moving between different areas, you can free yourself from unnecessary drippings and streaks.

Even Coating Application

There is no paint sprayer nor any paint tool that can be a substitute for training and experience. However, having a quality paint sprayer will make it easier to reach that satisfying paint smoothness – pretty much “goal” for painters of all levels.

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer Review

First Impression On Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

Among all painting applicator manufacturers, Titan is one of the reputable pioneers. It first hit the market in 1974 with a fluid nozzle providing an atomizing orifice and a variable fan pattern.

With its presence in the industry for half a century, Titan has been offering a diversity of sprayers. Most known product lines are Electric Airless, Gas Airless, Fine Finishing, Texture, and Air Powered.

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer’s Features To Remember

Excited to learn all the best of Titan Airless Paint Sprayer? Let’s the Titan show begin!

Airless Technology

Airless TechnologyTitan introduced to the market one of its most advanced airless technologies in spray painting. It is versatile enough to use for both indoors and outdoors projects.

The most convenient benefit of this technology is that you won’t need a compressor; there is no involvement of compressed air in this sprayer. As an airless sprayer, the gun is packed with the paint flow from a piston. The pumping actions from the piston raises the high pressure, which is initiated by the built-in motor in the machine.

Working Pressure

There has long been a fierce battle among all the airless sprayer fighting for the number of PSI. The higher it is, the more serious the machine appears. However, it’s much more realistic to actually look at the specific painting situations to decide which number is good enough.

In the case of Titan airless sprayer, it gives you three ranges of pressure: 0-200 PSI (for priming and cleaning), 200-1,900 PSI (for almost all surfaces), and 1,900 – 3,000 PSI (for heavy-duty tasks).

With these ranges, you have the flexibility to deal with almost all kinds of surfaces. This is much more important than just a very high number of PSi without making any real sense.

Spray Nozzles

Spray NozzlesSpray nozzle is what decides the fan pattern, which should be changeable depending on different surfaces. And luckily, Titan does give you that customization you want. Even thick materials such as emulsion and masonry paint will not be tough tasks.

However, please note that its maximum tip size is 0.023, so if you have a different nozzle, make sure it matches with this requirement. When painting for fine work like a gloss paint, fitting the tip down to 0.011 would be highly recommendable.

Material/ Durability

The quad, packing, and built-in material on Titan airless paint sprayer are all in good quality. What’s most worth-noticing is that its packings wipe materials clean when the sprayer is running, which prevents its contact with the sealing lip and piston. As a good result, the mechanism can extend the sprayer’s life.

The manifold filter in the Titan airless sprayer is also much more improved from older versions. It is upgraded to a full-size filter, allowing for a bigger filtering surface. Parallelly, it accelerates the paint in moving through the gun while still reducing the waste.

Power And Noise

Power And NoiseTitan airless paint sprayer is powered with a Herculean-quality ⅞-horsepower DC motor. It drives the turbine in a reliable and powerful manner – a big plus for heavy-duty tasks.

Beware of the noise; it is actually a ubiquitous downside in most airless paint sprayers out there. However, as combined with the manifold-filter, this Titan has actually tried its best to reduce the noise.

Coming with it, you also have Sureflo Pusher Valve and AutoOiler features, which together do a decent job in preventing clog-up and premature wear inside the machine.

Viscosity And Texture

As you have choices to alter the nozzle, the Titan sprayer can work with liquid of various viscosity. Latex, enamel, stain, and lacquer, on wall, ceiling, woodwork, you make the call.

You can use Titan airless paint sprayer for all scales and locations of projects. It can spray at around half a gallon a minute, this with a wide fan pattern will give you a good save on time.

With that being said, highly viscous paints should be avoided to increase the durability of the spray’s material.


HoseThe hose is about 7.5 meters long; good chances are you can reach all areas and corners you need without having to move the machine. On the roll, as we now talk about moving the machine, it is medium-heavy (90 lbs), so carrying it should not be a daunting task.

The hose is also big enough to transfer the paint constantly to the spray gun. With the diameter of ¼”, the transferring velocity is quite on-point.


Most Titan sprayers come with Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean. You will know exactly the pressure amount, gallons, and runtime hours with the digital readout.

