You desire to buy Titan Controlmax 1700 but still wonder about its benefits? Nowadays there has been a wide range of daily tasks requiring specific power tools to solve. As a result, there is an increasing trend of buying these machines to deal with house workload!

Perhaps there are several airless sprayer guns capturing your attention, but Titan Controlmax 1700 is the most remarkable! However, for some reasons, you still find it hard to make the right decision. Don’t be messed up, this article will give you a detailed review of this machine! Let’s figure it out!

Titan Controlmax 1700 Review

Titan Controlmax 1700

About the Brand

Titan Corporation, one of the most trusted brands manufacturing electric tools, is always advisable for any daily workload! Specialized in power tools for professionals and DIYers, Titan is the brand whose products are always in the spotlight that people should look for reviews!

Besides professional paint sprayers, Titan also provides products for DIYers. Thanks to the supply of various machines with the sustainable high quality, Titan Controlmax 1700 absolutely captures every buyer’s attention once they have demands for paint sprayers!

Titan Controlmax 1700 Product Specs

Before buying any machine, you must clarify the specs of itto make sure it suits your working area and meets the requirements of your task, as well. Therefore, to help you consider these features carefully before making a purchase, let’s see the Titan Controlmax 1700 specs listed in the table below!

Specs Titan Controlmax 1700
Dimension 30 x 13.5 x 16 inches
Weight 19.4 pounds
Motor 0.60 HP
Flow Rate 0.33 gal/min
Maximum Pressure 1500 PSI
Maximum Tip Size 517
Hose Length 30 ft
Type Airless
Suitable for Interior and Exterior

What can Titan Controlmax 1700 Best Perform for?

What can Titan Controlmax 1700If you have a desire to buy such an excellent paint spraying machine for your house decorating, Titan Controlmax 1700 will be a perfect choice!

Actually, this heavy-duty sprayer is especially perfect for professionals and DIYers! With its powerful motor and smooth flow rate, you will be able to cover a very large area in your house with ease!

As a master paint sprayer, this machine probably offers users professional-looking outcomes at an affordable cost! when compared to other non-professional sprayers, this price is a little bit higher. However, if you make a comparison between Titan Controlmax 1700’s benefits and other master machines, you will find this price acceptable!

As we can see, this machine is one of the highly-recommended powerful tools that can help with your daily house workload! Certainly, with its best performance for large decorating and affordable prices, this Titan controlmax will bring you more outstanding benefits than expected!

If you are still wondering whether you should cash much to get this sprayer for your jobsite, let this review below give you objective assessments to make your final decision!

Most Worth-noticing Features

Powerful Pump

Powerful PumpFeatured with the powerful pump of 0.6 HP, the Titan Controlmax 1700 enables to pump 0.33 gal/mil with the max pressure of 1500 PSI. Thanks to this all-powerful system, your paint spraying for large objects will turn to be very easy and time-saving!

Absolutely, there are some other spraying machines that can offer more for your workload. However, even if you are a DIYer, you will find it unnecessary to need more pressure and horsepower than that.

Furthermore, offering the ability to adjust the speed of the spraying pump, this machine allows users to solve a wide range of work just with one tool! It will help reduce time, cost and effort, therefore, bring users a lot of convenience!

Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan Controlmax 1700 is developed with the highly efficient airless technology. Including the HEA tip, this machine is capable of decreasing up to 55% overspray! Moreover, this advanced technology also delivers softer spray and improves the control, which will bring your object a smooth and sustainable finish!

Skid Rider for Portability

Skid Rider for PortabilityCarrying a heavy-duty machine during the working process will kill your energy, especially when you have to work with very large areas! But with the Titan Controlmax 1700 with the skid rider, all you need to transport is just a light-weight and easy handle sprayer gun!

The skid rider is smaller in size so that you can store it in narrow spaces! With the design of the siphon tube, users will be able to pull the machine around to deal with all the round-house decorating without wheels!

Anyway, there is an obvious point that will mind you during the process! At certain angles, if you desire to turn right or left, you should pay attention to pull the machine carefully! Otherwise, all the paint inside containers will pull out, and you will never want it to happen, right?

If you want to overcome this difficulty, the pro version of Titan Controlmax 1700 should be taken into consideration! Despite its higher cost, the benefits it will bring you will never let you down!

Besides helps you with spraying straight from the bucket, the pro version of Titan Controlmax 1700 with 2 wheels allows you to transport it from place to place with ease!

Imagine how convenient it is when you don’t need to bend down to pick up a heavy paint container many times thanks to this feature! Absolutely, your back will be extremely thankful for it!

