Wall paint designs can make your room all singing, all dancing!

“Look back to your room! What do you see?” When receiving this question, many people have poured their hearts out that they see nothing but overwhelming boredom around. Do you know the reason behind? Well, the monotony of soulless walls in their rooms is the culprit.

And how about you? Don’t let your soul be invaded by that boredom and end up feeling fed up with your own room just because of these sick-to-death walls! It’s high time to invigorate your walls and nothing is more perfect for this task than unique wall paint designs.

Ready to make a breakthrough? Then keep scrolling down and you will find inspiration to breathe a new life into your tedious walls soon!

How To Beautify Your Room With Wall Paint Designs

Do not take it for granted that the walls have only one use as backgrounds for the furniture in the room. They are no joke! Believe it or not, a wall can become a major highlight in the whole space of your room.

If you still stand firm on your last viewpoint, then these wall paint designs will make you have a second thought.

Ombre Style

Ombre StyleWanna break the rule and have your heart set on blowing a breath of fresh air to your walls? Then Ombre style was born for you.

Applied widely not only in the dyeing technology of the fashion industry but also in wall decoration, Ombre style has increasingly asserted its position in the eyes of beauty lovers.

This interesting and beautiful wall paint design not only flexifies your living space but also brings irresistible charm in the finesse and meticulousness of the construction. When applying this style to the wall in your room, you will witness a magical transformation. Yes, you are not a magician but the change this style brings is nothing short of a miracle. So what’s the magic? Well, it will look like there are no boundaries between the walls and the ceiling. Too good to be true, but that’s no lie!

Not enough breakthrough to satisfy you? Try a combination of Ombre styles with striped V lines and use darker shades for the bottom. This unique design will surely turn your room into a real masterpiece.

Colored Line Style

Colored Line StyleIf you think that the lines are trivial and boring, then colored line style in wall painting will prove that what you perceive is just misperception. The combination of lines not only adds space to your room but also maintains the coziness for your home.

You can design lines in different ways, according to your preference. With just vertical, horizontal, diagonal or interlocking lines, you have your own unique and attractive wall. Don’t forget to add more colors to bring those lines to life.

“But I still find these lines not nice enough to please my fastidious mind?” If you find that normal lines are not good enough to make an impression, try something out of the ordinary! Wavy lines won’t let you down in this circumstance. Perfect and super creative- These are the adjectives you may claim when seeing the wavy-line wall designs.

Graffiti Style

Graffiti StyleGraffiti style? Wall paintings often appear on the street? Yes, now instead of looking at graffiti on the street, you can bring this “street art” into your own room.

Graffiti is a type of decorative art that requires subtlety and talent in execution. Wall painting with acrylic paint makes the wall fresh, soulful and artistic.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This statement applies very well in this wall paint design as it will highlight your own unique personality. Believe me, when you own a Graffiti-style wall, your life would be literally a bowl of cherries.

Wall Paint Designs – Principles Of Wall Painting

Limit The Use Of Dark Colors

Limit The Use Of Dark ColorsYou are a big fan of dark and want everything around you to be coated with dark colors? Hmm, it’s up to you. But if you apply them on the walls, then condolences! You’ve made the biggest mistake ever.

Why? The use of dark colors for the whole house will make you feel frustrated and cramped for your living space. Instead, you should only use a dark color for the small walls as a highlight.

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Choose Colors Suitable For The Purpose Of Each Room

Each color tells its own story. Colors are born not merely to feast your eyes but also to complete their own mission. So, choose suitable colors for each room.

Avoid painting the living room with flashy colors as making your guests feel choked and uncomfortable is the last thing you would want to do.

The cold and tedious colors are not suitable for the reunion meals of your family as well.

Believe me, a careful inquiry into this problem is worth every penny.

Take Advantage Of The Bright Colors

Take Advantage Of The Bright ColorsIs your room too cramped and you feel annoyed as hell about it? Then let the bright colors lend you a helping hand. Those bright colors have the ability to create space expansion effects, making your home space become much more spacious and comfortable.

So do not hesitate to apply bright colors on your walls, you will see the miracle right off the bat-I bet.


Why “climbing the walls” when those out-of-the-world walls can be a remedy for your room’s tediousness? With these wall paint designs suggested above, I believe that the prospect of having a perfect living space will no longer be in your wildest dream. Paint your walls, paint your life!