And after a long day of painting, you just need a bucket of cleaning solution. Simply spray through the system to clean the gun, there’s no need to disassemble it for the cleanup.

As cleaning with Titan airless paint sprayer does not take much time and effort, you should do it on a regular basis. It is also a professional approach to make the Pressure Control work more consistently.

Who Should Buy An Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

Buy An Titan Airless Paint SprayerAs an airless paint applicator, the Titan sprayer is best cut out for large indoor and indoor projects. The learning curve to operate a Titan sprayer is not steep, so you can get the beat after a few times using.

Another factor that needs to be in your consideration is the using frequency. Titan airless sprayer is more suitable for people who spray around 100 gallons a week. It is thus a good tool if you are running a painting business.

In short, Titan airless does not require you to be a pro to use it. But you should use it quite often or for large painting areas to make the best value out of your money.

Quick Look On The Pros And Cons

Quick Look On The Pros And ConsWe’ve been going a long way through all the important features. It’s now time to put everything in a nutshell and show you if there’s anything we don’t really like about it.


  • Advanced airless technology for consistent paint pattern
  • High-power motor for constant working
  • Ability to work with various types of paints
  • Flexible working pressure adapting to different painting needs
  • Changeable spray tips for various paint texture
  • Compatibility for both indoor and outdoor projects


  • Frequent cleanup is necessary
  • May take time to set up
  • Can be noisy on high power

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How To Set Up An Airless Paint Sprayer

How To Set Up An Airless Paint SprayerA few important things to keep in mind before operating the Titan sprayer:

  • Make sure the On/Off switch is in the Off position
  • Keep the spray trigger locked until you’re ready to paint
  • Plug the electrical cord into a round outlet at least 25 feet from the spray area
  • Make sure the fittings and filter housings are tight
  • Check the hose for cuts, leaks, and abrasions

A brand-new sprayer comes with test fluids that need to be removed. You will need two metal containers (One of them is filled with mineral spirits). Now, set up the sprayer with these steps:

  • Step 1: Place the siphon tube in the container filled with mineral spirits
  • Step 2: Place the return tube into the empty container
  • Step 3: Set the pressure control knob to the minimum setting
  • Step 4: Set the prime spray valve to the prime position
  • Step 5: Turn on the sprayer. Let it run for 15 – 30 seconds to flush all the test fluids into the waste container.
  • Step 6: Once the test fluids are pumped all out, take the siphon tube above the container, and let the sprayer pump dry. Finally, turn off the sprayer

Note: If you are using oil-based paint, you’re now ready to use the sprayer. However, beware if you are using water-based paint or coating, you will need to repeat the procedure with water. Mineral spirits can turn water-based paint to gel and get stuck in the system.

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

What accessories come with Titan airless paint sprayer?

Titan airless sprayer comes with everything to make your setup ready. Specifically, the box includes the spray gun, sprayer tip, hose, air whip, and fluid whip.

Does it include Titan’s warranty?

Yes. It offers a limited 1-year warranty covering defects and craftsmanship. Such faults as abuse, corrosion, and negligence will not be included.

How long does a Titan sprayer normally last?

With proper storage and maintenance, most user’s cases claimed the average using time is around 4-5 years without incident. Still, the time can be more or less depending on frequency of use.

Can it work with sand paint texture?

Sand paint is not recommended for Titan sprayer as it may get clogged up in the spray gun.

Can this sprayer work with fence boards/ stain?

Yes. Set the fan pattern to be small so that you will lose less paint.

What is the requirement for power on this Titan sprayer?

Titan airless sprayer works on all common household power outlets.

Can it spray on the drywall compound?

Yes, impressively.

How many watts does this Titan sprayer draw?

A 3600W generator is definitely enough to power it.

Will this Titan sprayer work with colored wood stain?

Yes, not a problem!

Do I have to thin the paint before using it with a Titan sprayer?

Normally, no. However, it also depends on the nozzle size and the PSI you are using to paint.


Titan Airless paint sprayer is a high-end paint applicator that can give you years of use. Any DIY painter or professional painter will have so many things to match themselves with.

While having some minor downsides to it, this airless sprayer is still an interesting deal. Overall, it is durable, high-performance, and easy to operate. So if you are looking for a worthy investment in your painting job, Titan airless paint sprayer should be a priority.