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Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer
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Review Summary:

Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The sprayer paints 8 x 10 feet surface in less than 2 minutes. You can spray up to 8 gal. per hour using this modern and professional sprayer.


Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is a consumer-grade sprayer is made for those who want mobility while working. The sprayer comes with a nozzle that can be adjusted to paint a horizontal as well as a vertical pattern and you can make the patterns narrow or wide as required. This means you can paint with ultimate convenience and ultimate efficiency.

It comes with X-Boost Turbine technology that means you are going to get three times more powerful sprayer compared to your traditional sprayers. This sprayer can quickly spray any coating as you can adjust air pressure from the X-Boost Power Dial.

The Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer is probably the most efficient high-volume low-pressure sprayer. It has a pattern adjustment ring that lets you choose different models, paints at a fast speed to help you complete the job quickly and can be used with unthinned latex paints, sealers, stains and even oil-based materials. These features coupled with solid performance makes it the best paint sprayer that can be used for any indoor and outdoor paint job.


Before you make a decision to purchase a paint sprayer, have a look at some of the best features provided by this product

Wagner Flexio 590 Outdoor Painting

Wagner Flexio 590 is probably one of the most flexible and powerful paint sprayers available within its category.

This sprayer can be used for indoor as well as outdoor projects. It is easy to carry and complete the job. The sprayer comes with an X-Boost turbine that delivers powerful spray, which is perfect for completing paint jobs quickly and efficiently.

The sprayer comes with a nozzle that can be adjusted to change paint patterns. This lets you paint any pattern you want and enjoy flexibility with a hand-held sprayer that you have always dreamed. To help you fine-finish the paint layer, the sprayer comes with a finished nozzle.

Quick and efficient

It can help you increase your production to dream levels with 8 gals. an hour output. You can save a lot of time using this sprayer as you can speed up a paint project by using the air pressure dial.

The X-Boost turbine offers three times more potent results as compared to traditional high-volume low-pressure sprayers in the market. This technology means you can paint almost any surface including transparent and semi-transparent stains. The X-Boost power dial can be an excellent way to adjust air pressure according to the material being used for optimal and efficient performance.

Advanced nozzle technology

With two different nozzles, you can quickly adjust to different project requirements. These nozzles can help you change paint pattern and adjust the width of each pattern. The nozzle is called iSpray nozzle and is a unique feature of this sprayer.

More airflow with iSpray technology

Wagner Flexio 590 Indoor Painting

The iSpray technology provides better airflow and, therefore, offers a professional and smoother finish. You can enjoy up to 60% more airflow compared to traditional hand-held sprayers in the market.

Easy to use

It is easy for everyday paint projects. The sprayer comes with a Lock-n-Go split gun, which ensures that changing nozzles is always easy. You simply switch coatings and colors using this lock-n-go technology.

The sprayer is light, and the hand-carry grip is perfect for working longer hours. Since the sprayer can paint up to 8 gals. an hour, you can easily finish projects quickly and enjoy an elegant and professional finish using the spray nozzle included with the packing for fine-finishing.

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Benefits of using Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer

The sprayer is made to be used with thin materials and comes with a fine finish nozzle to help you achieve a professional finish. This sprayer offers the following benefits.

  • You can complete a paint project faster than usual with this sprayer thanks to its X-Boost turbine that offers incredible power.
  • Wagner Flexio 590 is a hassle-free sprayer. With easy Lock-n-Go technology, you won’t have any trouble changing nozzles or cleaning the tool itself. You are never going to get frustrated with your tool again.
  • With adjustable airflow and pressure, the product offers professional-grade control when it comes to spraying material on a variety of surfaces. You can adjust the X-Boost dial to achieve perfect finish for different projects.

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  • X-Boost technology for completing projects quickly
  • Adjustable X-Boost Dial
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Powerful spray gun
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Can be used with various materials
  • Great price


  • For some customers, it has been somewhat difficult to unscrew the container when they tried doing it the first time. Although it should be easy once you read the manual, this is one of the highlighted problem being reported.
  • Some customers have indicated that they don’t get a great grip on the sprayer mainly because it is very hard and makes it uncomfortable when operating for longer hours.

Customer Score

Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer has the good customer rating on Amazon, which means the product is reliable and trusted by customers. They find that with a full load of paint, it’s not light so probably wouldn’t be good for large paint projects. However, the paint went on smoothly and left no brush marks giving a professional look. Also, they can sure that this Wagner saves on paint which has become quite expensive.

One thing they appreciate about the system is that they can set the guns down and they stay upright without spilling paint. Finally, they don’t need an air compressor, because of the self-contained system that they just plug into an electrical outlet and paint away. They all seem happy with what they bought and, therefore, they left a positive review.

How to Use Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer

This sprayer is hand-held, which means you can carry it anywhere. The sprayer is easy to use as you can adjust air pressure using a simply dial knob. You can also change nozzles for different patterns. Getting a perfect finish is comfortable with Wagner sprayer as it comes with a dedicated nozzle for fine-finishing.

Cleaning is easy with the Lock-n-Go technology. You can quickly detach wagner flexio 590 parts and clean then after completing a day’s work.
Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit


Wagner Flexio 590 Reviews is based on my experience when using this product and also many other customers has bought the product so far. After all, the decision is still yours, but it is hard not to tell that Wagner Paint Sprayer 590 Flexio is a professional-grade hand-held sprayer that can provide you the perfect finish with some different materials and surfaces. The adjustable air pressure knob makes it easy to paint on any surface while the powerful X-Boost turbine ensures that you always complete the job in minimal time. The sprayer comes at a great price and offers great value with all the features and performance of this tool. I hope my review is helpful to you and thanks for reading.

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