Nowadays, water paint is commonly used in interior and exterior decoration. One of the best rollers on the market to support your painting is the Wagner Smart Roller.

If you want to improve the nice look of your house, you should select this great product. It makes painting your home faster and more efficient than many other rollers.

Let’s scroll down this post to explore the outstanding features of this roller now.

Is Wagner Smart Roller Good?

Yes, it is. Here are some main reasons why many users choose this roller to paint their house. Check them out.

About Wagner Company

About Wagner CompanyFirst of all, Wagner company offers the most power roller options available to everyone. If you need the flexibility to paint everyday household items, it is easy for you to find a product from this brand.

In case you want to paint walls smoother or reach farther, Wagner makes it fast and straightforward to achieve the finish you want at a reasonable price. Additionally, all of their products are highly appreciated by many users because they are durable and easy to use.

Wagner Smart Roller

Wagner Smart RollerIt is one of the most convenient and most effortless paint rollers. Because painting is a physical activity, you need tools that minimize the effort and time required for the work you do. This product is the ideal choice for fast and high performance.

Not only that, this paint roller also helps prevent paint leakage, saving your material costs. You don’t have a paint spill that requires a lot of time and effort to clean up.

This paint roller of Wagner can cover walls or ceilings with solid paint and is attractive enough to absorb all types of paint, even thick primer, and viscous premium paint. You also love the portability feature with a long cord to support you to reach the farthest corners of the room safely and quickly.

Not to mention, the accessories are easy to replace when needed and allows you to complete a variety of quick and straightforward cleaning jobs. Finally, quiet operation is a perfect addition to this great tool.

Now let’s talk more about the Wagner Smart Roller in the next part.

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In-depth Wagner Smart Roller Review

In-depth Wagner Smart Roller ReviewWagner Smart Roller helps you to keep your paint material in the roller handle convenient and long-range painting. As such, you can decorate your big house faster and more neatly than normal paint brushes and rollers. So you save time and effort when working.

Furthermore, this paint roller offers a perfect replacement for the trays of roller. For one fill, it can store about 22 oz. paint to use directly for your places of 70 sq. feet. You can also quickly pull the tool trigger to load materials into the roller cover for quick painting on inside and outside walls.

What’s more?

The extended range and the extra-wide pole can help you to paint up to eight-feet ceilings. You can paint further away safely on the ground.

However, you cannot use this roller with longer handles. If there is a high ceiling, open staircase, or domed living room in your house, this product does not cause you trouble when using ladders.

And the best part?

You can use this roller with latex paint and it’s so convenient for you to use with both primer and paint. You can attach the tube of filling to the paint can, then press the fill valve and draw the plunger back to put paint onto the Wagner Smart Roller.

After using the Wagner Smart Roller, you just simply push the surplus paint inside the roller handle back to the material can and rinse this tool with normal water. It sounds easy, right?

Be warned: The paint you use can be cleaned with mineral spirits (oil-based paints) or warm water and soap (latex paints). If not, you cannot use this paint with the Wagner Smart Roller.

All in all, if you are doing a lot of painting at home, the Wagner Smart Roller will save you time and paint.


  • Quick painting
  • Simple cleaning
  • Great work
  • Easy to use
  • Low price


  • On the first day, there’s a slight leaking from the handle.
  • It takes 30-40 minutes to clean the roller properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Change The Roller On A Wagner Smart Roller?

Change The Roller On A Wagner Smart RollerYou lubricate the O-rings of the plunger with petroleum jelly. You then insert the plunger into the main tube without twisting or cutting the O-rings.

Next, tighten the locking collar and put the roller cover assembly to the roller arm. Do not forget to press the quick-release tabs and join the roller arm. If you paint the ceiling, you should attach a spatter guard.

How Do You Use The Wagner Smart Roller?

Use The Wagner Smart RollerBefore Painting

  • You remove all pictures, mirrors, and decorations from walls and window curtains. You also take out the nail, hardware, switch, and socket cover. Remember to cover furniture and floors with the cloth.
  • With the painted surface, you should detach the wallpaper and wash away the old adhesive, then let the walls dry completely. You also need to clean dirt and grease from the walls with soap and water.
  • After that, you fill the nail holes, joints, and cracks with patching paste. Then let the surface dry, and sand until smooth and clean the sanding area with a damp cloth. You check the patched areas and every marker before painting the first layer.

When Painting

  • You need to load the roller by pushing the plunger forward until you see the paint go through the roller cover. Then, squeeze hard to activate for additional paint as needed.
  • You can refill at any time you want. You need to maintain a steady flow of paint to the roller, cover, and avoid dry roller for best results. The trick here is to use plastic bags to wrap the cover of roller and filling valve during break time. So they cannot dry out until you continue to paint.
  • You fill the main tube by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the fill tube, which helps the fill valve easily slide out of the fill tube. Next, you press down and hold the fill valve firmly in the fill tube.
  • You should pull the plunger to put the paint on the main tube. When this tube is full, you can start to use the smart roller.

How Do You Clean Your Wagner Smart Roller?

It takes 30-40 minutes to clean all the parts of the Wagner Smart Roller.Follow these steps:

Before Cleaning

You need to use a cleaning solution suitable for the type of paint. For example, you use warm soapy water for latex-based paints and mineral spirits for oil-based ones.

Also, you prepare a large bucket or container to store the cleaning solution.

Step 1: Return The Surplus Paint To The Paint Container
Return The Surplus Paint To The Paint Container

  • You pull the plunger back to withdraw the remaining paint from the roller assembly into the tube. Then press the filling valve into the filling tube and push the plunger forward to put the excess paint to the container.
  • Next, you take out the spatter guard and press the locking tab to detach the roller cover assembly from the roller arm. You remove the roller cover and push the roller core off the other end.
  • In the final step, place the spatter guard, core, cover, and cap in a container of cleaning solution.

Step 2: Clean The Wagner Smart Roller
Clean The Wagner Smart Roller

  • You need to take away the fill tube from the container lid and place the end of the fill tube into the valve housing. Next, immerse the fill tube in the cleaning solution and pull the plunger in and out at least five times.
  • Then, you remove the fill tube and immerse the arm of roller and the valve, and you draw the roller plunger in and out five times or more. You continue to detach the roller arm and dip the tip of the smart roller and fill valve and pull the plunger in and out at least five times.
  • Finally, you clean the rest of the parts, including the cap, core, lid, and spatter guard manually with a suitable cleaning solution.

Note that you should clean the inner parts of the fill valve if you have a leak or cannot absorb paint into the tube.

You remove the locking cap, retainer disk, and duckbill from the valve housing. Then, you clean these parts with a cleaning solution. Lastly, you replace the retainer disk and duckbill and screw the locking cap onto the valve housing.

It’s Time To Bring Home The Wagner Smart Roller!

At this time, we believe you know clearly about the Wagner Smart Roller. If you want to decorate your big house in a short time, this tool is a perfect choice for you.

Moreover, you can buy the Wagner Smart Roller at a very low price and start to enjoy its portability and flexibility for your painting jobs. Do not hesitate to bring home one and tell us your experiences with this outstanding roller from Wagner.