Turbine paint sprayer is the latest product designed to replace paint brushes, paint cans, paint batches. This machine makes cleaning or renovating things faster and more beautiful.

Instead of pouring money into hiring people to paint what you need, do you think of becoming a painter with just one machine? If you need to use a turbine sprayer but don’t have a profound understanding of how it works then you have come to the right place, our article is for you!

In the sections below, we will provide you with all the information you need when you intend to buy a turbine paint sprayer, so stay tuned.

What Is Turbine Paint Sprayer?

What Is Turbine Paint SprayerTurbine paint sprayer is a gadget that boosts the air according to the paint progression by using a turbine. It contains a motor that eliminates the need for an air pass to the compressor.

Most of today’s specialized products such as bicycles, metal equipment, and vehicle parts are painted with turbine paint sprayers.

These machines were created economically as they greatly reduced the amount of paint that was sprayed compared to compressed air paints.

The structure and model of the turbine paint sprayers are mostly the same. A common sprayer consists of two parts: the compressor and the sprayer – connected by a rubber hose.

Each part of a machine has a specific task: the compressor is used to bring in the air when the sprayer is required, then the sprayer (with the connection to the paint bucket) will help you cover all surfaces needed.

When starting the machine, under the action of low pressure of airflow, the paint will spray out evenly. That is also why turbine paint sprayer is always the perfect choice for consumers.

Although most of the structure is the same, manufacturers still produce many different kinds of turbine paint sprayers as the number of fans of this machine keeps growing tremendously , which is called “stage”: single stage turbine, two-stage turbine and three-stage turbine.

But the most popular one to be chosen is a three-stage turbine because of the easiest ability to handle common problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Turbine Paint Sprayer?

Benefits Of Turbine Paint SprayerA turbine paint sprayer machine gives you many of the benefits and we will show you in this section below:

Easy to Use

The turbine injection system uses a very simple method, which simplifies the process of learning and practicing using the machine appropriately. Anyone can become an expert at using turbine paint sprayer!

Compared to brushes and rollers, turbine paint sprayers are faster, more efficient, less time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Rollers and brushes are inaccessible to places that are too tight to reach, in addition they have no effect on thick oil and rubber. As to turbine paint sprayer, those things are not a problem at all!

Straightforward to Control

With a soft, improved spray head, the turbine paint sprayer is perfect for applications where control and precision is required. The usage process is always smooth and light, so the end result is better.

Transference Effectively

Only 1/3 of the surface is in contact with the paint, the rest is limited by the air flow so the compressor control system is very inefficient, which takes you time to perform the restoration process to recover the missing part.

Whereas, with a turbine paint sprayer, it is easier to cover all painted surfaces, and the paint consumption is very small, which saves your time and money.

Better for Your Health

Compared to other paint sprayers, turbine paint sprayers emit very little excess paint into the air, which means you can avoid exposure to a lot of chemicals. So, let your hair down as now you are free from health problems when it comes to painting.

How Does A Turbine Paint Sprayer Work?

Turbine Paint Sprayer WorkBy atomizing the paint, the HVLP spray guns help the paint when contact with the non-draining flow will be separated into small particles blowing into the air, thus helping to easily control the propellers, stabilizing the spray density from low to high.

These modern sprayers have the ability to control paint flow, in addition to controlling the pressure and spread of paint by air intakes and nozzles.

Paint is placed under a cup of gun and the air is separately fed into the pressure pot and gun. When you pull the trigger, the paint is pushed into the place where it intersects with the air, which creates the aforementioned chemical atomization law.

To set up the paint gun, it requires a large amount of air. The machine will not work if the compressor doesn’t have enough cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute).

The information about the full amount of the air for the compressor is available on each machine type.

Choosing the tip for the turbine paint sprayer is the next thing to keep in mind. In normal usage: the tip of 1.0 is for the small parts. 1.3 and 1.4 for larger surfaces such as the entire vehicle surface. And also the tip from 1.8 to 2.3 depends on the thickness you want.

To control the overspray paint sprayer, you need to keep distance at least 0.9 feet. Keep the tip of the gun in the right position then pull the trigger and move it evenly.

Do not use too much pressure, find a suitable setting for the surface and then gradually increase it until it is evenly coated.

What Type Of Paint Can Be Used In Turbine Sprayer?

Currently, there are many types of paints on the market for you to choose. Choosing the right paint will help your work efficiency be higher. As below, we will give you a few suggestions:


PrimerBefore coating any surface, it is necessary to apply a primer to make the surface smoother and more even. Paint after covering is also kept longer.

Different types of primers have different benefits. Want to dry faster? Then you should use an oil based primer. Metal and wood surfaces should use metal enamel, but remember to rub the surface with a sandpaper before use.

