Have you ever wanted to renew your old pieces of furniture and give them a new look? For example, your wife often changes the color of the shutters, or your kid wants to create a sign for a lemonade stand.

Luckily, these issues can be done quickly and easily. The solution is a can of spray paint! Maybe spray paint is a common thing in life but it is a really smart tool.

Moreover, spray painting becomes art in modern culture and society. So, where was spray paint invented? When was spray paint created? And who invented spray paint?

The answers to those questions will surprise you. Keep reading to find out.

Get Started With Spray Paint Definition

Get Started With Spray Paint DefinitionAerosol paint, commonly known as spray paint, is a type of paint stored in a pressurized container. To dispense paint, press the valve and a combination of propellant and paint will be released.

Sometimes, pressurized gas or compressed air will also come out. This paint creates a fine result even in misty conditions. That’s why it is applicable for multiple surfaces.

Additionally, spray paint allows users to finish their work more quickly and clean in an easy way. Generally, besides the paintbrush and roller, spray painting is also the primary method for paint application.

Aerosol paints is originally a way of substances dispense. It is generally indicated in the history of aerosol technology.


When Was Spray Paint Created?

The Early Basic Form of an Aerosol Can

The Early Basic Form of an Aerosol CanDating all the way back to the late 18th century, pressurized carbonated beverages are introduced for the first time in France. This made a concept for aerosol to develop in the next periods.In 1837, the valve used to fill a cup was designed by a man named Perpignan. With this valve, you could spray drink into a cup instead of pouring it.

Until 1862, people incorporated aerosol technology into metal cans for the first time. In 1899, Helbling and Pertsch obtained a patent for the way to use Methyl and Ethyl chloride as a propellant for aerosols.

In 1927, the first Aerosol can and the valve was introduced by a Norwegian engineer cum investor Erik Rotheim. At this time, the can could contain products inside and then dispense them outside using propellants.

The Historical Conditions for a New Industry to be Found

The Historical Conditions for a New Industry to be FoundThe important period of aerosol technology was the Second World War. As the statement that “Places produce stuff” by Molotch, it is also a concept in its most basic form.Every place and region have their own circumstances, resources, and characters. All of those components will influence the characteristics for certain product to develop.

To be more specific, some places have special conditions that facilitate the manufacturing of certain products. Thus, those places can take advantages to become the center of production and innovation in some fields.

For example, San Croce is just a small town in the Italian region of Tuscany. It is known as the area of leatherworking. Climate, culture and raw cowhide that is always available in the area are the best conditions for leather making industry to develop.

Looking back to aerosol devices, the development in this industry also depended on the regional circumstances. During World War II, there were hundreds of thousands of US soldiers and marines had been stationed in the South Pacific.

They organized tons of activities in this area. However, the US soldiers suffered from some diseases, especially malaria caused by insects.

Moreover, those diseases spread quickly in the army. Therefore, the soldiers needed to find out the way to protect themselves from these buzzing pests.

How did They do?

How did They do?At that time, there was a research team funded by the US government. They developed portable technology that could spray onto disease-carrying insects.In 1943, two scientists from the Department of Agriculture, William Sullivan and Lyle Goodhue pressurized a combination of liquid, gas, and fluorocarbon into a small portable can.

It could spray an anti insecticide agent to fight the plague of insect-borne disease. Finally, this technology succeeded in protecting American servicemen in the South Pacific.

This success pushed these aerosol insecticides to become more and more popular in the US society only in 4 years later.

This case of aerosol cans proved that the presence of many factors is compulsory for things to develop. If the American servicemen didn’t station in the South Pacific during WWII, there was no reason for the US government to fund a research team.

Or if the US soldiers were not susceptible to insect-borne disease, there was no patent for a practical and portable spray can. Thus, the aerosol can would not have been researched and developed.

That place, that time, that regional conditions facilitated aerosol can development and then contain paint later.

The actual need of the US army during their tour of duty in the South Pacific and the research work of the Department of Agriculture in the United States led to a globalized chain of production.

All of the necessary elements from circumstances, people to resources and locations and people appeared in time to enable the manifestation of aerosol.

The Continuous Story of Aerosol Paint

The Continuous Story of Aerosol PaintIn 1947, Robert H. Abplanalp – a young inventor completed a perfect aerosol can. He successfully created the crimp on the valve that is the final essential part for the prototypical form of aerosol cans.When the valve crimped, the valve nozzles could be removed, replaced and manipulated on portable aerosol cans. Thereafter, the liquids spray from a pressurized can could be controlled for the first time.

The nozzles also played an important role in terms of aerosol paints and the modern graffiti subculture.

After that, Robert Abplanalp – an inventor started using aluminium cans, which were cheap, practical and durable. This built the primary standard for all aerosol cans until now.

The company of Abplanalp – Precise Valve Corporation provided billions of aerosol cans every year. Then, his company became a multi-million dollar supplier of aerosol cans.

His products are mostly used for the dispensing of foams and powders, liquefied creams, hygienic purposes.

When And Where Was Spray Paint Invented As We Use Today?

