Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer is designed in a way to make less work and faster completion of projects by giving full coverage and a consistent finish.
  • The unique features of optimum dual tip technology and the EZ tilt technology make it a pleasant experience DIY.
  • Wagner 052507 Airless paint sprayer is best for decks, fences and siding.


Wagner is a well-known name in the paint sprayers industry when it comes to quality and durability. It is advised that you read the whole article and get some detailed insight into the benefits, features, and flaws of this unit. This broad review should help you decide whether this is the thing you are looking for. Many people have tried this product and are thrilled by the performance and overall quality of the product. However, some people are not very amused by it. It depends on the usage and the right steps to bring it to good use.

About the Product:

The Power Painter Plus is designed to finish painting projects up to 3 times faster than regular paint sprayers. Power Painter Plus will make less work and faster completion of medium-sized outdoor painting projects. Fences, play sets, and furniture are sprayed faster and take less action with the Power Painter Plus. This sprayer can be used at any angle for full coverage and a consistent finish.

Features’ Highlights:

  1. Convenient carry case for storage
  2. Sprays 6.6 gallons per hour
  3. Extra atomizer value for latex or oil-based material
  4. The Optimus Dual Tip Technology: This dual tip technology looks peculiar, but it ensures good coverage, just because of its design. You can adjust the spray tip both for vertical and horizontal painting. This technology is useful and straightforward for an average user.
  5. The EZ Tilt Technology. This technology allows you to use the Wagner Power Painter Plus vertically without hiccups, glitches or any other irregularities.

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Wagner 0525027

  • Sub-brand: Power Painter Plus
  • Product Type: Paint Sprayer
  • Operating pressure: 2200psi
  • Material: Plastic
  • Spray gun type: Airless
  • Height: 11.5 inch
  • Width: 12.5 inch
  • Power source: Electric
  • Flow rate: 6.6 gph
  • Spray Fan width: 12 inch

Customer Reviews – Mixed Ratings:

Different customers used this product and gave their mixed opinions about the product;

  1. Great value for saving hours of time
  2. To paint a mobile home, the sprayer functioned great.
  3. Five stars.
  4. Worked great for me.
  5. Works great and cleans up more comfortable than some of the others.

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It is recommended that you unscrew all the moving parts and clean them separately with clean water. However, cleaning solutions may vary. If for example, you are using a denser material such as latex paint, you should add a bit of washing detergent in the solution as well. Furthermore, wear goggles and gloves to ensure safety. Also, remember not to clean the unit while it’s plugged into the outlet socket.


  • Applies 6.6 gallons of paint per hour which is enough for around 600 square feet of coverage per hour.
  • Works with denser materials
  • The dual tip technology prevents overspray and allows you to reach inaccessible corners.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort.


  • It can be considered heavy, especially when the supply cup is full
  • The length of the power cord is short, just 12 inches, and not enough for smooth painting.

A Reality Checker – A reviewer’s experience:

Starting out painting my basement walls this product worked great but shortly after starting the second container the gun stopped spraying, had to disassemble and completely clean the unit. The piston was very hard to get out, and while starting the second container, the gun jammed again.

Possible Problems with Paint Sprayers:

When spray painting, the approach you use matters. Otherwise, the results may look uneven. Sometimes your paint sprayer is not working well. It doesn’t want to spray evenly, and sometimes it doesn’t spray at all.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Wagner 0525027 Power Painter PlusThere are some troubleshooting tips that may help you cope up with this problem.

1. Leaking paint from sprayers

If the paint is leaking from your Wagner Paint sprayer, you need to fix this. Sometimes the atomizer valve and tip washer get loose. That could be what is causing the leaks. If so, tighten these backup. Replace the spray tip. Now try the sprayer again.

2. Leaking paint from spray tip

Before we mentioned how the Wagner Paint Sprayer itself may leak paint. This is a different problem now too much paint is coming from the spray tip. The spray tip should only release paint when the sprayer is on and running. If the sprayer tip leaks paint long after the sprayer is off, check the sealing gun. If the paint sprayer is brand new or you have used it only a few times, there is a chance it was put together the wrong way.

3. Air stuck in the Sprayer

Sometimes air is coming out of the sprayer instead of paint. Check your paint levels. If you are running out of paint, air will come out of the sprayer instead. Replenish the paint and no more paint should come out. Watch the fine line, though, and don’t overfill trying to compensate.

4. Lack of Pressure

Sometimes the pressure rapidly decreases. If so, check your inlet wave. Is this dirty? If so, you can use a ratchet wrench to release it. You can clean it with a latex-based cleaner, soap and warm water. As you clean each part of the inlet valve, take a look at these. If any of these parts are in poor shape, change them out for new parts.
Do the same for the outlet valve. Clean it, look at the parts, and change these if need be. Again, heavy paint could be causing reduced pressure. Use paint thinner. If excess paint is backing up the spray gun filter, you can either clean this or get a new one. The spray tip may also be clogged. Remove and clean this. Replace the tip when you’re done. If the tip is old, it may be best to change it out.

5. Prime Knob Not Working

We already mentioned how the knob of the Wagner paint sprayer can be set to either prime or spray. We also said how if the knob is on the wrong setting, the sprayer might not work. In other scenarios, the sprayer may be running, but no paint comes out. There’s paint in the sprayer, so what’s the problem? The spray/prime valve, like all the other valves on your sprayer, can get clogged up. If that’s so, you will have to contact the manufacturer. The inlet valve could also be to blame. Both the outlet and inlet valve can be jammed. Old paint or other materials may have caused the jam. To rid of the valves of excess material, press the filter tab. Not working? Try cleaning both valves. It’s best to keep your paint sprayer on even ground. It’s not recommended to use it on jagged, hilly surfaces. Otherwise, the sprayer may not work sufficiently.

6. Paint Doesn’t Dry Uniformly

Although you sprayed evenly with your Wagner paint sprayer, the paint did not dry evenly. Why? This is typically due to issues with the air pressure. Start with the air cap. If this is dirty, pressure may be negatively affected. The air cap has fan holes throughout it. These holes allow the paint to move through the Wagner paint sprayer at the correct pressure. Once these holes get jammed up, the pressure diminishes. This creates the issue you’ve noticed, where certain parts of the surface are uniform but others have too much or too little paint. Check the fan holes. Remove any excess paint or other accumulated materials. Lastly, check the nozzle and fluid needle. These should correspond to the weight of the paint or other material. Make sure these are properly set.


Concluding it can be said that The Wagner Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer is well worth buying so all those in need of a paint sprayer should give it a try and invest your time and money into it. It has so much to offer for your painting projects plus the ease of use makes it more fun!