Car’s wheels, the components which directly suffer from friction and abrasion after every single usage, require mostcare. We are here with the best wheel paint review to bring your old, worn-out wheels back to life!

With no proper maintenance, the wheels are likely to expire soon, and it can be costly to replace wheels regularly. In this article, we will give you a full review of the best wheel paint in 2020. So, keep reading because we will change your tires’ lives.

Top 5 Best Wheel Paint For Automobile Lovers

Detail Review Of The Best Wheel Paint

1. Best overall – Rust-Oleum 248927

Rust-Oleum 248927Editor Rating:

If there is one wheel paint that includes all the best criteria, it will be Rust-Oleum 248927. The rust-resistant component in colour formulates it to perform sharply on any kind of wheels’ material. And thanks to the oil-based characteristic, the paint emphasizes the durability characteristics.

Rust-Oleum 248927 painting is able to dry in no time. More than an eye-catching appearance, the paint acts as a protectant, freeing our wheels from abrasion and corrosion.

Not to mention the fact that any painter at any level can effortlessly pull this paint off thanks to its flexible spraying cap. You may be worried about rusting. Well, the paint has already comforted you in advance. No leaking or rusting is guaranteed to result in your process of painting.

Over time, the paint can be trimmed out. Despite that disadvantage, re-application is easy and accessible at any time. Just simply remove your tires out of your vehicle, respray on the defect area, let them dry for a couple of hours, and there you go, your newly refurbished wheels!

To conclude, this paint owns every goodness that your wheels deserve to have. With this Rust-Oleum 248927 paint, your wheels will have a quality time of innovating. Not to mention the fact that your rims can also be executed as Rust-Oleum 248927 is one of the best spray paints for rim.


  • Excellent coverage
  • No clogging detected
  • Suitable for all kinds of wheels’ material


  • Easy to come off

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2. Best for Matte Finish – VHT Matte Wheel Paint

VHT Matte Wheel PaintEditor Rating:

If a durable, non-shiny matte finish is what you want for your wheels, then this is the wheel paint you need. As its name states, VHT Matte Wheel Paint clarifies to give your wheels a bolt mattifying effect yet still prevent dust and chemicals on the way, prolonging your wheels’ age.

This wheel paint includes explicitly an EZ Touch Nozzle, allowing the colour to be sprayed out evenly with no clogging detected. It is easy to work with, and the result promises to be satisfying as long as you maintain the right technique and force while spraying the colour.

Make sure to prep your wheels well to set an even layout for the paint to lay on smoothly. Even the best wheel paint in the world requires a nice wheel coating beforehand, so keeping your wheels in a well-primed condition is recommended.

Cakeyness can be found while spraying, making the paint not stay flat onto the rims; however, you can fix it by altering the angle and pressure you put onto the wheels.

Leave out the colour to be dried in half an hour and your car can be instantly renewed with high-fashion durable matte finish wheels. Feel free to have bold matte-look tires for years!

Overall, this paint is made to turn your wheels rims from looking tacky to looking classy with the matte effect. If matte is what you crave for, then this paint from VHT will meet your satisfaction. From the best wheel paint to the best spray paint for rim, this piece can master them all.


  • Durable matte finish
  • Evenly smooth spraying
  • Dust and chemical resistant


  • Cakeyness detected while spraying wheels
  • Multiple layers required
  • Paint ran out

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3. Best Finish – PlastiKote 620

PlastiKote 620Editor Rating:

PlastiKote 620 provides your wheels with an exceptionally smooth finish that can fit in nicely to any kind of car’s design. The finish is not glossy shiny, but also not too dull.
The great thing about this paint is that it requires no prime coat. A cleaning-and-drying process beforehand is enough.

The wheels with this paint laid on can confront the harsh roads without fear of being worn out or weathered as it is durable and less prone to scratches and nicks. With the proper application, the tires can stay through the year, be waterproof and long-lasting. One time use, a whole life to enjoy, I guess!

Due to the sufficient amount of product given in every PlastiKote 620 spraying bottle, you will only need one can to achieve a full set of four wheels painted thoroughly. Isn’t it wonderful, not having to calculate or predict before making the purchase decision?

In case you have bought more than one bottle, then the second one can be used to touch up the point you have missed, or to create more layers due to your preference.

Similarly to other wheel paint products, it can be quite powdery once you have the first coat on. Try to shake the bottle evenly to get the product together, adjust your pressure to a reasonable level and the paint will eventually spread out smoother.

To sum up, this PlastiKote 620 provides an excellent finish for your wheels to pop out. Whether your car is monotonously black and white and colourful, this paint can bring to your wheels a perfect look.


  • Evenly-distributed product on wheels
  • Nice semi-matte finish
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • A great amount of product


  • Powdery while spraying
  • Result in different colour sometimes

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4. Best for beginners – Plasti Dip Rim Kit

Performix 11203Editor Rating:

The only set of paint on the list is here for a reason. If this is the first time you stumble upon the wheel painting world, then this kit would love to guide you on your first steps.

This kit has everything to make your painting more accessible and effortless. The can gun, which you use to attach to the aerosol can, stabilizes your spraying compared to using the spray bottle alone. The trigger spray tool, used before spaying, helps minimize the problem of rusting or clogging.