It was Edward Seymour who was the first person to patent the spray paint from an aerosol can. In 1949, he designed a new paint for finishing radiators on a large scale in the short time.

There was a wonderful idea blew in his mind. Why didn’t put paint in an aerosol can? And that was the reason for the spray paint as we know today to be born.

Actually, Seymour’s wife, Bonnie also joined the idea implementation. Based on aerosol spray cans used at that time, Seymour with his wife simply innovated it to be a supporting tool in their paint showcase.

However, this idea was so attractive that Seymour decided to direct his company to invest a great effort and resources to develop the potential of spray paint.

Then, Seymour of Sycamour Inc. manufactured spray paints in aerosol cans. Their first colors aluminum which is considered the most popular color illegal graffiti.

This color could apply to the surface with good coverage quicker than other colors. Hence, it is usually used to fill in letters in graffiti works. Therefore, this story made what and how spray-paint was born.

Currently, there is a range of spray paint with different designs and functions. Many kinds can deal with enamels, stains or rust. Many others can work on multiple surfaces from wood, plastic, vinyl to metal, glass and masonry.

To be summarized, spray paint can do the job well as long as the thing can be painted.

What is the Science that Makes Spray Paint Useful?

Makes Spray Paint UsefulThe simple design for cans is cylindrical shaped and made from aluminum or steel. You can find out those whenever in your garage. There are a valve, a pea, and a dip tube in a can.Spray paint combines paint with a gas propellant inside its container. Here are the processing steps of manufacture:

  • First, pouring paint inside the can
  • Secondly, injecting the gas propellant.
  • Thirdly, crimping the valve
  • Fourthly, highly compressing the mixture under the limitation of the can. This step is the secret key for the efficiency of spray paint can.

At the early period of production, they preferred to use Chlorofluorocarbons as the propellant for spray paint. However, in 1978, they proved that this chemical could be a factor of ozone layer deficiency.

Since then, it was prohibited in using for industrial purposes. The alternative was hydrocarbons that were an organic compound. Since the 1980s, this chemical was replaced by hydrofluorocarbons because it contributed to cause smog.

From now on, hydrofluorocarbons are mostly used due to its minimized risk to the human being as well as the environment.

How does the Can of Spray Paint Work?

How does the Can of Spray Paint Work?When you press the nozzle, the pressure inside is changed suddenly and dramatically. Immediately, the propellant compound rushing up the dip tube is expanded.Then, the paint is forced to go along with the tube to dispense outside via the nozzle. The dip tube has two ends connecting the valve to nearly the can bottom.

When the mixture goes through that tube, it atomizes into an even mist. They are charged positively whereas the object to be painted is charged oppositely.

Paint sprayed from the can to the surface can be quickly applied and dried to create a fine finish with smooth layers and no waste.

When shaking the spray paint can, you can hear the sound of a small metal pea. This ball keeps the mixture including propellant and paints in the container.

Also, it is responsible for agitating the propellant-paint compound until you feel they are mixed well. It is the signal that the paint is ready to dispense. If the compound is settled, the paint may be clumped that just creates uneven spraying/mist.

A small spray paint contains chemicals and works by the methods of physics and mechanics. This cooperation creates a useful device for not only homeowners but also industrial mass manufacturers.

Can Spray Paint be Considered as an Anesthetics?

Can Spray Paint be Considered as an Anesthetics?The paint is a viscous liquid due to its solvent contained. In almost cans, this solvent is the hydrocarbon toluene that evaporates rapidly at room temperature.The solvent vaporizing makes the paint to dry and chemical vapors to be released.

Furthermore, aerosol in spray-paint cans contains toxic chemicals. So, if people inhaled those vapors, they can feel intoxicating or hallucinatory.

In some cases, spray paint might be bought for getting high instead of painting any work. Therefore, in some years, along with reason this product was banned from selling to teenagers.

What About The Revolution And “Big Brands” Of Spray Paint?

Every hot trend can give birth to competitors. When Seymour of Sycamore contributed their effort to develop spray paint, Rust-Oleum, Krylon and Crown Holdings Inc. were on the race.

They also designed a new look for cans and made metal cylinders to become popular until now. Those spray paint cans were smaller, lightweight, convenient with an even spraying coat.

Moreover, the speed of application on the surface was faster in comparison with other tools such as brush, roller. So, it was the best choice for home-owner to manage their small projects. Recognized the benefits of spray paint, many manufacturers participated in the industry and made it be a full-blown boon.

Soon afterward, the industry of spray paint expanded to the auto and machines markets for industrial purposes. Heavyweights home furniture became a potential field to do business.

Along with the innovation, the spray paint industry was not limited for use of homeowners or DIYers.

Why is Spray Paint Popular for Personal Use?

Why is Spray Paint Popular for Personal Use?As mentioned above, spray paint is preferred by users in comparison with the traditional types of paints. It is so convenient and easy to use that some devices like brush or roller are redundant.Spray paint can is portable so that you don’t need to bring some heavy can of paints and a lot of supporting tools with you during your work. Additionally, you can store them easily after use.

Spray paints can work well for a range of projects. Actually, it is better to use it outdoors because paint mist won’t damage other stuff. For auto hobbyists, they prefer spraying paint the car hood or interiors inside.

