Your living room looks so boring with the old mold walls, and you want to refresh it right away. So, what can you do to redecorate the walls and turn your tedious room into a stylish one?

Follow my article to figure out the top 15 fantastic wall painting designs for living room. Try out one of these ideas, and you will elevate your space to a whole new level.

Top 15 All-time Favorite Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Room paintings design is the background and the prime element in defining the fashion of the house. Moreover, many people believe that it represents the owner’s personality, hobbies, and habits.

1. Classic Black and White

Classic Black and WhiteIf you are fond of minimalist style, you would love to paint your walls with monochrome colors, especially classic black and white. Thanks to a timeless black-and-white color combo, your living room will obtain a modern and stylish look with ease.

2. Grey

GreyAnother ideal option for minimalists is grey, as it creates space for dominant features. Color your walls with grey, and you will make it look highly trendy.

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3. Pinky

PinkyPink is never going out of date, and this inspiring shade with a hint of grey gives the living room a classy and cheerful appearance.

4. Green

GreenIf you want to take the psyche to a relaxed mood, let’s go for green as it not only symbolizes nature but also represents harmony and calmness.

Besides, this color also helps to boost creativity and improve reading ability. All of these reasons make it a great choice for living room painting design.

5. Blue

BlueBlue can be another brilliant idea to apply on the living room walls as it helps to provide a bridge, open feel. Moreover, it is also a color that helps to relax the mind, body, and soul.

6. Elegant Beige

Elegant BeigeThe best option to bring your space cozy atmosphere is beige. Try out this classic color, and you find your room much brighter. Besides, it also pairs well with various design styles.

7. Surprising Yellow

Surprising YellowYou are a big fan of vintage style; then, yellow designs should be added to your bucket list. The brightness and coziness of the walls complement many different furnishings and help create a beautiful living room in vintage style.

8. Crimson Red

Crimson RedYou want to make your room stand out with red yet do not make it look like fire engine central? Then, your suitable option would be crimson red, which would give your room a fresh aesthetic appearance with ease.

9. Two-toned Walls

Two-toned WallsIf you want to include both of your favorite colors when decorating your room, what should you do?

In that case, you might want to get two-toned walls – one of the latest trends of the season. This design will not only add dimension to your space but also create wall surfaces with a magical touch of diversity.

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10. Stripes

StripesAre you looking for elegant and practical ideas to decorate your walls? If so, you can try stripes – an easy-to-follow painting technique that can bring you great walls with little effort.

Instead of two colors, you can paint multi-colored stripes or even make a rainbow by painting various lines. Feel free to go out of your comfort zone and try new types of stripes to highlight your style.

11. Colorful Waves

Colorful WavesAnother design to turn your boring blank wall into an incredible artwork is a set of waves.

If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere for your living room, you combine two light colors, such as mixing blue and white. However, if you love the waves to be more alluring, you can use more than two contrasting colors.

12. Abstract Paintings

Abstract PaintingsWhat would be your ideal designs when you want to leave behind the formal settings and express your style in no specific way?

Well, abstract paints would be the most suitable options for you. To obtain appealing artworks, you need to let your mind loose from any pattern and let your emotions guide you when painting.

13. Freehand

FreehandWant to create a unique beauty for your walls? If so, you can use your creativity to come up with some fantastic ideas, then use your paint and show them on your wall.

14. Natural Scenery

Natural SceneryIf you are a nature lover, why don’t you paint a whole majestic natural scenery, such as a blue sea, green forest on your wall?

With this design, you will feel closer to nature – which helps to reduce stress and boost relaxation. Besides, it will turn your wall into a magnificent artwork that quickly catches the visitors’ attention.

15. Typographical Designs

Typographical DesignsWhat should you do when you want to personalize your living room walls and make your home layout more practical?

Well, you can consider painting a large typographical design on one of the walls. You can either paint a large monogram or an inspirational message you want to remind yourself every day.

Feel free to be creative as the beauty of a typographical design is in its versatility.


Do these wall painting designs for living room blow your mind away? If so, let give one of them a try and give your room a more aesthetic vibe.

Also, if you love these designs, please share with your friends who might look for inspiration to refresh their room.

Lastly, thank you so much for your time. Goodbye and see you again in another article!