Wagner Power PaintersWith a paint sprayer help, we can EASILY and EFFECTIVELY complete all the big painting tasks faster and smoother finish.

With the paint sprayer help, you can easily apply the gallons in LESSER TIME than any other way of painting.

And secondly, it helps in giving a SMOOTH FINISH to ANY SURFACE, wooden or glass doors, etc.
The central working principle of a Paint sprayer starts with pumping paint with high pressure at 3000 psi. Then through the hose of the sprayer and with the small hole on the sprayer gun’s hose.

They design the tip of the sprayer can emit paint in a circular. It’s like the shape of a fan allowing small droplets of paint reach the surface. Various types of tips to facilitate DIFFERENT TYPES OF PAINT like lacquer or stain, varnish, latex or house paint.

Everything needs time or experience to master, and same goes for air spraying too. With an apt amount of practice, you could quickly learn the art of paint spraying. It helps to apply smooth finish paint to the cabinets, door and wood articles. An airless paint sprayer uses a cab or gallon with 5-liter capacity buckets directly to apply paint which makes it easier and fast to apply gallons of paint at once.

These advantages make it suitable for big projects of painting like painting a new building or a 200 ft fence for privacy.

Use a Paint Sprayer

Along with advantages, everything has disadvantages too. And I have told you about the benefits of the paint spraying before, and now we are going to talk about the problems of this style of painting.

One of the cons of air spraying is that the particles of spray don’t stick entirely to article’s surface and the second one that the paint with air sprayer resides in the air in a significant amount and gets settled at any nearby place or object, which is wasting 20-30% of the paint.

So while painting with an air sprayer, we have to make sure we have covered the areas nearby to avoid any paint on them. Painting the outdoors of any premises is also a disadvantage as you might be painting your shrubs, roof or your neighbor’s car due to over spraying and wind drifting it to random places.

Another disadvantage is the wastage of time used in cleaning the sprayer and flushing paint through the hose and the pump. And, if you are having your own and using that spray gun rather than a rented one than you have to do the filter cleaning. Specially install the fluid storage tank. If you are using oil based products than you must have to reuse or store liters or gallons of the used solvent left after the process of cleaning.
According to me the disadvantages are less than the advantages as an airless sprayer can help you in saving big time, and work out the big painting jobs and it also helps in providing a finish to the paint that any brush could not offer.

Buying or Renting? What to Choose?

The next question is whether you should rent or buy an airless sprayer. An airless sprayer usually costs $ 200 and above. Purchasing a sprayer that requires more doesn’t provide you better quality instead it gives a better motor, big pump that will help in providing a long life of the sprayer and problem-free operation of the spray gun.

But renting is also a great option as it helps in deducting the cost of buying a $200 sprayer and renting the sprayer whenever it is required, and you don’t even need to clean the filters, and you can easily avoid the maintenance charges. Renting charges for the sprayer are estimated at around $70-$80 per day.

How to Use a Sprayer?

Step 1 – Prime the Pump

Prime the pumpThe first step of usage of a paint sprayer is the setup of the sprayer. Firstly put the smaller tube in waste bucket Painting Cabinets Outside and put the suction tube in the bucket filled with strained paint. Turn the valve towards the prime. Next, you have to switch the pump on. In the next step, you need to switch the pressure valve up till the pump switches on. When you see the flow of paint is smooth shift it from the prime tube to the paint bucket.

Step 2- Fill the Hose and Gun

Fill the hose and gunTake the gun and place the gun on the waste Pail and pull the trigger. After doing this step next, you have to change the valve setting to the spray setting. Leave the trigger when you can see that the stream is flowing in a smooth path. The next step would be locking the trigger of the gun and then follow steps involved in pressure relief process.

Pressure relief steps

  1. Power switch should be turned off firstly.
  2. Switch the spray valve setting to prime setting.
  3. Next step is to point the trigger of the gun against waist Bucket and then release the trigger to release the pressure of the gun.
  4. Now put the trigger lock.

Step 3 – Adjust the Pressures

Adjust the pressuresTurn the pump on and turn the prime valve to spray setting. Now spray a tester strip on a small tester board to check the pressure and pattern of spray. If it consists of tails, then the pressure of the spray is low. So you have to turn the pressure switch up and increase the pressure.

Too little spray pressure may result in an uneven spray pattern whereas too much pressure can cause excessive overspray and premature tip wear.

Spray Technique

Spray TechniqueFirstly you have to take the trigger in hand and squeeze it as soon as you reach the ends of the door, move the sprayer on the door. In the next step, you have to leave the trigger of the gun when the sprayer is near the ends or sides of the door

  1. You have to decide the spray sequence beforehand. E.g., If you are painting on a door starting from the edges first and then spray in a vertical motion, I.e., right angle to right angle across the ends of the door.
  2. Spray the gun in parallel direction rather than arcs.
  3. You have to keep the gun in a perpendicular position rather than tilted.
  4. While spraying the paint move in faster motions to avoid patches.
  5. Overlapping of the strokes should be done at least 30-40%.


How to clear a clogged tip?

Painting Cabinets OutsideIf the paint sputters while spraying it stops the flow, then there must be clogging in the tube. You have to turn and rotate the tip at 180 degrees and aim the gun to a waste paper and spray the trigger on it to clear any clogs or impurities, after that you have to turn the tip 180 degrees once again and spray on the waste paper to check for clogging. A clogged tip is a result of clogged filters mainly.

There are other problems also like uneven run etc. that are caused by not choosing the right tip size and lack of experience of spraying and How do you use paint remover?

  • When you are using oil-based flammable products, follow all grounding precautions to avoid accidents or sparking.
  • Always follow the precautions mentioned on the paints or sprayer to avoid any mishap.
  • Painting with an air sprayer is fun and useful if done in a right way and with perfect maneuvering.

So this was the article about how to use a sprayer efficiently. I hope you liked the article and for any query or comment, please write in the comment section below.

Be safe and enjoy painting.