Tired of the monotonousness of your own rooms? Then have the thought of a two colour combination for bedroom walls ever crossed your mind?

If yes, then it’s high time you refurbished them because the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. What are you waiting for? Get down to that job and we’ll join you a hand in the processes of repainting your bedroom walls!

Recommended colour To Combine For Bedrooms

If you are still a newbie in choosing colours, do not choose more than three colours as the more colours in your room, the more distracting and stuffy you will feel. Fewer colours will make a simple, and elegant look to your room. With only a two-colour combination, you can blow a breath of fresh air to your room. Can you believe it? Let’s check it out now.


GreenGreen is one of the most refreshing and restful colours because it symbolizes nature. We would be very pleased and relaxed seeing natural colour so green can bring us calm feelings when looking at it.

  • Light green + Shades of white
    Light green such as pastel green or yellow – lime definitely looks smart in bright colours like white, cream, vanilla. If your room is full of sunlight, you can combine light green with a blue base to balance the visual temperature.
  • Dark green + Navy
    Does your room catch plenty of natural daylight? Then dark green with navy blue colour is a great idea to make your room look fantastic as it can create a dramatic effect. However, be careful when using these two colours if you don’t want your bedroom to end up looking dark and gloomy.


BlueBlue brings a positive effect and fantastic feeling to the mind. There are different ways to create a two-colour combination with blue.

  • Blue + Multiple shades of blue
    A light shade of blue (Sky, Baby Blue, Aquamarine, etc.) can be combined with a darker one (Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, etc.) to make your bedroom look simple and elegant.
  • Pale Blue + Pure White
    This is one of the most popular combos that is favored in the aesthetic world because of its elegance and freshness. The blue colour represents the sky and white colour is just like the fluffy clouds passing through it. This colour combination is very suitable for small, and poor natural lighting room.


WhiteIf you want your room to be bright, clean, and simple, then the white colour is your ideal choice! The white-based colour will make your room feel bigger and brighter.

  • White + Neutral colours
    When you choose white as a base colour, you should notice that your room might feel a little bit colder than usual. Adding earth tone colours like brown soil, chestnut, driftwood, espresso, etc can solve this problem. Furthermore, this two-colour combination will breathe a natural, and peaceful vibe to your bedroom.
  • White + Black
    Black and white is a perfect classic and timeless combination that brings a minimal and peaceful look to your bedroom. Moreover, these two colours are basic enough to make your furniture decoration stand out. This is also a safe combination when you are new to choosing colours to paint your bedroom walls because it suits almost every style.

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Suitable Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls – Each Interior Design Style

Once you have determined what style of interior design you want to make, it will be easier for you to choose the colour. Below are the four most common styles you might love.


BohemianBohemian, Boho, or Boho Chic are the terms people often use to describe a free-spirited aesthetic, and colourful style with a messy look by intentional layering. To bring the bohemian theme into your bedroom, earthy light colour like white, ivory, beige, mocha cream can be mixed with the dark earth tone like walnut brown, charcoal grey, or forest green.


If you are a nature lover and you’d love to bring the natural atmosphere to your place then Rustic style is for you! The colour palette of this style follows the nature tones: grey, brown, beige, tan, and black. You can combine raw material like wood or stone in a ceiling and plain walls painted in a bright or neutral colour.

Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modernMid-century modern style is inspired by the post-second world war housing prototype: new materials are used in making furniture which is utilized for the post-war building like metal, wood, etc.

The colour palettes for this style is ranging from natural, dim tones to bold and vibrant hues: olive, green, mustard, orange, yellow and pink. Keep following the principle of colour combination: cool colour goes with warm texture and vice versa.


Since the winter in Nordic countries is long and dark, people spend much of their time indoors so painting their house bright colours makes them stay active. That’s why the main theme colour of Scandinavian style is white, light grey, cream or the floral colour scheme like pink, mustard, olive green, etc.

In Conclusion

After reading this article, surely now you know the rules of two-tone bedroom decoration from inside out.

A little tip: A nice sleeping room depends a lot on the quality of wall paint, so don’t be afraid to spend an amount of expense purchasing good quality paint. Let’s make a change to your bedroom now using our Two colour Combination For Bedroom Walls ideas!