If you are a technician or an engineer, then a heat gun, or hot air gun, is an indispensable buddy for your workload. You must always want to own one of the best heat guns to satisfy your needs, right? Thus, you should never miss out on Wagner Furno 300.

This kind of gun is a high-quality product of the Wagner brand, a famous brand of heat gun in the world. We assure you that its unique features and reputation won’t let you down.

Please read this review to know how helpful this heat gun is.

Possible Usages of The Heat Gun

Possible Usages of The Heat GunThis Wagner Furno 300 heat gun must have its own advantages that please any user thanks to its various benefits!

  • Heat Frozen Pipes
    In frosty winters, sometimes many pipes in your house will freeze to a great extent, that’s why the Wagner gun will be your solution to defrosting the ice inside your pipes.
  • Loosen Rusted Bolts
    When you forget your bolts for such a long time that they were almost rusted and couldn’t be detached, don’t worry because if you heat your bolts with a heat gun, they will loosen easily.
  • Melt plastic and soften metals
    With the powerful heat flow, this heat gun is able to easily melt plastic items. Not to mention, this application is especially useful for electrical works and even metals.
  • Apply wraps to cars
    When your car has an ugly old outer casing and you need to replace it with a new one, this gun will support your task..
  • Remove paint and stickers from objects
    Finally, the Wagner Furno 300 can be your supporter to remove these things forever.

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Wagner Furno 300 Review

About Wagner

About WagnerIf you have used heat guns a lot of times, you must have heard of the Wagner Spraytech at least once that the brand is assured to have such a good reputation in the world that you don’t have to bother about its products.

Wagner Spraytech corp is a leader, established by Josef Wagner, in the market of high-quality paint applicators. It develops a wide range of painting and decorating products.

Thanks to these inventions, you can easily apply multiple paints, and tidy up after coating. This brand supplies customers with innovation, high tech engineering, manufacturing, and quality service from thr five worldwide now manufacturing facilities as well as product distribution centres.

The Main Advantages of Wagner Furno

Time to dig in!

This DIY heat equipment is generally designed for first-time users to complete small projects in the house.

Wagner Furno 300 heat gun is manufactured to be small and lightweight so that users can easily apply to handle their tasks without hand fatigue. And if you are a newcomer to heat guns, this tool is the best option for you.

On top of that, this gun is one of the most ideal prepping tools that professional painters and DIYers will need to proceed with many works like flooring and removing paint from surfaces before painting. Amazing!

Signature Features

Signature Features

  • Versatility
    The Wagner Furno 300 heat gun is known to have a great deal of uses, for example, defrosting the frozen pipes, stripping paint, drying out damp wood, shrinking heat, and bending the plastic, etc.
  • Dual Temperature Settings
    This tool comes in two adjustable temperature settings at 750°F and 1100°F which are easy for you to complete multiple household projects – just by controlling the slide switch.
  • Comfort
    Besides, this heat gun also has a bunch of unique design features that make the tasks even easier. This paint remover has an integrated stand for safe and hands-free operation. Plus, the user-friendly design offers you absolute comfort during the processing work.
  • Convenient Storage
    Also, you could use the soft grip and the loop on the handle to easily hang the gun when you finish your work.
  • Small And Light
    As we mentioned earlier, this Wagner Furno 300 is designed to bring users comfort and convenience by its small shape (helps you easy to hold) and little weight (only about 1 pound). In other words, this heat gun has an excellent beginner model.
  • Reduced Drying Time
    One of the unique characteristics of this Wagner Furno 300 is quick drying. When you heat your items for a certain time with this gun, you will not have to wait for it to dry fully for hours anymore.
    The drying time of this gun is much less than other guns so that you can save your time. This is an obvious benefit for you!
  • Easy To Use
    Because of the beginner model, Wagner Furno 300 will offer you easy application so that you can practise your small works simply.

Pros and Cons


  • Hands-free operation
  • Variety of uses
  • Beneficial storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy application
  • Suitable for first-time users


  • The switch is not much durable
  • Not suitable for big projects

How To Use Wagner Furno 300 Heat Gun?

How To Use Wagner Furno 300 Heat GunIf you are green in using heat gun, you might find it a little confused to use the Wagner Furno 300 at first. Thankfully, there is a manual guide with the package to help you complete the work much more easily.

Accordingly, the best practise is to move the heat hun slowly at an angle and keep it consistently while pointing the nozzle to the motion direction to soften the paint. At the end, spend some time for stripped surface to cool after scraping the paint.

You can use this gun to heat a large area while it doesn’t take you much time to heat the paint. You won’t need to hold the gun but put it on the ground and move the object above the nozzle because there is a standing pattern available with the gun.

Good as it is, there are some certain surfaces we do not recommend using the gun on, for example, vinyl-coated siding, paneling, or window frames, as well as the laminated window glass, or it will expand and break.

When you scrape fascia, do not overheat the edges of the asphalt shingles as too much heat will melt the asphalt.

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Heat Gun Safety Tips

Heat Gun Safety TipsSafety is always the top priority when you do anything, so you had better notice many important things during your processing work.

  1. Wearing Protective Gear
    If you are a newbie to a heat gun, we suggest you use safety gear to protect your eyes; gloves to avoid burns, especially when your heat gun has no temperature control, and a hat or hair tie is also recommended because the long hair might fall down and get burned rapidly.
    Safety first!
  2. Checking Your Location Carefully
    It’s highly recommended to take the object that you want to deal with outdoors if its surfaces are movable.
    One last thing is to wait until your heat gun is completely cooled down when you finish your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a heat gun?

Simply put, heat gun is a tool that generates heat flow with an inside fan, along with a nozzle of the heat gun so that you can aim the heat easily.

Although it looks quite similar to a hairdryer, the gun is much more hotter when running – enough to melt almost any types of glass.

Does this heat gun have a cord?

The answer is yes. The heat gun runs by electricity and has a three-prong AC cord which can be used for 110-120V and extendable to at least 12 gauge or higher rating.

Is the tool quiet or loud when operating?

The gun is not as loud as the hairdryer, but is far from being quiet, yet the noise is acceptable.

How hot is a heat gun?

In fact, heat guns can have a heat flow from the minimum 120 Fahrenheit to the maximum 1200 Fahrenheit. A wide heating range can bring you plenty of advantages, especially when it comes to a wide array of jobs.

Basic unit offers one heat setting and one fan speed only so that you can complete primary paint stripping requirements; otherwise, you can invest in some advanced models with two or three heat settings, plus with variable adjustment and speeds of air flow.

How long is the warranty of Wagner Furno 300?

As we mentioned before, this product has a warranty for two years. Hence, you can enjoy all functions without having to be concerned about its maintenance.

Besides, applying the proper techniques is also helpful to lengthen the lifespan of any heat gun.

Can a heat gun be used to thaw solder?


In terms of the ability of a heat gun, melting solder is within its ability. Actually, you can use a soldering gun instead of solder iron, for instance. It’s more effective than a heat gun and easier to apply in limited spaces.

Final Verdict

After a long but useful review about the Wagner Furno 300 heat gun, we hope you have been satisfied with this product and ready to make a decision on buying. If you are a newbie that never uses any heat guns, this Wagner gun is the best choice for you.

According to these necessary tips we gave above, we highly recommend that you follow them carefully to protect yourself and other people from any injuries. With all of the information about heat guns you need is on the above, there is practically no reason to say no to Wagner Furno 300.