Wagner Procoat ProblemsThe Wagner ProCoat V2 Paint Sprayer is a beautiful tool for spraying large areas in the house or any vast areas that need painting. It does the job well, and it gives a professional finish every time. But there is a catch. People who purchase this product encounter some persistent Wagner Procoat problems.

The Wagner Procoat is equipped with a powerful motor that is capable of producing pressures on the tip that reaches up to 0.24 GPM. Operating pressure can reach up to 2,800 psi. It is simple enough to use for painting sheds, fences, house ceiling and decks, cabin, lawn furniture, awning, lattice, and children’s playground equipment. You can rely on this airless sprayer to do the job of a painting team. Yes, it undoubtedly turns anyone into a master painter with just a little bit of practice.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Wagner Procoat Airless Paint Sprayer

The clearest advantage of owning a Wagner Procoat airless paint sprayer is the time that you save when painting large areas of the house or your deck. It is at least five times more efficient as compared to using a roller or a brush. Since paint is broken up into tiny droplets, you can surely achieve a smooth finish with just a little bit of practice before you begin the actual painting task.

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Applying paint with this method of atomizing the material comes with it some disadvantages. Not all of the tiny droplets land on the surface, therefore the scattering of paint all over the place. You need to mask all of the surrounding areas where you don’t want the paint to land. This also means you can only apply 60%-80% of the paint onto the actual surface.

Depending on what type of paint you use, you spend plenty of solvents when flushing out excess paint inside the hose, valve and the filters. You also have to be aware of storage care. Overall, it does the job really well with this sprayer so take note of the above things to have a clear plan how to deal with it splendidly .


The Wagner Procoat seems to dislike thick, colored stains. The sprayer easily loses its prime after just a short use. You have to wait for half an hour for it to regain its prime. This is bad since losing a prime during mid application results in uneven spray patterns that quickly ruin the finish. Thinning may seem to be a solution, but it can also pose a problem. Some stain manufacturer products explicitly state not to thin the particular material being used. To be fair, the Wagner Procoat easily sprays out a good coat of latex direct from the can.


Wagner Airless Spray HoseThe hose that comes with the unit is quite sturdy. We understand that this is because of the hose being built to withstand high pressures and provide the best efficiency. A simple swivel attachment will solve this problem, but it would be better if the unit came with attachment when you purchase it. This is another wake-up call for Wagner. We all know manufacturers try to bring down the price of their products by skimping on the add-ons. Even just as necessary as its ease of use of the Wagner Propaint, this should be one of their priorities. The guns also have the swivel capabilities which provide more versatility.


Unreliable parts significantly add to the Wagner Procoat problems that buyers encounter. The plastic inlet easily breaks, and there is no replacement readily available locally. The output valve fails after spraying just 4-5 gallons of paint. This makes you think twice about their quality control. Wagner products are not labeled ‘made in the USA’ which may lead consumers to believe that cheap materials are being utilized for their products. It could also use some better flow controls as it floods up the fabric. This is easily solved if you buy a .011 tip which should have been part of the package.

Parts Availability

Wagner ProcoatThis is one of the Wagner Procoat problems that hound the company. While they try to sell you their products, the issue of the service of parts dramatically reduces customer satisfaction. When parts break early on within the operating lifetime of the sprayer and parts are not available, it is not acceptable that you shelled out hundreds of dollars and rendered your purchase a disposable one. The company should address this if they want to salvage their slowly dwindling reputation. After-market parts are of great importance especially for products that have high chances of parts breaking down.


When storing your Wagner Procoat airless sprayer, you should set aside plenty of time to do so. You need to be very, very thorough. A garden hose easily attaches to the inlet to flush out all the excess paint that came through the sprayer. From the intake tube, filter, valve, hose up to the tip of the gun. Clogged paints can ruin the spray patterns on your next job. After cleaning, be sure to apply conditioners designed for an airless paint sprayer. Do not skimp on your maintenance as this will assure you your tool will last for more extended service.
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There are plenty of positive reviews that highlight the qualities of the Wagner Procoat. The powerful motor for one is to contend with. Some of the top selling airless spray painters in the market would only rival its power, but never it exceeds them. The variable pressure and spray pattern selector allows you to paint any surface from concrete walls to the fabric. Yes, it is a tool that does the job, no doubt. But these are equally pulled down the common Wagner Procoat problems. Customer service may be top notch and receive a lot of positive feedback. The company also needs to work on their part replacement. Surely the Wagner company may have already heard about these problems that hound them and for their sake, should take immediate action. The price of the procoat sprayer is well within the competition’s level. It won’t break the bank but loses all its worthiness when parts break down easily.