Use an Airless Paint SprayerYour home construction is complete, fittings are in place, accessories installed, but still, when you look at it, you feel something is missing. Yes, your furniture, your home is incomplete without paint. You can easily paint your house by using an airless paint sprayer. Now the question is how to use an airless paint sprayer, as it is not like other paints which require a brush etc. In this article, we will discuss from where to start when you have airless paint sprayer and how to go about it. We will discuss painting techniques and how to undo your paint mistakes.

Things to Remember Before Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

1. Follow Important Safety Precautions

Airless Paint SprayerEach medicine comes with a precaution written at the leaflet or backside; same way construction tools require essential safety precautions which you must not ignore to stay safe. You shall keep in mind the possible threats of the equipment. No doubt, spray painting is becoming widespread and common to beautify buildings, furniture, etc. but this airless spray paint can cause serious health hazards. Therefore, we are listing down few precautions you must take before playing with the sprayer.

Controlled Environment

It is necessary to follow the rules of airless paint sprayer to reduce unexpected chemical hazards. Turn on the ventilation system before starting off. Open doors and windows so that fresh air keeps coming in and you get enough ventilation. Ignition sources are to be turned off. Do not smoke or weld in the painting area.

Personal Protection

Now you have controlled environment as much as you could but still if you have not given yourself complete protection, you are in danger. Nothing is important than health. So, protect yourself first by wearing protective clothing before starting airless paint spray. Coveralls, gloves, shoes should be worn to reduce the risk of damage. Make sure none of the chemicals contact your skin. Safety goggles are extremely important. Your eyes are the greatest gift and a blessing you have. Take care of them and protect them well. Wear safety glasses to keep your eyes protected while spraying paint. During painting task you might happen to use grinders or compressors, the noise of these equipments is too high and can hurt your ears, so it is advised to use hearing protection. Cover your body with the right safety gear and stay protected.

2. Prepping Walls for Painting

Walls for PaintingMany surfaces require proper preparation before you start painting on them. Walls in particular need special attention before starting off the painting process. Wiping off all the dust and clearing the surface is very important. Most of the walls already have holes or cracks in them; you must do repairing of such walls, fill in the holes and fix the gaps and cracks. It is necessary to carefully examine the walls before you paint them. If there are holes, dents or cracks fix them up. If nails have popped out over years it is better to remove them or drive them back into the wall. Hang on, covering switches and power points is a must too, never ignore them as they can lead to an uninvited accident.
We are listing down essential guidelines to follow for your convenience.

  • Either remove all the furniture, decorations and wall hangings from a room you are planning to paint or cover it well.
  • Take down all curtains, wallpapers, etc.
  • Use caulk or spackling or a patch to cover holes that are left on the wall after removing nails.
  • Clean all the walls, remove dust from the surface.

Once you are done with cleaning your wall, fixing cracks, filling up holes, driving back nails you are good to start with airless paint spray.

You Are Ready – Set up and Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

Now that you are ready to paint you must be wondering where to start correctly. First of all, set up your spray gun. How to do that is a millionaire question. But the answer lies in the manual you have. Yes, setting up an airless paint sprayer is not as difficult as you think. In the manual, the stepwise guide is attached, keep following those steps and set up your sprayer. It involves;
Set up and Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Connecting spray gun and hose
  • Flushing and priming the spray
  • Installing the tip and guard
  • Adjusting the pressure
  • Clearing the clogged tip (if any)

Now you have your paint sprayer ready; it is best to start with the ceiling. For even and quality results you can follow following techniques;

  • It is best to keep a distance of 12 inches between spraying gun and the surface
  • A long and continuous motion can provide you best coverage
  • Overlapping spray pattern by about 50% will give you 100% result

How to Paint by Using an Airless Paint Sprayer?

You can’t just pick up a sprayer and start painting; it is not that easy. Basic knowledge and skill are required to paint with an airless paint sprayer. If you are new, you would need a little bit of practice. It is better to practice on some cardboard before painting your furniture or home.

You shall plan how are you going to start painting, e.g., if you are spraying the doors, start with the edges and then start spraying from top to bottom. Sequencing is necessary to get best results. The trigger should be squeezed when the gun is off to the side. Make sure that you move your gun parallel and perpendicular to the surface where needed. Avoid tilting your gun. It is better to paint several thin coats for smoother coverage. A single thick coat can give an uneven and an ugly finish.

How to Clean an Airless Paint Sprayer?

As an airless paint spray has different parts attached so, it is necessary to clean it properly after every use. Follow these four steps to clean your sprayer.

    1. Once you are done with your painting task, fill a bucket with paint thinner if you used oil-based paint for painting, or fill it up with water if the paint was latex based. Place intake hose in this bucket. Make sure you put your gloves on.

Shoot leftover paint into the painting can to save it for later use. In another bucket spray the spray the liquid till the sprayer is cleaner.

  • It is better to disassemble the gun and clean each part by soaking it in the bucket and add thinner as well. Scrub off all the paint.
  • Now filter the used paint thinner into the container.

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Paint brushes and rollers are no more the primary choices of people these days. They find airless paint sprayer better than those and consider it a budget-friendly option too. If you know the essential tips and techniques of how to paint with an airless paint sprayer, it can save you labor cost as well. You can have your job done more quickly and economically.
So, get hold of a sprayer and start giving your home a new look!