If you do not want to feel confused between the options, use all purpose primer for sure!

However, the choice will greatly affect the aesthetics of the surface, so consider it carefully when choosing primer to buy.


AcrylicAcrylic paint is a high quality paint with high coverage, good adhesion, very diverse colors.

When painting on the wall in favorable conditions, the surface of the paint will dry in 30 minutes and dry completely within 1 hour.

Acrylic paint has high gloss, bright colors, and high color fastness. It would be such a huge mistake if we don’t mention its ability to stick on many surfaces as a perk. For that reason, artists and painters prefer to turn ideas into works through acrylic.

Acrylic Paint Water-based acrylic paints use solvents that are alcohol-friendly and safe for health. It is a paint that is widely used in painting, furniture, and material industries.

With advantages compared to other paints, it should be used commonly today.

Acrylic paints in coating products such as wall surface, plastic surface, wood, paper, silk. With many advantages in color, durability in friendly with environment. Acrylic materials are gradually becoming more popular in life.


Like acrylic paint, latex paint dries very quickly. The reason behind its popularity is because it is an environmentally friendly paint, and its characteristic odor is very light so that it does not cause any discomfort to users.

With the solid texture thanks to synthetic polymers, you need to add a little more water to paint more easily. In general, this is a suitable paint for sprayer because it meets the needs of a good paint.

High Heat

High heat paint is a specialized paint. When you need to paint places like radiators, water heaters, grill, fireplace, or other heat resistant surfaces, this is the right paint for you.

This paint can withstand temperature up to 648 Celsius degree.

Oil Based

Oil basedOil-based paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Although the drying time is not fast, the advantage is that you can paint in just one time without the need for primer because of its oil structure. That saves you a lot of time

However, because of the structure, it can sometimes cause fumes, so be careful, it’s best to use this paint when you are in an open space.

If using oil paint, you should repaint it after a few years because it can turn yellow, fade or crack.

Can You Paint A Car With A Turbine Sprayer? Tips and Tricks for Spray Painting

Paint A Car With A Turbine SprayerThe use of a turbine paint sprayer is quite similar with the usual paint sprayer. But you still need some tips and tricks to achieve some great results:

  • Practice makes perfect: In theory, to use the turbine paint sprayer, you just need to point where to paint then shot. But it is not that simple.
    As a rule of thumb, you should practice on the surface of wood or cardboard several times in advance to achieve the best results before spraying paint on something.
  • Cleaning your turbine paint sprayer: This is actually more important than you think because keeping the sprayer clean will prevent the paint from evaporating inward the nozzles, if you don’t want to cause a blockage to damage the machine
    In addition, the clotted paint on the inside when being pushed out will make your paint surface look bad. Or, keeping the tools clean will help you prevent yourself from situations of congestion that cause fire or leakage of paint chemicals.
  • Always keep a safe distance from the paint gun when using it, even with protective gear, do not let small paint dust particles get into your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Depending on the work plan and the size of the item and the amount of paint needed, you should rely on that to choose the size of the turbine sprayer you need to buy to make it more convenient for your work.

What to Look for in A Turbine Paint Sprayer?

Choose a sprayer with a reasonable priceKeep these in mind to make the right choice for your needs when planning to buy a turbine paint sprayer

  • Choose a sprayer with a reasonable price. If you can’t afford expensive one, don’t choose the cheap, non-quality models.
    Select a turbine paint sprayer with simple functions, reliable and can use for many years. Cheap plastic models are often not very well equipped, easily leading to congestion and frequent damage.
  • Another feature you should pay attention to is the power of the turbine paint sprayer. The turbine paint sprayer is relatively weaker than the airless spray.
    This is because it requires less energy than conventional painters, so it is necessary to focus on the power of the machine to have enough power to paint thick and complete coats.
  • The next thing to concern about is the noise issue. Turbine paint sprayers are relatively loud in volume compared to others, which can cause hearing inconvenience.
    So be careful when choosing a turbine sprayer, you need to make sure it doesn’t make too much noise impact on you and people around you.
    If you work in a densely populated area, we recommend the turbine paint sprayer that features noise reduction.

For professional painters, the investment in the machine may be more related to the cost benefit. As for DIYers, it is about the quality and power of the turbine paint sprayer. So it is better for you to take these things into consideration, a suitable machine not only fits your budget but also meets your needs.


Since the arrival of the turbine paint sprayer, painting has become easier for everyone than ever before. Thanks to its outstanding features, this machine helps users to paint easily without having troubles.

Turbine paint sprayer not only supports the painter also for the living environment, making the safety at work even for non-professionals.

With turbine paint sprayer, you can easily upgrade your painting ability to a new level!