It is an easily affordable solution for dealing with rust and transforming a new look to their vehicles. In fact, you are still able to spray paint indoors as long as you ensure the good ventilation and safety precautions.

What do You Consider Before Picking a Brand of Spray Paint?

What do You Consider Before Picking a Brand of Spray Paint?Before you buy any types of spray paint, there are some recommendations that you may need:The material of the object that you are going to paint

This is the most important thing to watch for. Each object is made from different materials. A car, a bike or a dresser needs their appropriate paints. Although there are so many spray paints that work on multiple types of surfaces, some spray cans are specially designed for certain material. By checking the product’s information, you can choose the ideal one for your project.

The color that you suppose to paint

Of course, this factor decides how your work looks like. You should imagine every color that you are going to paint. Just take a while to do that wisely and then, you will choose the right items that complete your project.

Quantity Needed

You should estimate the amount of paint needed to cover your project according to the surface acreage of the object.

For example, you want to cover a small rusted photo frame, just half of the spray-paint can is enough. Nevertheless, if you want to transform your patio furniture into a new look, you have to spend more money on purchasing spray cans.

The type of finish

There are so many styles of finishes that you can take from according to the job you are going to complete. In general, users prefer choosing a style of high gloss or matte.

The Best Sellers For 3 Big Brands In The Spray Paint Industry

1. Seymour Hi-Tech Engine Coating Metalic Spray Paint

Seymour Hi-Tech Engine Coating Metalic Spray PaintBeing the first manufacturer in the spray paint industry, Seymour of Sycamore has been developed in the lines of the automotive, marine, hardware.

There is more than 150 staff including 3 full-time expert chemists in the company. All of them has devoted to creating excellent spray paints that become the leading brand in the US.

Seymour takes action to deal with environmental issues of the world. The company replaces some harmful chemicals with more friendly ones. So that there are no lead, cadmium, chromates, mercury or other toxic solvents.

Seymour Hi-Tech Engine Coating Metalic Spray Paint (EN-66) is specially formulated in order to close the work of application. The excellent coating offers durability at the maximum regardless of stress conditions.

This product allows you to bring back the authentic color of your engine as a brand new one. Also, it can be applied easily on some automobile engines such as transmissions, OEM equipment.

The thermal stability is up to 300°F. Moreover, this product is also a volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant. Additionally, it is the best choice for operating on a vehicle because it is able to resist gas or even chemicals.


  • Work well on automobile engines
  • VOC compliant
  • Affordable price


  • Be not featured for multiple purposes except for the automobile
  • Less coat, more good looking

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2. Rust-Oleum Professional High-Performance Enamel (7578838)

Rust-Oleum Professional High-Performance EnamelThis company was founded at the same time as Seymour of Sycamore. The strong points of their products are the speed of drying and even spray. In fact, their spray paints are at a lower cost than other brands.

However, quality is always ensured at a high level. That’s why this brand becomes more reliable and popular in the market.

Unlike the Seymour Hi-Tech Engine Coating Metalic Spray Paint (EN-66), Rust-Oleum Professional High-Performance Enamel Spray Paint (7578838) is an ideal option if you want to paint many objects that are different from materials.

Particularly, this product is able to apply on metal, concrete, masonry, wood and so on. In addition, Rust-Oleum spray paints are famous for rust protection. Moreover, it creates not only a long-lasting finish that handles with time or weather conditions but also an attractive look.

Generally, a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint covers around 14-square ft. It takes only 15 minutes for the coat to be touchable.


  • Cheap price
  • Durability
  • Work on multiple surfaces or materials
  • Dries quickly
  • Oil-based


  • Not yet noticed
  • Like other spray paints, this product may cause harm to people’s health if being used in the wrong way

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3. Krylon White Color Master 2-in-1 Paint and Primer (K05151202)

Krylon White Color Master 2-in-1 Paint and PrimerAmong the three big brands of spray paint, Krylon was the priority in innovating products as we use at the current. Their products are leading the industry in some aspects such as color, technology, package design, inspiration.

The K05151202 White Color Master is designed for both exterior and interior painting. It offers a fancy finish and design. Also, it can work on many materials including glass, wood, wicker, metal and paper craft.

EZ Touch 360-degree dial spray tip satisfies all the user from beginners to professionals.

Moreover, the finish created is able to resist moisture and yellowing with long-lasting protection, especially appropriate to bare or painted surfaces. The speed of drying is really quick, just no more than 10 minutes to be touchable.


  • A range of colors to be chosen
  • Work on multiple objects
  • Moisture and yellowing resistant
  • Dries in under 10 minutes


  • Strong smell
  • More costly in comparison to other brands

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Final Assessment

Experienced more than 72 years of development, spray paint has proved its benefits and effectiveness in both personal and industrial uses. There are so many world-class brands which provide billions of high-quality spray paint cans to meet the market’s need.

Among thousands of models of spray paint, depending on your requirements, you can choose a proper type. However, you should still remember to choose a famous and high-rated brand.

Then, follow some aforementioned tips and finally, spray your painting work awesome.