Long Hose

Long HoseAnother important benefit that we can’t miss is a 3x longer hose than other competitive sprayers! Coming with a 30 ft spray hose, this machine is ideal for large projects in your workspace! Fascinatingly, with Titan 1700, you can extend the length up to 80 ft to reach longer!

Imagine you have to carry the sprayer gun from place to place during the working process, again and again! It seems terrible, right! However, with this long hose, you will be able to save a ton of time and effort for sure!

2-year Warranty

Powerful but still long-lasting! Titan Controlmax 1700 may cost you much at first, but in terms of the long-term use, you will find it affordable!

Besides the best performance for the quality, Titan also provides users with good customer service! This spraying machine is backed by a 2-year warranty if the product has any technical problem, maintenance or replacement!

Nowadays, buying requires not only the product’s quality but also the customer service! Therefore, you should take notice of these benefits to help you with a better experience with one brand!

What’s Good and not so Good

Good and not so GoodNothing is perfect, and this machine is no exception! Besides outstanding features, Titan Controlmax 1700 also has several drawbacks! Let’s figure them out right now!


  • High quality
  • Durability
  • 55% less overspray
  • Perfect finish without stripes
  • Ideal for large objects
  • Spray straight from the pain container
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Adjustable to suit a wide range of tasks


  • The tip is not clogged
  • High price
  • Waste the paint

How to Use Controlmax 1700 and Painting Tips

How to Use Controlmax 1700So, what could you do with this Titan Controlmax 1700 spraying machine? Well, this sprayer’s multifunction will give you such a big surprise!

For both exterior and interior decorating, this machine is ideal for professional-looking outcomes with an easy handle! It is always highly advisable for around-house tasks thanks to its outstanding features which enables you to solve any house workload successfully!

Moreover, with this sprayer gun, you can bring a perfect finish onto various surfaces of objects! This machine is able to spray lacquers, latex, stains, enamels and many other viscosity materials! Therefore, with its broad range, you will be able to work with common applications with perfect results!

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What You May Concern About Titan Controlmax 1700

What You May Concern About Titan Controlmax 1700

What could I do if my Titan sprayer gun is unable to start?

This problem is quite common when using any machine! Therefore, don’t be messed up if your Titan machine is unable to start immediately! To apply the right solutions, it is essential for you to clarify the causes first! Let’s see all the cases listed below to identify whether it is your problem!

  • Your sprayer has not switched on or plugged in
  • Low voltage power source
  • Extension cord has stopped working
  • The switch is broken
  • Motor issues
  • Broken fuse in the circuit

In terms of the broken switch and motor problems, they may require professional repair to maintenance or replacement if necessary! It may cost you a little, but you have no choice!

Apart from them, the other problems are quite easy to deal with! Just need to check your machine carefully before starting it, you will solve the problems yourself and enable it to operate it again without much effort!

How to avoid electric shock when spraying?

When working with electric tools, the most dangerous risk is an electric shot! Consequently, once spraying paint with Titan Controlmax 1700, there are 2 main reasons causing the electric shock that you should pay attention to!

  • Check carefully that the sprayer is fully grounded! You should do this step before each use to make sure the machine is safe enough for you to use!
  • Examine the extension hose firstly as it is highly possible that there is electric leakage here! If you find any of them, reground it circumspectly and then you can use the machine normally!
  • Besides the machine itself, the metal surfaces that you work with will also lead to the electric shot unless you are careful enough! Use a grounding cable when spraying metal things to protect yourself from danger!

Furthermore, you should also take a look at other electrical devices before spraying! Turn off and cover them carefully for your safety assurance, and you will decrease the risk!

My sprayer gun can’t draw paint, what should I do?

Your tool is working very smoothly, and it suddenly stops drawing paint? How terrible! You intend to rate the machine 1 start? Well, calm down! Maybe there are some unexpecting problems, and we should find out what they are to make sure they are serious! Let’s start!

Despite the durability of Titan components, it is unavoidable that they will break after a long time use! If your machine can’t draw paint, probably there are holes in the tubes or air leakage happening in your sprayer. Whatever they are, they will surely lead to the malfunction!

So, what should we do to fix this mistake? Having it repaired it will extend the time of use; however, it’d better if you replace it as soon as possible due to the high pressure this machine provides! As a result, for your safety and high performance, you should take notice of choosing the right method for yourself!


This is the wrap-up of our review for Titan Controlmax 1700! Everything has two sites, and this outstanding painting sprayer gun is no exception. As a result, we expect that with this straight-to-the-point review, you will be able to make up your mind soon.

Anyhow, if you find the Titan Controlmax 1700 worth buying, it is time to make a decision! This is a versatile machine that can pretty much be a helpful sidekick when it comes to redecorating your home, so we are sure that you will not regret investing in it.