The development of spray guns is now becoming the highlight of the industry. Now, the liquid will be easily sprayed through the air compressed in a spray gun’s nozzle. The more and more developing creation helps balance our living condition.

Spray guns are now applied to furniture, industrial surfaces, and even in luxurious vehicles. Among all the most trusted spray gun brands, Warwick seems to the most popular in recent years.

Beside the common purposes, Warwick products are also utilized for fertilizer and pesticide application to farmland as well as gardens. However, for newcomers who have just planned their first projects, there are many things to consider.

So, what is Warwick? Before making the last decision, you surely want to know about its history, bestsellers, and the differences between this brand and others. Today, we will provide all the information you need of Warwick. Here you are:

Everything that You Should Know About Warwick Industries Inc.

about Warwick Industries Inc.Warwick Industries Inc have been in this field for nearly 2 decades (exactly 18 years) on the US market. The company aims at providing the most high-quality sprays for customers.

The business is built with great customer services and product guarantee policy that can satisfy all the customers. The firm always identifies their products with great quality, best value, and unbeatable services.

The manufacturer sells their products in the US and Taiwan. And, the brand quickly gains the popularity of the leading spray gun brands in the world. More importantly, these products comes at reasonable prices. Give this brand a try!

Why You Should Choose Warwick Products

Warwick is now one of the most renowned brand names in the spray gun field. Therefore, the nearly 20-year-old business can guarantee the best products for DIYs pro. Here are top reasons why Warwick spray gun is standing out from the majority:

Warwick- the Trusted Brand

Warwick- the trusted brandSpray guns of Warwick are chosen by many instead of leaving for an industrial distributor. The 2-decade popularity of the brand contributes to the development of the industry.

Warwick not only provides a wide range of choices at a reasonable price but also the best quality. Though it is not the cheapest brand name of spray guns, they help the jobber gain profits and sales in a short time.

Warwick’s Product Quality

Warwick’s product qualityEven though selling products at a lower price than other brands, Warwick offers customers the anodized and drop forged blue guns. They are built as other expensive guns on the current market.

Nozzles are built for durability

Warwick guns are all die-cast and guaranteed with at least a year of warranty. Their excellent nozzles support users to achieve the amazing finish quality. Moreover, the machining quality is quite good.

Its air nozzles on the fluid tapers are such a perfect centering. The nozzles and needles are constructed with stainless steel for improved endurance. The fluid nozzle sizes range from 1.0mm to 2.5mm, catering for your different requirements.

Brilliant parts

Based on the automatic body painters, Warwick guns provide exceptional spray pattern. Moreover, the finish quality is comparable to the leading spray gun brand that costs 2 or 3 times more.

The Warwick spray gun also delivers a good performance as that of the high-end brands all over the world. Make sure to take a look at their invention. You will be surely satisfied.

Fast Delivery After the Time of Orders

Thanks to a large inventory located in the suburb of Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about the late delivery. The customer services are excellent so that you may feel free to share your issues and get replies quickly.The shipment on same-day orders will be delivered at 12:00 P.M. For later orders, they will ship the products for you on the next day. With the available replacement parts, Warwick guns will last for a long time with durable wearing parts.

Great Policies are Provided

Warwick, besides the provision of its high-quality and durable products, also offer excellent policies. You’re probably wondering: “Which policies do Warwick deliver?”. Here’s your expected answer:Repair Policy:

Upon customers’ requests, Warwick guns can be returned to Los Angeles location for repair. This process costs nothing if the guns are still clean. Otherwise, you will have to pay $30.00 for the repair. For the plus parts, it will cost about $25.00/hour.

Return Policy:

All Warwick spray guns are returned in around 7 days according to its invoice date, if they are still in their original condition. The return freight is not included. After that time, spray guns will be either replaced or repaired based on the customers’ request.

Top Best Warwick Spray Gun for Beginners

Nothing is better than spending a tiny fund for your repainting projects. Therefore, it is essential to find the best spray gun, which is both high-quality and affordable.

Instead of renting a pro to perform the projects for you, it’s much better to invest in the best paint sprayer and start your wonderful DIYs yourself. Since we’ve mentioned Warwick today, it’s time to find out which are the best Warwick spray gun.

Here are top Warwick paint sprayers to deliver your professional finish. Don’t hesitate to read on!

1. Warwick 904HE HVLP Spray Gun

Warwick 904HE HVLP Spray GunEditor Rating:

This is the first and foremost product that you shouldn’t miss in the large collection of Warwick brand. Actually, this sprayer is always one of the best sellers among all the Warwick creations. Its specification and outstanding features include:

Product Specification:

  • Weight: about 1.06 lbs → ultra-light & easy to handle
  • This is an automotive spray gun → offer professional performance
  • Nickel plated finish is provided
  • Available tip sizes range from 1.2 mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm.
  • The gun body is made of aluminum die cast
  • Stainless steel needles and nozzles

A Remarkable Sprayer with Quality

This full-size solvent-based and waterborne spray gun is in high demands because of the increasing number of customers. If you’re looking for DIY woodworking or car painting, this sprayer is completely right for you.

This paint sprayer will meet the needs of all basic painting projects in your house. You may never want to search for the better one once you’ve used the Warwick 904HE HVLP.
This sprayer built with high-quality materials is just⅓ of the price of top sprayer gun brands such as Iwata or SATA.