In case you wonder what look your wheels should go for, this kit understands that need by giving you options! Whether you prefer a firm matte finish or change your mind later on, want to see some shiny glossy effect, the Black/Glossifier Plasti Dip will pull them all off.

Simply maintain an average speed, take your strength into account to create small, even layers one by one, which eventually results in the conventional coating. It is simple to acquire a smooth, even-out coat once you prep the wheels before.

It might be difficult to have control over the tools in the first place. Nevertheless, you will get comfortable soon after you achieve the first layer.

In total, if you are new to paint wheels, this painting kit will be your perfect guide.


  • Tools included
  • Qualified excellent
  • Affordable price


  • Broken dips and sprayers while transported

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5. Best heat resistant – VHT SP187

VHT SP187Editor Rating:

Under high-temperature condition, wheels with VHT SP187 coating perform best due to the paint’s heat-resistance exquisite. Once the paint is applied thoroughly, its capability of withstanding heat can make it withstand the temperature up to 900 degrees.

The paint will support the wheels to undergo severe obstacles on the way without being damaged from chipping, cracking, for example. You will love how the paint sprayed and set firmly on your wheels. And more important, it does not come off quickly.

A prep process is needed to strengthen the finish. Remember to take time cleaning your wheels first, make sure there is no debris or anything that can cause the paint to unevenly distributed. Maintain a distance between the sprayer and the wheels to get a decent outlook.

In case you want to paint the rim as well, VHT SP187 can be an excellent choice for best spray paint for rim.

Overall, VHT SP187 is made to be corporate with a high heat environment. On the off chance, your vehicle is prone to this situation; this wheel paint can be the ultimate choice.


  • High heat resistance
  • Durable
  • Cracking and clogging prevented


  • The paint came out dull and chalky

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How To Choose The Best Wheel Paint?

There are numbers of elements you need to consider carefully before purchasing any wheel paint:

The Colour and the Finish

The Colour and the FinishWheel paint can come in a variety of colours, ranging from monotonous white, black to more detailed gold, silver pattern. Depending on your preference, choose the colour that makes your wheels and your car stand out.

Bear in mind that the wheel’s colour should comprehensively match the vehicle to overall create a decent looking. Also keep in mind that the outer finish is critically important as the shinier and glossier your wheels get, the more work you have to put in to preserve it.

Protection Issues

Having spent a fortune on wheel paint to innovate your wheels’ outlook, why not consider bringing up their quality alongside the painting? An excellent wheel paint product should include factors to nourish your wheels both internally and externally.

Choose the paint that can somehow minimize the risk of our wheels being damaged over time by searching for the protective features. By this way, you economically spend money for both inner and outer innovation.


DurabilityYou know that it takes time for a complete wheel painting to be done correctly. Then if the coats are not durable after several usages, will you keep covering them?

Durability is the key element when it comes to deciding whether a wheel paint is qualified or not. Make sure you are aiming for anti-abrasion/corrosion components in wheel paint.

To boost the efficiency of wheel paint, the manufacturer can include UV and oxidation protectant. This addition helps the wheel to cope with the pressure caused by debris and gravel.


You can get good quality wheel paint without breaking the bank. That is why you should consider choosing a wheel paint at the average cost point or higher, rather than saving money with cheap paint and then end up with a mess.

Contrary to what you may think, buying the most expensive wheel paint in stock does not mean that you will receive the best result eventually.

However, to not mess things up, you ought to choose a wheel colour from a well-known brand with an average cost point.

Also wheel paints can be functioned as the best spray paint for rim, so you can save extra money from buying another separated rim paint.

Drying Time

Drying TimeDrying time is also one thing you should take into account before spending any money on wheel paint. Remember that you must move the rims after the painting, so if your colour takes way too much time to settle, you can easily mess up once you pull out the rims.

Since drying time can vary from one hour to more, choose wheel paint that can dry out in less than one hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to remove the wheels from the tires to paint them?

The recommended method to paint wheels is to remove it from the tires entirely. However, on the occasion that it is not possible or you are in a hurry, there are still ways to paint the wheels.

By using a tire gel, you can prevent the stickiness between the tire and the wheel. A piece of cardboard is also proved to be useful in this situation. Once you have those two compartments separated, you can start applying paint on the wheels without fear of tires catching excess paint.

A detailed painting might not be suitable for my wheels with a lot of grooves and crevices. What should I do?

Start with the details first. Let alone a surface where you can spray the paint out then use a brush to collect the paint. Manually go into the obscure details and paint them first.

Once you have all hidden parts coloured, start spraying paint on to the wheel. By this way, you can easily cover all areas, including the hidden ones, of the wheel.

Should I wear any protective gear while painting wheels?

If you have mentioned it, then go for it! The chemicals in the wheel painting can either way flow around and approach your body. It is essential to wear a face mask while dealing with this kind of painting to secure yourself from toxic ventilation.


Investing in wheel paint is not a bad idea. Among these five options of best wheel paints, we recommend the Rust-Oleum 248927, a total package that can surely bring your wheels’ appearance and quality to the next level.

We hope you find this article helpful. In case you want to share your experience with wheel paints, we are here to listen. Thank you for reading our article.