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Review Summary:

Wagner is a big name in manufacturing paint sprayers. If you are interested in this brand, take minutes to read my whole review about one of the best sellers of Wagner: Wagner Control Spray Double Duty – 0518050.

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Key Features

Professional Output

Professional OutputThis is the feature that buyers require from any product . Even if this Wagner 0518050 is for a DIY project, a professional-looking finish is what most people desire.

This is exactly what the sprayer from Wagner promises.

According to the manufacturer, as an HVLP model, this sprayer has maximum efficiency. If you do it right,all the tiny gaps or protrusions will be fill firmly on the surface of the object.

Its method guarantees all the paint ends up on the objects, not in the air.

With the two-stage turbines, you are assured of a constant stream of air and paint flow. This tool requires a little practice to get used to, but when you get the hang of it, you can do the surfaces just like a professional.

Fast Performance and Broad Coverage

Fast Performance and Broad CoverageWith this Wagner 0518050, you have control over the spray patterns. Whether it is horizontal, round, or vertical, you can choose among these options according to the dimensions and surfaces.

The Perfect Spray Tip technology can also magnify the coverage for a quick and hassle-free job.

For the paint-flowing control ability I mentioned earlier, this feature is managed by several triggers. Each one determines a certain level of width.

If the surface you are dealing with is delicate, the ½ inch wide pattern is the most suitable setting. Whereas if you need a thicker layer, a 10-inch pattern is definitely what you want.

For other needs, the settings in between the two above are also available.

To suit different purposes, the sprayer comes with two cup sizes. The 1-quart variety is for small interior projects while the 1.5 quart is for outdoor ones such as painting fences and decks.

Easy To Use

Easy To UseThis is a sprayer for beginners so the design is as user-friendly as possible. The control is straightforward, even the absolute newbies can use it in no time.

As I understand from the instruction, all you need to do is to pull the triggers, the sprayer is ready to go.

The Lock-N-Go design of this Wagner Control Spray Double Duty lets you change the cups and material inside in a heartbeat. The cleaning process is also easy thanks to this feature.

The two-stage motor I mentioned earlier is the guarantee that you are safe when operating the sprayer. The flammable fumes are also kept inside to further enhance security.

Compare a Wagner 0518050 with conventional paint sprayers

Compare a Wagner 0518050 with conventional paint sprayersThis one is an HVLP (short for High Volume Low Pressure) variety and it is for thin materials including sealers, urethanes, lacquers, and varnishes.

This Wagner 0518050 has an edge over conventional sprayers because of many handy and user-friendly features.

An HVLP paint sprayer is suitable for household purposes, the majority of which are furnishing jobs.

Conventional sprayers that use blasting methods have a higher proficiency and efficiency but you also need to practice to fully master this technique.

About 30% of paint is applied onto the surface you need and the rest is in the air.

These are some of the reasons why I choose to review this sprayer. This Wagner Control Spray Double Duty is my second favorite model; the first one is the Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2.

Here is the best part.

With this Wagner sprayer, you can provide professional finish without expert’s skills.

This sprayer also allows you to totally control the amount of over how much paint is sprayed. The adjustments are user-friendly so there should be no problem even for beginners. Since the sprayer is powered by electricity, it can operate continuously without disruption.

This Wagner 0518050 is particularly useful for households with plenty of many furnishings. You can always maintain their original appearance and keep them looking new without paying a hefty amount of money to hire a professional to do it.

My Honest Review is Here!

I have used this sprayer on many projects and here is my experience with each of them.

My house’s deck

My house’s deckI actually bought this sprayer by accident.

When I thought our house’s deck needs repairing, I did not want to hire a professional to do it.

I did not know at that time that a paint sprayer could benefit me a lot, just so you know how “beginner” I was at this task. I used a small paintbrush and spent the whole weekend applying the first coat on every single spindle and crevice on the railings.

And I thought this would be such an easy task.

When a friend of mine recommended a paint sprayer, I argued that it would prefer a brush or a roller but when I start using a spray it completely changes my mind.

I was a newbie and I had never touched a sprayer in my life so I was worried that my poor skills would make the tool a bad investment.

By the time I finished the first coating and looked at how much work left, I immediately bought this sprayer as my friend advised.

After reading the instructions, I turned this baby on. The result was more than I expected. I sprayed all the lattices under the deck in less than 20 minutes

I could control volume, angle, and everything with just a quick twist. After I learned how to control the sprayer and the way to be deliberate with the job, I no longer wasted paint on unnecessary.

I purchased dozens of drop cloths just in case I needed to cover the railing. However, this Wagner 0518050 did such a good job that I did not need to open the package.

In fact, with my amateur set of skills, I was able to get close to the area near the white railing without leaving any stain on it. I did not think that I was born to paint spray so it must be Wagner’s credit.

If I had known about this paint sprayer sooner, I would have saved myself so much effort, time, as well as energy.

