Wagner 0515077 ProCoat V2 Paint Sprayer-HP Airless Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand provides quality and reliability to all customers. It has light weight with high quality and durable materials for buyers’ convenience. It comes with several features such as commercial grade spray gun with reversible spray tips for improved life span.
  • It can handle medium or small projects at home but cannot be used for large projects.
  • It has capabilities of spraying thick latex paints quickly without clogging the system


Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 Pro Coat 1/2-HP Airless SprayerAre you looking for the best and premium-painting sprayer? Never struggle again. We have introduced an innovated and noble Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, which is excellent for both small and medium-size painting projects at home. It has essential features that make it possible to paint or stain almost everything and the best choice for working with latex paints. The issues of clogging up the spraying tips that force painters to water down their colors are well addressed. Wagner 0515034 comes with ½ horsepower engine than pumps enough pressure through its nozzle and hose for a quick painting. Fast setup saves lots of your valuable time and gives you chances to focus on other painting activities. We are pleased to provide you with another review of Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer.

Features of Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 ProCoat 1/2-HP Airless Sprayer

  • Reversible Airless Spray Tip – Wagner 0515034 comes with 515 reversible spray tips that handle interior paints, oil-based enamels, sealers, and any stains.
  • Air pressure – You will enjoy high-tech air pressure controls as you can adjust the force required based on the environmental and coating conditions. It helps in reducing over spraying issues that are experienced when using general paint sprayers.
  • Spray Gun – The sprayers come with high-quality spray gun made of commercial grade metal that is long-lasting and compact.

ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Hose – Wagner 0515034 has a quality hose with a length of 25 feet to make it easier to move around the spraying site without touching the sprayer machine. It has a capability of extending hose of up to 100 feet if needed.
  • 2,800 PSI electric piston-pump – You will enjoy working with this sprayer as it comes with PSI electric piston that has ½ horsepower motor for enough pressure thus making a quicker painting.
  • ½ HP motor – You will also be able to spray modern thick latex paints even without thinning with the help of ½ HP motor.

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The benefit of Using Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 ProCoat 1/2-HP Airless Sprayer

Have a beautiful painting with Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer that sprays thick latex even without requiring thinning. It gives you an excellent finishing. Enjoy working with this product for its natural control features for adjusting pressure to avoid overspray. You’ll appreciate the power of technology used in this Wagner 0515034 as you can control pressure from 1000 PSI to 2800 PSI depending on environment or paint job.

You will also benefit from its power provided by a 0.5HP motor that makes it possible to spray any material. Other benefits include durability of its metal spray gun, reversible tips, and filters to make a perfect and professional painting.

Wagner Spray Tech 0515034 ProCoat

Comfort is highly overlooked when using Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, especially the comfortable swiveling handle that ensure convenience of angled sprays and end straining your wrist movements. The 25-inch hose provides maximum benefits for working on several projects without moving the sprayer.

One year warranty- The warranty ensures that you use the product at optimum benefits without any fear, thus creating confidence and convenience without fearing breakdown due to guaranteed replacement.

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  • It is highly reliable and convenience.
  • You will enjoy its quick spraying thus saving time.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy set up as you only need 5 minutes to start using.
  • It has do-it-yourself option.
  • It can be able to handle both thick and thin paints.
  • It has a rapid flush systems for easy cleaning.
  • It has compact size and light in weight.
  • It is efficient for medium or small tasks.
  • Worth your money value.


  • It is only fit for medium sized or small tasks but cannot be able to handle heavy tasks needed for large contractors.

Customer Score

The customer rating for Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer online with the average score of high. About a half of the reviewers rated the product with a perfect score while several others rated it with excellent quality. Good responses to the product dominated the review section with the majority of the customers noting that it is fit for any home projects.

Others are pleased for being easy to assemble and use it without any challenge, as well as the light weight that makes it portable and easy to use. Many customers preferred buying rather than renting due to an affordable price. However, other reviewers claim they face problems due to difficulties in following the instructions.

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How to Use and Maintain Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

This product is highly recommended for professional painters for better and maximum benefits. Using the Wagner 0515034 is very easy as compared to other products, which makes it be top rated in the market. You should read the safety and warning manuals for better instructions. The manual contains steps of assembling the sprayer and use it appropriately for fast and quick job completion.
The basic procedures include:

  • Connect the spray gun and hose
  • Flush and prime the sprayer.
  • Install the guard and tip.
  • Prepare the surface for painting such as cleaning walls.
  • Remember to keep away the spray gun (about 12 inches from the painting surface).
  • Use long and continuous motion for best coverage.
  • Keep overlapping the spray pattern by 50 percent.

You should thoroughly clean the sprayer after job completion for easy maintenance. Wagner 0515034 contains a lifetime-lubricated pad with original set packing that is durable. No more maintenance job is required. The product comes with a one-year warranty in case of other mechanical malfunction.


The top-rated and premium Wagner 0515034 ProCoat Stand Airless Paint Sprayer has high-tech features that give you maximum benefits and convenience. You have all reasons to smile as it helps you get professional and excellent finishing at a go. Affordable, easy to use, simple control features, and capabilities to handle various spraying jobs make it a top-notch product for all medium-sized painters. Its durability and warranty give you confidence and reliability instinct to use without fear of malfunctioning. We appreciate giving you this information for you to get this market-leading product easily.