High Performance is Given

If you are seeking your right one in the current market, this sprayer is highly recommended as one of a top-quality paint sprayer. As carefully tested, the Warwick 904HE HVLP guarantees to give you all the results you expect.

Moreover, it’s obviously worth your investment since you can find a product with the benefits at this price nowhere else. For all the tip size applied, you can hope for the best outcome in your random DIY plans. We ensure that!

A Sprayer Comes Handy

The 904HE HVLP is specifically designed for handling all your desired jobs at ease. You can carry it easily and perform from small-scale projects to others automotive needs.
As a result, what you receive will bring the unbelievable impression to customers thanks to the craftsmanship and great quality put into Warwick paint sprayers.

No matter who you are, an amateur or professional, this sprayer will certainly exceed the limit and deliver over-expectation. Here are its advantages and disadvantages in case you want to know:


  • High-quality base & topcoat finish sprayers → better performance
  • Great atomization & soft fan
  • Superior finish quality is delivered
  • Durable for years


  • A little bit expensive in comparison with other products

2. Warwick 878SHE Mini Spray Gun

Warwick 878SHE Mini Spray GunEditor Rating:

This Warwick 878SHE/solvent-based mini paint sprayer is definitely worth a look. The brand has been selling well for years since its first launch.
This small-detail mini spray gun is perfect for door jambs painting, small DIY jobs like model cars, bicycle frames, or airplanes. It even gets better:

Product Specification

  • Touch-up Size Paint Sprayer → Handy for all projects
  • Gun finish is nickel plated
  • Ultra-light with the weight of 0.66 lbs
  • Aluminum die-cast spray gun body & Stainless steel needle and nozzles
  • The paint sprayer can be utilized with about 3M PPS

Reasonable Price

Get ready for high-quality spraying of your DIY projects now! The brilliant performance and craftsmanship are given at the unbelievably low-cost. Moreover, it lasts for a longer period of time than you can think of.

This is a cheap throw-away or one-time paint sprayer. You should be surprised with what the gun offers you. Therefore, don’t waste your time today. Get one sprayer in style and great reliability today! You will be totally satisfied.

Perfect Finish Quality

The 878SHE models are uniquely constructed with high-quality base and topcoat finish. Therefore, you can utilize this paint sprayer for both automotive and similar application. Softer fan and good atomization guarantee the remarkable finish quality.

Admirable Transfer Efficiency

For the over-65% transfer efficiency, the outcome will meet the VOC legislation. The passages made from stainless steel enhance the protection of internal corrosion.

Thus, the sprayer is more suitable for solvent-based or waterborne material. This Warwick paint sprayer is not an ordinary one that you can ignore. Don’t miss it!


  • Ensure the sprays with the advanced flow
  • A good-quality touch-up sprayer
  • Ideal for small home projects


  • This product is not suitable for big projects

3. Warwick 990HE Spray Gun

Warwick 990HE Spray Gun

This product is one of the best sellers from the reliable firm. If you are looking for the spray gun with not much requirement on the assembling l, this is surely your great choice. Wonder if this is good or not? Let me tell you:

Product Specification

  • Needles and nozzles: Stainless steel → More durable than other common sprayers
  • A lightweight and handy spray gun with just 0.99lbs in weight
  • 1L aluminum cup
  • The waterborne and solvent coatings are assembled

Superb Spraying Technology

As a signature item to highlight the 20th anniversary of the Warwick brand, this top-rate paint sprayer can meet the most hard-reaching requirement thanks to its modern spraying technology applied for its topcoat.

The lightweight paint sprayer is created with the advanced atomization, and ergonomic design ensures the best work finish ever made. Feel free to complete your car refinishing or wood coating.

Durable Materials for High Efficiency

This product works wonders for both waterborne and solvent-based materials. The sturdy stainless steel nozzles and needles are what mainly contribute to that expected results.

The spray gun comes with a diaphragm regulator and 1L aluminum cup for the customers’ convenience. The forged spray gun body is equipped with a one-of-a-kind coating.

Better Protection is Delivered

The stainless steel needle, noddle, and passages and nozzle needle will provide enhanced corrosion protection which is ideal for all material including solvent-based and waterborne.

Last but not least, the sprayer’s black coating also offers a scratch-free surface which is as hard and durable as diamonds. Therefore, the paint sprayers always look fresh and like-new.

No other product at this price can provide excellent functions like this product for 2-year warranty. Don’t forget to take a look at the plus and minus points of the product! Here you are:


  • Excellent atomization is well equipped with the product
  • The unique design is completely suitable for vehicle refinishing
  • The product remains the same quality after a long time in use


  • It is a high-end, so the cost may be higher than others in the collection

Final Verdict

So, what’s the bottom line? We’re hoping that our suggestion will help you save time, investment, and have higher quality performance too. The painting will become what you’re extremely interested in from now on with Warwick spray gun.

We’ve mentioned all thing you need to know about Warwick Industries Inc. and its products. We expect that your decision-making process to be much easier than ever before. Ensure that you take a glance at products’ pros and cons.

Your right choice of paint sprayer will decide the quality of the paint job you do. So, remember to think and act carefully! Go in-depth with the buying guide for the best choice. Successful paint projects is not a dream anymore.