After my deck project, I started spraying everything in and around the house, from the fence, the shed to the patio furniture. So far, I have not had a single problem. This Wagner Control Spray Double Duty can meet most of my needs so I believe that it can do anything a typical homeowner needs.

My cabinet drawers

My cabinet drawersFor my latest kitchen remodel, I had the chance to try this paint sprayer again.

What I used were Sherwin Williams Ovation cabinets and door trim paint. I watched some tutorials on YouTube beforehand and most of them suggested a windshield cleaner and I can see it’s quite useful in most situations. I thinned the paint with Windex, the ratio was about 5% to 10%, I could not remember exactly.

The blend I had was the consistency of crepe batter, or if you do not cook much, like oil-based paint to stir carefully can give you a much better result.

I made use of the smaller bottle for the fronts of my nine drawers. The Windex worked well.

However, when I used the large bottle for my sixteen cabinet doors, the paint dried too fast that it got stuck in the nozzle.

If you got in the same situation, here is what I did:

I added Floetrol and the paint worked just like with the nine drawers.

So what I found out is that you need to thin the paint just right and the Wagner 0518050 will work magic.

If the paint had already built up at the nozzle areas, here is what to do:

The nozzles are actually very easy to clean. All you have to do is to use soapy water and spray on the needed area for about 10 to 20 seconds. If you intend to apply multiple layers of paint on the same day, you just need to spray soapy water once after you have done with everything.

When I painted mine, I did not do all the layers in one day so I cleaned after each coat.

My ceiling

My ceilingMy next project after the drawers was the ceiling and the supports in the roof structure. The sprayer worked flawlessly. The paint delivery was even and the sprayer provided decent coverage.

There is another thing I want to share here, a tip after a few times using this sprayer. You should clean it thoroughly after each use so that the next time you use it you will have it at its best state,

What you need to do is to disassemble it and soak all the parts in water until you see the enamel spots come out clean. I have used this method a few times and even the most stubborn stain softens.

My fence

My fenceMy fence needed to be stained and it is made of redwood. The length is 70 feet and the height is 6 feet.

What I used was Thompson’s waterproofing stain and I needed around 5 gallons for this particular job. No thinning required by the way.

The sprayer’s 1-quart tank contains enough stain to spray repeatedly for a decent amount of time. I can say that this feature along with the reasonable cost is Wagner’s two biggest selling points.

I spent half a day on this job and a few hours washing the whole thing the day before I sprayed. After this errand, the internal parts started to show signs of wearing down so be careful when cleaning or refilling.

My bookshelf

My bookshelfWith the bookshelf, a problem I ran into was clogging which I have been warned about this though and I decided to stop for a while and find out why.

After some time looking into the sprayer inside out, I tried cleaning the tips again and thinning the paint I used some more. This method worked well. The paint flows through the cup as the manual directed and the tips were no longer clogged.

In case you have globs appearing on your projects (Sometimes I do), take a paintbrush and smooth them out.

Why Should You Buy The Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer?

Buy The Wagner 0518050 Control SprayWagner Control Spray Double Duty paint sprayer is perfect for use to be used around the house. It cannot handle larger projects but it can cover interior and exterior jobs with ease.

However, its biggest benefit is not just the convenience; it is the money it saves you in the long run. With this sprayer, you no longer do not have to pay an expert for the normal furnishing tasks anymore.

Of courses, for certain projects, professional assistance is still required, but with simple errands, it is not necessary anymore if you invest in this sprayer from Wagner.

As a homeowner, handling certain tasks around the house yourself will save you a lot. This tool can help develop your DIY skills so that you can take the matter into your own hand fixing minor problems in your house.

When you notice something in the house that needs furnishing, instead of calling in paying for an expert and waiting until he or she has time to go to your house, use this sprayer and handle it yourself.

An elegant and professional-looking finish is by no means not a far-fetching result anymore with this sprayer.

Pros and Cons


  • The Wagner 0518050 is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • You can adjust the spray pattern. The choices range from round, vertical to horizontal.
  • You decide how wide the spray is.
  • There is a mechanism to help you avoid over-spraying
  • Assembling is easy and quick.
  • Have features to ensure maximum safety.
  • Can handle both indoor and outdoor needs.


  • Most of the time you need to thin the paint
  • Can get clogged easily if you do not thin the paint correctly or clean it properly.

See also: A Review for Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer.

This paint sprayer has mixed reviews online but the majority of users share a similar experience with me. This Wagner works well on wood objects and suitable for furnishing interior.

However, if you expect a sprayer for larger projects, you might want to look elsewhere. This tool is ideal for small and medium appliances only. In short, this is a paint sprayer for beginners. It is lightweight so users feel little stress on their bodies.

This Wager 0518050 is versatile so it can handle a wide range of materials. The safety of this sprayer is also a plus for those who are not familiar with using a paint sprayer.

So there you have it, the Wagner 0518050 specs and my personal experience with it after doing various jobs around the house.

Have you ever used this tool? What do you think about it? Do you have any better choice when it comes to paint sprayer? Let me know in the comment section below.