Not everyone is well aware of this, but tapes can actually improve the look of your walls. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our guide on wall paint design ideas with tape right now.

Surely you will be able to find something useful that lends you a helping hand in turning your seemingly boring walls into masterpieces!

Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape: Where To Find Inspiration

Home decoration is always a recommended form of relaxation and self-care. Decorating offers you a specific time with your family and makes you feel wholesome by drawing or coloring. These are relatively joyful if interesting ideas are easy to enter your head.

But how about when you want to repaint your house with no ideas? Here come some consulting sources.


MagazineThere are always ample illustrations in the magazine. No matter what the kind of the journal is, there is usually a triplet of photos, text, and drawings divided by frames on a page.

This kind of layout is an ideal sample for painting your wall with tape. Especially if the magazine is on fashion and devices, the design is much easier to copy because there are more pictures and frames than text.

After finishing this article, find some magazine around, we bet you will be amazed by what you may discover.

Favorite Films/Books

Your house, your own space, is where you can live up to your likings and tastes.

If you are looking for some idea to adorn your room, make good use of your favorite films or books. Recall impressive scenes, people, images you have been exposed to via your watching or reading, then draw it into your wall with paint and tape.


InternetThere is no denying that the Internet is a vast source of materials that are easily accessible. On top of that, wall paint design ideas or samples are prevalent and displayed publicly on many websites: Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur, to name just a few.

You are not quick at ideas at that time, surf Google in a few minutes on those websites and welcome your thoughts.

Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape: From Mind To Sight

Stick The TapeWe suppose this part is the most expected in the whole article. If you plan to give your house a brand-new appearance, follow us to 5 steps as below:

  • Draw The Sample On Paper First
    Once you have finalized your wall designing ideas, draw it meticulously and vividly on a sheet of paper and color as if it is your complete wall.
    This step is especially advisable for painting newbies and those who draw their walls by themselves.
  • Stick The Tape
    By going through the samples, you can quickly draft the objects or patterns on the wall and then separate parts of the paintings with tapes.
  • Mark Color To The Every Site You Will Paint
    This step can make the coloring process much more comfortable, especially when other people join you painting the wall.
  • Enjoy Wall Painting
    Believe us; it is more like a sort of relaxation. Do it with care and excitement because you will get a new work of art.
  • Remove The Tape
    Let us remind you, don’t remove the tape until the paint is dry comprehensively. Success now depends on your patience.

Notes When Design Wall With Tape

Once you have several ideas for decorating your room with paint and tape, take these elements into account to start designing.


TapeRegarding wall design with tape, tapes do not only set the layout of the wall but also make painting much more time-saving and straightforward. Before sticking tape to the wall, it is worth testing its quality on a small area of the to-be-painted wall.

First, the tape width should be sufficient. For example, 1-centimeter wide tape is usually used with ordinary paper, the 1.5-centimeter one with gift wrapper. For designing the wall, we suggest the large size tape, which is at least 5-centimeter wide.

Second, you should pick the color of the tape carefully. If you want to draw onto a colored wall, bear in mind to stick tape with a different color from the wall’s one. Our advice here is that you should not use clear tape and opt for the black one instead, to implement your wall designing ideas.

Paint Quality

Paint QualityWhether your wall is plain or patterned, it is of much importance to garment it with high-quality paint. Nowadays, modern color can not only protect the wall from humidity but also help to keep the room’s air fresh.

In case the paint you choose to draw the wall is not well-qualified, blended, for instance, the whole work of art is ostensibly ruined.


ColorThe hue of the wall plays a pivotal role in the brightness of the house. Therefore, the wall’s color and the pattern are significant factors that you should consider also. For example:

If you are painting the lounge, the wall should go with a pastel background, which makes the house more substantial and comfortable for guests.

If you are painting the kitchen, it is advisory to draw it with a warm tone like brown, orange, yellow. These are long-lasting colors that bring about the imprint of union and happiness, which we highly recommend you to paint the kitchen.

If you are painting your bedroom, it depends on your likings. Just enjoy the design idea creating process ahead to decorate or redecorate your private room.

Wait Until The Paints Dry Completely

Paints Dry CompletelyIt is such an underlying note but essential enough to be reminded regularly. If the freshly drawn wall is not protected, the whole work of art may be ruined by unexpected marks, especially on the bright colored background.

Different types of paint may dry at different speeds. The time on letting the wall dry is often included in the bucket’s label, make sure you follow the enclosed instructions after painting your room to preserve all the ideas as long as possible.

In Conclusion

It is not challenging to discover or implement any wall paint design ideas with tape. Just go to the right source of pictures and follow the proper procedures, you will certainly enjoy a great job and be satisfied with your own work – walls designed with your own ideas and painting.